It used to be that if you wanted a career in gaming then you had to become involved with game development. Whether that was coding, animating, illustrating, or storyboarding. Nowadays though, there’s a new career path that’s opened up, which is within competitive gaming. If you truly excel at a game then you can put your skills to the test and compete with others to win prizes. In some games, these prizes can be huge, which means that competition is often fierce. We’ve got some tips on how to ensure that you perform your best, so that you don’t leave empty-handed.

Train Like It’s Your Job

Train Like It's Your Job

With games like Warzone, League of Legends, and Fortnite, there are often hundreds of thousands of dollars up for grabs as prize money. This means that there are whole teams of people out there who practice for these tournaments all day every day, because it is their actual job. If you’re going to compete then you need to start training like it’s your job too. Those who are lucky enough to be able to devote a five-day working week to gaming should do just that, but those with an office job need to work out an hour or two each day to dedicate to improving their gaming skills.

Work Out and Work On Your Weaknesses

In order to get the most out of your training, it’s important that you’re not just playing your game of choice for fun alone. Of course, it always helps if you can have fun and train at the same time, but you need to work on your weaknesses in order to see maximum progress. Most of us will know the points that we fall down on, but if you aren’t sure then game trackers can be really helpful for finding out.

It could be that you struggle with your reaction time or your aim above everything else. If that’s the case then you can focus on these skills within the game, or you can spend some time on working on these skills outside of the game. For example, you could play a reaction time test for five minutes every morning and evening to work on this skill alone.

Plan Your Competition Days

Plan Your Competition Days
Work out your schedule according to the date of your competition

Depending on the type of game that you specialize in, booking in your slot early can be a great way to plan your training schedule. Those in the world of online poker are fortunate that there is always an up-to-date poker tournament calendar to refer to, in order to plan in when your big competition days are likely to be. This is true for most card games, but it can be a little more challenging to find the exact tournament dates for console games. Often you’ll have to work your way up through several tiers of competition before you qualify for the big competitions.

Review Your Competition Performance

Finally, once you’ve competed in your first tournament, it’s essential that you review your performance. If there’s a game tracker for your game of choice then this can be a great way to get in-depth analyses of how things went for you. Otherwise, getting a friend to film you, or making notes on your decisions can help you to learn from your mistakes, and your triumphs, so that you’re better prepared for next time.

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