If you are an esports fan residing in Australia, you should be pleased to know that a fortnight ago, ActiveUTS announced the launch of Red Bulls Gaming Hub. This gaming space is the first of its kind in Australia, making it a big deal.

In partnership with AOC, MSI Computers, BENQ, Secretlab, ADVA, and ActivateUTS, the energy drink manufacturing company Red Bull materialized this infrastructure. This gaming hub aims to revolutionize how University of Technology Sydney students interact with gaming. 

This magnificent structure is in the UTS Tower at the University of Technology in Sydney. The hub features high-end gaming PCs, streaming gadgets, and a training room for players to practice

The brands mentioned contributed in several ways to ensure the required appliances and materials were available. AOC, for instance, offered the PC and other support gadgets, while the chairs and desks from Secretlab. 

Red Bull has been at the forefront of this gaming revolution, constructing a series of hubs globally, with the first in Toronto, Canada. The choice of proximity is to avail these opportunities to younger and more technologically aware students.

The Launch

Officiating this venue’s opening to the UTS students was a success. Several visitors called on the site during its launch to see the progress. Over 2,000 people attended the launch, which is an impressive feat. Furthermore, the visitors who were blown away and created accounts were plenty. 

President of UTS Esports Stephan Hanna commented: “The response was overwhelming; approximately 2,000 visitors attended our premises and expressed immense enthusiasm for the hub. I am pleased to share that we received a remarkable 30% registration and account creation rate through the foot traffic, showcasing the high level of interest and engagement from the UTS community.”

Moreover, he highlighted the importance of the project, citing that it displays the power of their collaborative efforts.

Benefits of the Red Bull Gaming Hub

This gaming space offers numerous benefits to campus students. According to the founders, the hub will guide students undertaking Bachelor of Computer Science and Game Design. Students can develop games and test them before distributing them through this generous offer.

This feature ensures that the games developed are continually improved. Gaming enthusiasts from all parts of the world stand to reap from this because, who knows, they might invent the next Call of Duty at the hub.  Generally, this space will enhance the gaming culture and development of esports in Australia.

This venue will also provide a space for UTS students to interact and exchange ideas. Various participants can train and become professionally capable of battling it out in the arena. Even cooler is that the UTS gaming hub will host the Red Bull Campus Clutch tournament qualifiers later this year.

The UTS gaming hub will also support content creation. The space has a quality streaming setup that gamers can use to their advantage and release gaming-related content. Whether you want to showcase your Valorant skills or stream an online casino game, the streaming room has got you covered. Wagering enthusiasts can access instant withdrawal casinos in Australia on several online sites as they enjoy live action from fast payout casinos.

The management is considerate enough to allow even non-students to use these facilities. Their charges are affordable, considering the quality setup. If you are a UTS Esports Member, you pay  $6.40 per hour, while non-students pay $8 per hour. If you wish to access more pristine features like the steam room for content creators, it will cost you $10 per hour.

This space also provides a nice environment for private functions. Based on its cool aesthetic and light interplay, it offers the perfect location for celebrations, meetings, and corporate events. 

Lastly, this space offers enthusiast networking opportunities. Most people you will likely meet there include game developers, tech innovators, software programmers, and gamers. The hub allows you to meet professional players, especially during events and tournaments.

Extra Events

On the 30th of August, ActivateUTS threw a launching event that featured several attendees, both student and nonstudent and industry partners. Live demonstrations of the gaming equipment characterized the event. 

The event was separated into the day and night launch party. During the day, exhibits were displayed as enthusiasts interacted and were exposed to the offers the UTS Red Bull gaming hub provided. The night-time was riddled with festivities and celebrations of Australia’s first gaming university gaming venue. It marked a prominent milestone in student participation. 


The Redbull gaming hub at the UTS launch was a significant milestone in the Australian esports gaming scene. You can tell the project’s magnitude from the firms that partnered to make this possible. This gaming space benefits players, students, and aspiring tech innovators. 

For instance, students doing a Bachelor of Computer Science and game development can test their games in the gaming hub and receive real-time feedback. 

Richard is an experienced tech journalist and blogger who is passionate about new and emerging technologies. He provides insightful and engaging content for Connection Cafe and is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments.