The ubiquity of advanced technology has brought a lot of changes in the ways we perform and do different kinds of things. There is no doubt, technology has greatly influenced the overall education at schools, universities, and colleges. Nowadays students can browse and look at various examples of essays starting from the definition outline essays  to satire argument essays etc.

    The distribution of iPads, and laptops among school children brought many advantages along with substantial drawbacks which much affected the quality of education they receive. Living in the digitized environment, where everyone has an ability to express his or her ideas and thoughts, where everyone has a freedom of choices to make, it is very important to evaluate how the Internet use influences our lives in beneficial as well as in negative ways. By no means, the digital network has helped our society in lots of ways including education, communication and community developments. There are three ways in which technology makes imapact on the quality of education:

    First of all, technology is helping millions of kids to interact with computers and learn basic computer skills, which is currently highly in demand at the market. It goes without doubt that this changes children’s perception of virtual reality, robotics, artificial intelligence, and social bots. In this way, being encountered with a computer and communicate with it on much a closer level, creates a deeper understanding of human-technology interaction.

    Secondly, technologies in the form of modern computers with nicely designed interfaces changed the way the students and school children interact with their school teachers and submit their assignments such as essays. Online platforms help students to submit their essays in the most convenient way, and teachers to track each student’s progress and give the general feedback online. Students started writing their papers on computers, thus enhancing their skills in blind typing and increasing their  typing speed. The outline of the essays became an essence of every document student create in their files.

    • Massive Online Courses 

    In addition, with the help of technologies, there are so many opportunities for people to take online courses from everywhere in the world and join in virtual classrooms. Massive online courses became more accessible to people who can’t afford their education. Those courses are totally free and are taught in different languages. Living in the age of globalization, massive online courses, called MOOC, help people become more aware to solve various global issues of climate change, bioethics, and depression etc. Such computerized approach to everyday life affects children and students quality of erudition and intelligence.

    Nowadays, the structure of education is constantly expanding due to the availability of the Internet. Students have an opportunity to get college credits or certificates of accomplishment online with  what’s called now MOOC, massive open online courses which are available 24 hous a day in the Internet. Those courses are free, easy to take, and lots of them are offered by the most  prestigious universities. Even those courses which requires interpersonal communication skills such as online msn can be taken right at the convenience of your home. It is important to pick the right online classes that provides you with a range of lessons you can use as you take a step into pursuing your career path and will encourage you to enhance the specific skills you’ll need. In addition to that, online classrooms are widely used in every school, because it is a great platform for teachers and professors to post their homework and assignments, and it’s easy for students to track their progress. Moreover, the Internet has become a rich source to be used for scientific research, investigation papers etc., but it’s important to check every website by its credibility and make sure that they are not biased. Every single day there are thousands of new posts about recently created inventions, found discoveries and successful experiments that inform and encourage people to make some further research in the interested field.

    • Global Conversation

    Communication, through thousands of social media applications, is much more accessible to people to reach out to their friends, family and business partners. With the help of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat we can keep updated our audience, launch different kinds of businesses and share information with others. Blogging is becoming more and more popular, because it helps people to share their personal thoughts, express their interest in a specific field such as fashion or literature, find new friends and improve their skills in creativity and critical thinking. Communication in the way of searching for the specific audience gave such opportunities as online shopping, TED talks, e-goverment, online reading, sharing economy etc.

    And finally, the Internet has helped to develop a global understanding of some significant issues that consequently led to thousands of social activities and education projects in the forms of non-governmental organizations  established by local leaders for local communities. One of the greatest examples are Model UNs worldwide, European Youth Parliament in Europe  and Youth Assembly in the US. By giving such platforms for youth helps to improve communities, locally act to prevent such issues as of climate change, gender inequality and poverty. Being informed about current issues led to the understanding of the importance of eco-design, smart cities and eco-sharing.

    • Health

    However, the excessive usage of technology might produce a lot of negative aspects that much or less affect our lives. First of all, spending too much time in front of the computer might cause the deterioration in health. It means, that sitting in the wrong position can lead to eye problems. Statistically proven the fact that more and more young children start wearing glasses because of the damage they got from the screens.

    In conclusion, technology has opened up so many opportunities by far than we ever dreamed before because our talents become alive and our thoughts break their own borders. Being exposed to a variety of possibilities can change how we think. And the way we think improves the quality of what we think. Ultimately, the Internet has greatly helped to incorporate the most valuable aspects of our modern life: collaboration, inclusivity and diversity. It’s a matter of how we use technology and how we can control its influence.

    Richard is an experienced tech journalist and blogger who is passionate about new and emerging technologies. He provides insightful and engaging content for Connection Cafe and is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments.