Privacy Policy

What Personal Information Do We Collect? 

Information You Share

The type of personal information we gather about you can differ based on your interactions with our Services and the details you willingly offer. This information may be collected directly from you or as a result of your utilization of the Services, including:

Contact Infomation

Information for contact purposes, encompassing your name, means of contact (like mailing address and email), details related to event or conference registrations (which may include dietary preferences or images and videos captured during events), and your preferred methods of communication.

Inquiry Information

Information from inquiries, such as details shared in communications sent via forms or surveys, to our email addresses, or through phone conversations. This also encompasses data given when subscribing to our newsletters.

User Generated Content

Content created by users, encompassing any personal details you opt to share about yourself when engaging in forums or discussions via the Services, submitting comments or reviews, and participating in any aspect of the Services.

It’s important to note that the information you share could be accessed, utilized, or captured by others who use the Services; thus, you should refrain from sharing sensitive personal data you wouldn’t want publicly available.


Deductions regarding your interests, preferences, and behavioral data, such as your hobbies, likes, and traits, for example, preferred foods, buying habits, or recipes, and consumption patterns, along with health and fitness data.

How Do We Collect This Information?

Our method of gathering data relies on a range of advanced instruments, such as cookies, web beacons/pixels, and embedded scripts, among other comparable technologies.

These instruments, broadly referred to as tracking technologies, are adept at identifying the particular device you’re using and gathering a wide spectrum of information.

This information includes aspects like clickstream activity, type of browser, the time and date of your visit to our sites, unique identifiers such as mobile advertising IDs or digital IDs (for example, cookie ID, click ID, or various proprietary IDs), details on geolocation, and the advertising information previously described in this Privacy Policy.