Curious about what KEKW means? You’re not alone! Check out this guide to understand KEKW easily and never wonder again. We’ll also explore where KEKW came from and share a quick video. Keep reading to find out the answer to “What is KEKW?” once and for all!

KEKW Origins:

KEKW has its roots in the Twitch emote renaissance alongside others like ResidentSleeper and Pogchamp. It emerged from a blend of a popular video and gamer slang. The emote features the Spanish Laughing Guy, Juan Joya Borja, whose contagious laughter made him famous.

This video’s brilliance lies in its universal appeal despite being in a foreign language, allowing for customizable subtitles. Meme creators and comedians capitalized on this, leading to its viral spread and eventual inclusion in the meme catalog. 

KEKW Inventor

As for who invented KEKW, there’s debate. Some credit AdmiralBulldog, others point to xQc, but it could have been any streamer. Nonetheless, it has captivated the gaming community worldwide!

kekw meaning

The Meaning of KEKW: 

it signifies laughter, depicted by the Spanish Laughing Guy on Twitch. KEK is similar to LOL in North America or Europe and XAXAXAXA in the CIS region. In World of Warcraft, KEK translates LOL between factions, with LOL becoming Bur. The W in KEKW acts as a suffix for exaggerated facial expressions in Twitch emotes.

That’s why we have the KEKW emote. Just like in spoken languages, combining existing elements in memes and emotes creates something new. Now that we understand what KEKW means, let’s explore how it became so popular!

How KEKW Became Popular:

The KEKW emote gained popularity on Twitch around August 2019 when streamers like AdmiralBulldog and xQc began using it. Their influence quickly made KEKW the go-to for hysterical laughter, replacing LUL and ROFL. Currently, KEKW ranks among the top 15 most used emotes on Twitch, thanks to the widespread recognition of the Spanish comedian scene it represents.

How to Pronounce KEKW:

When it comes to pronunciation, most gamers say KEKW as ‘keh-kuh-wah’ or ‘keh-kwuh’. However, opinions vary, so there’s no one right way. 

KEKW Remixes:

As for potential remixes, just as LOL evolved into LUL or OMEGALUL, KEKW will likely continue to change. While the Twitch emote will stay the same, expect to see variations like KEKWhat or KEKWow in written form. There are plenty of ways to remix KEKW!

kekw meaning

To get the KEKW emote on Twitch:

  1. Download the BTTV extension.
  2. Add the KEKW emote to your channel.
  3. Type “KEKW” in your chat to use the emote.


The KEKW meme was briefly removed for a week after the passing of Juan Joya Borja, who inspired the emote. Despite this, the KEKW laugh is still widely used today.

The Face Behind the Meme

The person behind the meme is the beloved Spanish comedian Juan Joya Borja, also known as El Risitas. Known for his vibrant personality and contagious laugh, Borja passed away on April 28, 2021, but his legacy lives on through the KEKW laugh.


Who is the KEKW guy? 

He’s a well-known Spanish comedian, Juan Joya Borja, also called El Risitas.

When should you use KEKW? 

Whenever something really funny occurs.

How do you pronounce KEKW?

It’s up for debate. Some say “keh-kwuh,” while others say “keh-kuh-wah.” There’s no correct way.

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