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How to Please Our Editors?

Our editors possess deep expertise in the technology topics they cover. They are recognized authorities in their field, engaging in activities such as delivering lectures, producing technology-related videos or podcasts, developing applications and software, or conducting educational sessions on their areas of expertise.

Most of our contributors have attained higher education degrees. Beyond their expertise, they are genuine users of the technology they discuss, driven by a keen enthusiasm to impart their knowledge to others.

We are defined by the content we publish on our site, and our editors are the gatekeepers of our domain. They have very high standards, and just because you choose to submit an article does not guarantee that your work will be published.

Don’t reach for your anti-depressants yet as we have prepared a checklist to help you out. Make this your bible, and if you have genuine passion and talent, then getting your submissions approved and published may prove to be a walk in the park after all!

  • Give us fair warning

    We’re eager to see what you’ve got, but please inform us about your topic in advance!

    Creating content that meets our publication standards requires significant effort, and it would be disappointing to see that effort go unrewarded. Once you’ve formulated an idea, get in touch with us and share a concise outline.

    If you’re reaching out for the first time, it’s important to introduce yourself. Provide a link to your blog or examples of where your work has previously appeared, as we receive a large number of submissions and cannot reply to every message.

    Should we be interested in your submission, you’ll hear from us within 48 hours, so we ask for a bit of patience. If you don’t receive a response, it likely means we’re not able to pursue your proposal, and it might be best to explore other opportunities.

  • Unique content only

    We have a strict policy against plagiarism! Countless resources are available to check for the uniqueness of your content, and our editorial team is familiar with nearly all of these tools.

    Typically, we’re not inclined to publish content that has appeared elsewhere. However, we may make exceptions for content from highly esteemed contributors or for subjects that are capturing attention worldwide.

  • Keep our audience hooked

    Our main audience consists of tech-savvy millennials who are eager to learn. Your content should cater to their enthusiasm for technology! While you have the freedom to play with the article’s tone and format, ensure it’s neither bland nor excessively outlandish.

    Embrace your expressive side and a good sense of humor is greatly appreciated. Make extensive use of visual aids like images, screenshots, or videos. Aim for an article length of about 500 words, and pay attention to its layout. Articles that are difficult to navigate will be immediately dismissed!

Glad to see that you are still with us! 

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