Video games are released in hundreds every year, which is both good and bad news for enthusiasts of the niche. The same is with online casino games (the example is Slotty Vegas Casino which adds new games from different providers on a daily basis, not to mention the general number of casinos online). With so many choices laid out, one can find something that suits their specific style, but there isn’t enough time to look through all of them. 

    The numerous game review sites found online step in to help with overviews that give players an in-depth look as to what the game has to offer, or what it doesn’t. Out of tons of websites that claim to be the best in serving this information, here are those that truly stand out and are worth players’ time:


    IGN is a prominent platform for not only video game reviews but also information on the latest films and comics. The website’s sleek design helps users to identify different sections such as that of video games effortlessly. IGN covers everything from trailers to release dates. The website’s prowess earns it more than twenty million visitors every month with a growing fan base every year.

    Xbox Wire

    Xbox is a propelling force in the world of console games, which makes it ideal for them to have a website that focuses only on the video games’ niche. The site boasts more than twenty-two million fans on Facebook alone and another thirteen million on Twitter. Xbox Wire stands as an in-depth source of information for everything related to Xbox and its games. On the downside, it does not focus on other console games.


    GameFAQs promises to answer nearly every question that can be asked about the gambling world. The site is easily ranked among the top ten for granting users input on questions that can be answered by their team. GameFAQs features a simple design that hardly keeps up with most other modern websites, but the information held within its pages makes it a worthy contender for the top seat.


    No matter the kind of information being sourced, Reddit hardly misses as an ideal place to visit to get it. This website is designed to support communities of online users, and that of video game enthusiasts thrives like any other. Unlike other sites, the data provided on Reddit is created through users’ engaging conversations, which can span across tens of thousands of them.


    GameSpot is a long-running video games website that currently has a fanbase of more than 15 million users. The site covers a wealth of information, such as the release dates of popular games and ratings from players who have already tried out a set. GameSpot also features lengthy articles of guides and analysis on how one can conduct themselves in the gaming world to get the most out of the experience.


    From the name of this website, one can tell that it is heavily focused on providing trailers to upcoming games and even those that have already been released. GameTrailers is the perfect destination for players looking to keep up with the latest releases in the gaming world. The site also offers video game reviews that help players determine whether a game is worth playing or not. This information comes in especially handy in the case of games that need to be bought before gameplay is supported.


    With an estimated 3.5 million unique visitors every month, GiantBomb is no doubt a heavyweight in the realm of video games’ news. The website features a quirky logo of a happy bomb, which reflects its appealing design. GiantBomb goes as far as to offer awards such as Game of the Year, which lets players quickly know which sets to try out. The site also features helpful articles that provide useful gaming information.


    Polygon is widely praised for being one of the most feature-filled video games news web site. The online destination covers information with the help of a lot of imagery and videos rather than focusing only on conventional guides and reviews. The site also features podcasts that give complete info from experienced gamers.


    GameFront is not only a leading name in video games news but also boasts a well-established name that has been running for more than two decades. The website has built a lot of trust over the years by providing trustworthy information that is not muddled in a lot of nonsense. Users can sift through more than 150,000 maps, tools, reviews, and much more on the effectively-designed website.


    Destructoid is a suitable site for players looking for the all-around experience with a little bit of everything put in one place. This website publishes several dozens of articles daily that provide updates on previously reviewed games, news on upcoming releases, and thoughts from gamblers who have tried out different sets. The website goes beyond the video game bounds and offers information on TV shows and movies as well.

    The Bottom Line

    The choice of the best website to get video games news depends on the kind of information being sourced. These websites cover a wide range of data, which makes them classic choices for any player.

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