Logic games are an effective way of developing logical thinking, deductive abilities and concentration while strengthening memory retention and eye-hand coordination.

The Ultimate Collection of Logic Games for Brain Training contains many different games ranging in difficulty level and game type, providing ample opportunity for your mind training needs. Do not become bogged down in memorizing different types of logic games; rather, practicing them regularly will lead to better results.


Sudoku has quickly become one of the most beloved logic games over recent years, yet its roots go much deeper. “Sudoku” itself was only added as part of this puzzle in 1986 from Japan; variations on it can be found as early as 19th-century books!

Sudoku involves filling an 9×9 grid with numbers from one through nine such that every number occurs only once in each row, column and block. In order to do this, one must use logic and known constraints in order to narrow down candidates for every empty space in the grid.

Every time a player places a number in a cell, they must assess its impact on other cells or create opportunities for new solutions in that grid, row or column. This process of continual evaluation is key to successfully solving Sudoku and can significantly speed up solving time.


Chess is a board game that requires strategic thinking and concentration. The aim is to force your opponent’s king into checkmate; this puzzle game challenges logical reasoning and powers of deduction while offering various difficulty levels for gameplay.

Chess can stimulate the development of new neural pathways in your brain, known as dendrites, that increase transmission speeds between regions in your brain. Furthermore, playing can enhance both memory retention and verbal skills development.

Chess is the classic board game most associated with intelligent gentlemen and philanthropists, often seen only being played by geniuses or difficult for regular people to master. But recent research demonstrates otherwise; playing chess can actually increase IQ by four points while simultaneously cultivating self-discipline, patience and humility – it truly offers one of the best ways to train your brain while staying healthy!


Bring out the best in your logic skills with Mahjong – an exquisite tile-based game requiring precision, skill and strategy to succeed. Develop your brain health playing Mahjong, as research shows it helps improve problem-solving ability as well as cognitive functioning while simultaneously aiding short-term memory and hand-eye coordination development.

Studies conducted on elderly individuals living with MCI who played mahjong three times weekly for 12 weeks had improved functional abilities, with large effect sizes on forward span and sequence tests, moderate effects on MMSE scores, and lasting benefits that persisted even when playing was temporarily suspended for one month.

There are various variations of mahjong, but all share some basic rules, including using suits and honors, legal melds and winning hands, how tiles are drawn and discarded, etc. Regional variations often have distinctive criteria for winning hands and scoring systems and may even include elaborate additional rules that make winning hands harder to achieve. Play can involve two or more players – with whoever owns the most complete set winning.

Logic Master

Create your own logic mastermind and tackle an assortment of unusual, challenging, and tricky questions that require you to think creatively and outside-of-the-box! Behind beautiful hand-drawn graphics and relaxing music lies more than 200 challenging puzzles designed to stimulate your mind, challenging attention, flexibility, visual processing speed, spatial processing capacity and memory skills in an entertaining game format.

This free logic game available on the App Store provides an engaging way to develop both your mind and patience, with its straightforward gameplay making it accessible even without an internet connection. What’s even better? Logic Master allows players worldwide to compete against one another to see who can achieve the highest score! Ideal if you’re seeking an addictive IQ challenge. Plus it helps develop creative talents!

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