Star Trek may have been around for over 60 years, but while space is considered the final frontier, it does not appear to be ending for this iconic franchise.

Those who consider themselves a ‘Trekker’—and not a ‘Trekkie’ as this is considered “not an acceptable term to serious fans”—will have been delighted to learn that there will be plenty more action in the coming years, with many different series and films already slated for release or in the works.

Of course, we’ll see many new faces playing various roles, but many will be pleased as long as the iconic stories remain and the depictions somewhat resemble and capture the essence of what Star Trek has managed to do over the last six decades.

Plenty to look forward to imminently

Star Trek fans do not have to wait too long before they get another opportunity to watch some new content based on their favorite Sci-Fi franchise.

According to release dates, season five of “Star Trek: Discovery” is set to premier in April 2024, with a release scheduled for April 4. The live-action series – which belongs to Paramount+ – will be the final season in its run, although it seems fans are lucky to get this one as there were plans to cancel it in the past.

Enthusiasts of the animated “Star Trek: Prodigy” series will be able to watch the second season of this particular installment at some point in 2024, with Netflix taking over from Paramount+. A date has yet to be confirmed, nor has one been set for Paramount+’s Star Trek: Lower Decks, with this show set to enter its fifth season later in 2024, too.

Season three of “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds” could be aired by the same broadcaster in 2025, but the prequel to the popular spin-off Discovery and the original Star Trek series has yet to confirm any dates.

Star Trek’s global appeal and iconic status

Trekkers certainly have plenty to look forward to regarding the franchise, but it’s clear that there is still so much more to look forward to. Of course, with a brand as big as Star Trek, it’s no surprise that there are so many ways in which fans can enjoy it while they still wait for even more of it to arrive.

Merchandise has been a huge hit as there have been items emblazoned with the series’s logo or adorned with specific characters who have achieved global fame. There have been many games have been created, including video games, board games, and even gambling-themed titles.

It is possible to play an online slot as a Star Trek game was released in 2023. However, this shouldn’t have been a surprise as online casino developers have used TV and movies as popular sources of inspiration in the past, with the likes of Jurassic Park, Narcos, and Game of Thrones being used to great success.

In truth, wherever you look, you will likely find something related to the iconic franchise.

Even more Star Trek to come to our screens

If 2024 didn’t already look like a year set to offer plenty more to fans of the Sci-Fi franchise, many works are in the pipeline that don’t have a release date just yet.

“Star Trek: Section 31” is a film project that will involve Michelle Yeoh (who played Philippa Georgiou before leaving “Discovery”) will serve as the executive producer of this title that has been greenlit by Paramount+.

“Star Trek: Starfleet Academy” is set to hit our screens at some point, too, with season one having been ordered. The only details known are that it is a live-action feature, but it’s possible to imply that it will be set around the 31st century.

“Star Trek 4” is expected to reach cinemas, too, but it’s believed this could be the final installment for the collection of films featuring Chris Pine.

In addition, two untitled films are also thought to be in the works regarding the Star Trek universe. One appears to be based on Captain Picard (although details are not readily available and are speculation at best currently), while another is about a potential Star Trek prequel, which is supposedly being set in the Kelvin Timeline.

Fans certainly have plenty to look forward to, as the final chapter of this iconic space franchise doesn’t appear to be reaching the final frontier anytime soon.

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