It seems as though everybody’s favorite apps these days are venturing into the world of gaming as competition for user attention builds. One of the latest major streaming giants to dip its toes into the lucrative gaming market is YouTube. Find out more about their mini-games, aka YouTube Playables, right here. 

Is YouTube getting into gaming?

Yes. It’s now no secret that YouTube – the world’s most iconic video streaming platform, is branching out into gaming with a new product called ‘Playables,’ which all paid subscribers will soon have access to. YouTube first rolled out an experimental version to select ‘Premium’ users in September 2023. 

Web-based games that you can play in most major web browsers today are now more popular than ever, and much of the success is due to the iGaming industry, which is home to thousands of non-downloadable online casino games that are a hit with many audiences across the globe. 

Some of the other major tech companies that have also launched similar gaming products like YouTube Playables are Netflix (Netflix Games), Microsoft (Microsoft Teams), and TikTok. The diversification shows that apps are desperately seeking users’ attention. 

What is YouTube Playables?

YouTube Playables is a new gaming platform that offers a handful of games that can be played directly on the YouTube app using a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet device. 

The company has already ventured into almost every other online entertainment format, including music, TV, movies, short-form videos, shopping, podcasting, and more, so the next logical step is gaming. 

Those who gained early access to this new gaming experience by opting in to test it out were given access to 37 titles to try out. 

The most convenient thing users found was the ability to play instantly in their web browser without having to download or install any additional apps or programs onto their preferred device. 

Some of the titles available in YouTube Playables are the following:

  • The Daily Crossword
  • Brain Out
  • Angry Birds Showdown
  • Daily Solitaire

Others include 8 Ball Billiard Classic, Worlds of Wonder (WoW), Merge Pirates, Farmland, and Endless Siege, to name just a few. 

In other words, if you’re looking for a new range of triple-A video games with high-end graphics, this isn’t the gaming platform for you. However, it might be worth checking out if you’re looking for a few quick games to play to pass the time while sitting on a bus or, for example, during your lunch break. 

For a complete list of games, YouTube Premium members can find the full library by heading to the ‘Playables’ section located in the ‘Explore’ tab. So far, it has received mixed reviews, and only time will tell if it will be a success or not. 

The aim is to attract a new type of user to YouTube and stop those who often leave YouTube and go to another mobile app or website to play their favorite mini/casual games. 

How much does YouTube Premium cost?

It all depends on where you are in the world. For example, in the United Kingdom, it will set you back a total of £11.99 per month for YouTube Premium. This gives you complete access to YouTube and YouTube Music Premium, and the best thing about this plan is that it comes with zero ads in any of the videos. 

In Australia, you’re currently looking at around AU$14.99. Expect to pay C$11.99 in Canada and $13.99 in the US. Other plans are a free trial for a limited time, student discount plans, family plans, and more. 

Some of the benefits and features included in one or more of these plans, apart from an ad-free experience, are things like background play, higher quality streaming videos, the ability to download videos to watch offline, mobile queues, and more. 

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