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Star Trek Online Server Status

How to Check Star Trek Online Server Status?

Staying informed about the status of Star Trek Online servers ensures a smooth gaming experience. Players can check the server status through various means to avoid unnecessary interruptions during gameplay.

  1. The most reliable source for server status updates is the official Star Trek Online status page. This page provides comprehensive information on current server conditions, including any scheduled maintenance or unexpected outages. By visiting this page, players can get firsthand information from the game’s developers, ensuring the accuracy of the status reported.
  2. For those seeking additional sources of information, social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook can be invaluable. The game’s official accounts often post real-time updates regarding server status. Additionally, gaming forums and communities such as Reddit provide a platform for players to share their experiences and report any issues they encounter in real-time, offering a broader perspective on the server’s performance.

Is Star Trek Online Server Down?

Star Trek Online servers are currently up and running.

Is Star Trek Online Server Down

Can I Change Star Trek Online Server?

In Star Trek Online, you cannot directly choose or change individual servers to play on. The game assigns you to the server with the best ping and connection quality based on your location and other factors. This helps ensure smooth and lag-free gameplay for everyone.

Most Common Star Trek Online Server Issues

Understanding common server issues can help players troubleshoot problems more effectively.

  1. Server Downtime: Scheduled maintenance is necessary for the upkeep of game servers but can lead to temporary downtime. Unexpected outages can also occur, disrupting gameplay. Staying informed about scheduled maintenance times can help players plan their gaming sessions accordingly.
  2. Connection Issues: Connection problems, such as unstable or slow internet connections, can impact gameplay. Troubleshooting network settings and ensuring a stable connection can mitigate these issues.
  3. Game Client Issues: Problems with the game client itself, such as bugs or glitches, can also affect server connectivity. Keeping the game client updated and following official troubleshooting steps can help resolve these issues.

Most Common Star Trek Online Server Issues


This article has provided an overview of how to check the Star Trek Online server status, what to do if the servers are down, how to change servers, and common server issues. By following the steps and advice outlined, players can enhance their gaming experience and minimize disruptions.


What is the current status of the Star Trek Online servers?

The current status can be checked on the official Star Trek Online status page or through their social media channels.

Can I change Star Trek Online servers?

Changing servers is possible through the game launcher by selecting a different server in the settings.

What are the most common Star Trek Online server issues?

Common issues include server downtime, connection problems, and game client bugs.

How can I troubleshoot Star Trek Online server issues?

Troubleshooting can involve checking the game’s official status page, ensuring a stable internet connection, and keeping the game client updated.

How can I Improve the performance of Star Trek Online?

Improving performance can involve selecting a server closer to your location, optimizing network settings, and ensuring your gaming setup meets the game’s requirements.

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