New Tiny11 Builder

The creators of Tiny11, a simpler form of Windows 11, have improved their Tiny11 Builder. This tool lets you change and personalize your Windows 11 to make it simpler.

The new version lets you make Windows 11 ISOs without telemetry. Telemetry is the system Microsoft uses to gather and send data for monitoring and studying.

By using this tool, you can customize your version of Windows 11 to better suit your personal needs and preferences, enhancing both functionality and security. 

The ability to adjust these settings without compromising the operating system’s integrity or performance is a key benefit for users seeking a more controlled and efficient computing environment.

Turning off telemetry can boost privacy, reduce the resources needed to operate Windows 11, and give you more control over your data. Tiny11 Builder is a free script that you can use on your device to make your Windows 11 run better.

How Does Tiny11 Builder Boost Windows 11 Performance?

Tiny11 Builder utilizes Microsoft’s tools to eliminate unnecessary components that are usually permanent.

Getting it is not as easy as downloading an official Microsoft ISO from their website. Still, Neowin reports that the final ISO image is clean and works effectively. It also allows users to bypass the need for a Microsoft account and certain hardware requirements.

The most recent Tiny11 Builder script, which turns off telemetry, was released on GitHub on April 29, 2024. The developers, NDTEV, shared this update on X. Users who are worried about their data being collected and used by Microsoft appreciate this feature.

The latest update to Tiny11 Builder primarily introduces the option to disable telemetry. NDTEV plans to further enhance Tiny11, according to their GitHub page.

Future updates might include better language recognition, more control over Windows 11 features, and possibly a new user interface.

Boost Your Privacy with Tiny11: Tailor Windows 11 for Enhanced Security and Simplicity

Discover how Tiny11 Builder alters Windows 11 by removing telemetry and unneeded elements. Find out how Tiny11 Builder adjusts Windows 11 by eliminating extra telemetry and features, making your system more secure.

This streamlined version offers quicker performance, concentrating only on necessary functions, and improves privacy. Explore the benefits of a less intrusive operating system that prioritizes your privacy and system effectiveness.

Upgrade Your Windows Setup with Open-Source Tiny11 Builder

Discover how Tiny11 Builder changes Windows 11, helping users create lean ISOs without Microsoft’s data tracking. Tiny11 Builder transforms Windows 11, letting you craft a personalized ISO free from Microsoft’s monitoring elements.

This tool makes installation easier, enhances system speed, and delivers a cleaner, more effective working environment. Learn how this tool simplifies Windows installation, increases efficiency, and creates a more customized operating system.

What’s Coming for Tiny11: Beyond Just Telemetry Removal

Learn about NDTEV’s upcoming improvements to Tiny11. Look forward to enhanced language recognition, additional customization options, and a potential new interface. Find out what’s planned to expand Tiny11’s capabilities beyond just removing telemetry.

The enhancements will provide improved language support, more ways to customize, and a new interface design to enhance and tailor your Windows experience. Explore the future updates to this alternative version of Windows 11.

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