Apps Like Tiktok

Looking for a change from TikTok? There are other fun apps out there with short videos, like Snapchat and Likee. You can share quick snaps with friends on Snapchat or create funny edits with cool effects on Likee.

And if you’re concerned about using TikTok, that’s okay! There are plenty of other video apps to choose from. So you can explore and find one you enjoy without missing out on the short-form video fun.

Here are five excellent alternative apps you can try instead of TikTok to avoid getting involved in any drama.

Top Choice for Creating Original Content: Snapchat


Pros Cons
You can share videos that are up to 60 seconds long. There is no app specifically designed for iPads.
It’s possible to enhance your videos by adding text and doodles. The interface may seem crowded or messy.
You can enjoy watching Snap Originals on the platform.

Snapchat has been offering video features long before TikTok became popular. While you can create short videos on Snapchat, they’re meant to disappear quickly, unlike TikTok videos, which have a longer-lasting impact. However, this feature provides users with much more privacy.

Snapchat enables you to enhance your video creations by adding text and doodles. Additionally, you can utilize tools like the magic eraser, instant touch-up features, and music picker to effortlessly elevate the quality of your videos.

Apart from creating your own Snaps, Snapchat offers a Stories and a Spotlight page where you can watch videos made by others. Additionally, there are Snap Originals, which are premium videos exclusively made for Snapchat users. 

While they may not be similar to TikTok content, Snap Originals include unscripted shows, docuseries, as well as serialized dramas and comedies.

The App with the Most Users: Instagram Reels


Pros Cons
Can combine multiple video clips. Locating Reels can be difficult.
Augmented reality generates impressive visual effects.
Capture videos using both front and back cameras simultaneously.
Offers identical effects found in Stories.

Instagram has been a well-established platform in the world of social media for quite some time. Users have been able to share videos on Instagram for years. You can post live videos, add videos to your Instagram Story, and now there’s a new addition called Instagram Reels.

With Reels, you can create and edit video montages that are up to 90 seconds long. These montages can be made from either a single video or a series of clips. 

You have the option to add a soundtrack from a library of choices and include various visual effects to enhance your creation.

Locating Instagram Reels can be tricky at first, and unless you’re a frequent user, you might overlook its presence. However, once you locate it, the functionality is similar to TikTok, making it a viable alternative. 

It shares similar effects and editing tools as Instagram Stories. Additionally, you can delve into Reel’s augmented reality tools, which blend graphics with video content.

A Comprehensive Option: Likee


Pros Cons
Interface similar to TikTok. Excessive notifications.
SuperMix simplifies video creation.
Strong community presence and abundant video content.

If you want a versatile option, Likee is a solid pick. It allows you to effortlessly create short, TikTok-style videos. Additionally, you can also go live and produce longer-form videos similar to Facebook Live.

In Likee, you have access to various editing and filter choices, along with beauty enhancements and a countdown timer for convenient recording. 

One standout feature of Likee is its focus on music. It offers a diverse music library with categories such as dance, children, modern music, pop, and rap, providing users with ample options to enhance their videos.

With a vibrant community and an abundance of content available, Likee offers opportunities for both creators and viewers alike. Whether you’re producing your own videos or enjoying others’ creations, there’s plenty of engaging content to explore on the platform.

Top Choice for Celebrity Videos: Triller


Pros Cons
Abundance of celebrity content. Editing and effects options are limited.
Extremely simple video creation.
Choose from a music library or import your own tracks.

Triller is gaining popularity rapidly, especially among celebrities such as musicians and comedians. With a vast array of famous personalities like Justin Bieber, Mike Tyson, and Cardi B, the platform boasts a large and diverse community of creators.

This ease of use contributes to its popularity. Triller offers curated top videos, a Following page, and a For You page similar to TikTok. Additionally, users can explore content by categories such as DIY, comedy, art, sports, and more.

With Triller, you can incorporate video clips from your camera roll along with filters, but you won’t find other effects, text, or stickers. For music videos, simply choose a track from Triller’s extensive library or one from your device. It’s a quick, simple, and enjoyable process.

Top Choice for Video Editing: Funimate


Pros Cons
Video editor is robust and powerful. Lots of ads throughout the app.
Offers various filters and effects
Includes AI-powered tools.

Funimate could be even more enjoyable if it didn’t focus so much on making money from its users. Upon installing the app, you’re asked to adjust your ad preferences, and several essential features are only accessible through a paid subscription. 

Additionally, you’ll often be prompted to upgrade to the Pro version, and some features require watching ads before use.

Funimate might have some drawbacks, but it shouldn’t stop you from checking it out! The app offers a surprising amount of editing power for short videos, letting you add transitions, effects, and even animations. 

Plus, there’s a whole community of creative people using Funimate to share their work. You might be surprised at the cool videos you can create with this app!

Apart from recording your own videos, Funimate offers additional AI tools. One feature allows you to create AI-generated versions of celebrities, while another feature animates your static photos.

You have the option to pick music from Funimate’s library or your personal collection. Additionally, Funimate stands out with its robust in-app video editing capabilities, offering users a surprisingly powerful tool for creating and editing videos.

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