The 2013 State of Online Gaming Report revealed that the global games industry was worth 70.4 million dollars. By the end of 2013, up to 7.2 billion people out of the 7.1 billion world population were gamers. Of the 1.2 billion players, 700 million people played online games.

Online gamers include teenage girls and boys; adult men and women; and the elderly have not been left out.  The industry has seen a 6% growth since then.

What Are The Reasons For The Growing Popularity of Online Gaming?

Gaming is a form entertainment. People play games to pass time, beat boredom, as escapism from life’s challenges, to set and meet new milestones and for entertainment.

However, the growing popularity for online games can be attributed to more reasons than a mere need to get away. The 5 factors below can be attributed to the growth of the online games in the recent past.

1. Accessibility

Traditionally, people had to travel far to engage in preplanned games. The invention of casinos made the games more available, more frequently.  However, online games have been the ultimate game changer. They have revolutionized the whole industry by making the games available anytime, anywhere.

What Are The Reasons For The Growing Popularity of Online Gaming

As long as you have a smart phone or a computer or a tablet, you are set to go. Many game developers have created mobile friendly gaming applications for use on any smart phone. Furthermore, the availability and high internet speeds have further improved accessibility of the games.

2. Availability of a Wide Selection of Games to Choose From

Players are lost for choice. Whether you are looking for shooting games , ball games,  puzzle games, word games, sports simulations, tennis, casino games or war games;  there are various categories available offers different levels of expertise.

Therefore, if casino games are not your thing, you can choose from the wide category of ball games or hidden treasure games. There is also a category of games that serve purposes such as enhancing critical thinking skills, boosting problem solving skills and time management games, and games to improve eye coordination. There is a wider variety for more the modern gamers to choose from than there has ever been.

3. Online Gaming is Affordable

Buying a game or gaming console is strikingly expensive. In addition, the validity of the games is limited to before a new version comes up.

Conversely, you can buy an online game at half the price that you would get the same game for from store. In some cases, you can download the game free of charge.  As newer versions of the game come up, all you will need is to update to the latest version free or at a minimal price. Also with the advent of the affordable gaming routers and gaming monitors (check out for best options), it has been quite possible to play high end games at a cheaper price.

The price factor has made online gaming a budget-friendly entertainment option for people across the various age groups. A teenager will easily save up some of their pocket money for a game and with the accessibility of internet in schools, cafeterias and at home they call play anytime they want.

Online Gaming is Affordable4. Online Gaming is Sociable

Three decades ago, child play mainly involved a one on one interaction with other children perhaps in a park riding bikes or playing hide and seek in the house. The invention and entry of Smart phones and computerized gadgets in the market were a huge game changer in the way not only children but also adults interacted.

Online gaming has created lots of controversy as an unhealthy interaction option. Some people claim that spending too much time online is creating a generation that is socially disconnected.

Contrary to the common belief, online gaming is a sociable activity. Unlike in the past when you had to be in the same room with a co-player to play the same game, you can now play against each other remotely. Moreover, you can chat with your friends as you play. Or, meet new friends from across the world in the online gaming platform.

Online Gaming is Sociable5. Online games are easy to play

Majority of online games are simple to play. Whether you are a beginner or a savvy player, the gaming consoles have an easy to understand and use control panel. Playing and customization instructions are easy to follow.

Each game has a rewards system that keeps the player interested. Each level is created to equip the player with the skills to move to the next level. The depth of each game and level offers the player a deep sense of achievement from mastering each step.

Online games are easy to play

The growth of online gaming is expected to grow further in the next decade. Innovations in internet technology and smart phones continue to favor the accessibility of online gaming. More people are opting for online gaming as an entertainment option due to its affordability and the fact that you can play anytime from anywhere. Besides, research has shown that online gaming can help in alleviate work related stress.

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