Research shows that it is 30% less expensive to keep and retain a customer than to win a new client. Because of that, it is natural for a business to turn to retention marketing or launch a loyalty program in order to increase percentage of returning customers. Usually these programs include discounts, special promotions advertised only to those who already made business with a company, and regular promotional communications such as emails or texts reminding existing customers of their return benefits. Today, let’s explore several ways to enhance a loyalty program in a creative way to build rapport and always be top of mind with your customers.

How To Increase Customer Loyalty In A Creative Way

Email, social media, and providing monetary value such as special offers and discounts are regular marketing instruments businesses usually use quite generously. Taking creative approach to these three popular channels can help build loyalty.

Idea #1: Go Beyond Marketing Newsletter

Conversion rates for promotional newsletters usually beat most of other marketing channels, first of all due to the fact that those emails are targeted to the customers who already dealt with the business and expressed their interest in it to a degree that they opted in for a newsletter.

You can double down on that connection that you already established by providing value that goes beyond mere promotions and deals. Once you know your customers well enough to help them ease their pain in some way with your product or service you definitely have plenty of information that you can use to help them in their challenge even more effectively.

Informational Email Campaign Ideas May Include:

  • Advice on the most effective ways to use your product, service, or software in a way that is beneficial to them and their business
  • More broad information about the challenges that they are facing and how to address them, not limited to only your product or service
  • Industry news and updates that will help them navigate their challenge better

All these topics allow you to connect on a deeper level with customers and will make their way to the returning purchase, subscription prolongation, or upgrade smoother and faster.

Idea #2: Connect On Social Media

Social media channels are being used by businesses to promote their services, products, and offers and to build new followers base that potentially can turn into paying customers. But how often are we using social media to reconnect and make more intimate link to existing customers?

It can be done with retargeting campaigns that show your ads to those who visited your website and whose emails you have on your database. At the same time, sometimes it’s good to try and reach out on Twitter,

Instagram to customers of your business by commenting on their posts relevant to your product or service, thanking them for doing business with you, helping to resolve problems or answering questions that they have that are related to your service.

A side note here: you should only proactively reach out to people on social media who explicitly gave you their consent to be contacted by providing their social media handles in their profile information on your website and database.

Idea #3: Add Gifts To Your Loyalty Program

Adding monetary value to having business with your company by offering customers deals and discounts is good, but have you ever considered giving gifts as well? These can be physical gifts delivered to your core customers’ doors, digital certificates to use outside of your business, or paying for the services or products that they select online.

For many businesses adding gifts to their marketing scope is a concern because of the effort that might be required to choose, arrange, and deliver those products to multiple addresses. But in 2020 even if your customers are located in different countries, it can easily be done if you turn to international gift companies. For example, Gift Baskets Overseas offers a wide range of corporate gifts, arranges delivery to more than two hundred countries and regions around the world in 3 business days or less, and even provides immediate services (electronic gift notifications, certificates, AI solution that helps your recipient select the gift within your budget) in case you need this gift delivered today.

Using Creative Ways To Enhance Customer Loyalty: Wrap Up

Building customers’ loyalty is a sustainable growth strategy for your business. Consider adding these three creative approaches to customers’ retention today to help you stand out from the competition.

Richard is an experienced tech journalist and blogger who is passionate about new and emerging technologies. He provides insightful and engaging content for Connection Cafe and is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments.