Are you looking for a free movie streaming service that is as good as, or better than, SOLARMOVIE? Then look no further because there are plenty of great alternatives available. In this article, we will take a closer look at 22 SOLARMOVIE alternatives that are worth giving a go for a free movie and TV show streaming.


The Best Alternatives to SOLARMOVIE



Soap2day is one of the most popular free online streaming sites in existence. It offers an extensive collection of movies and television shows from all around the world, with a wide variety of genres available. Users can watch their favorite content with ease, as SOAP2DAY provides an intuitive user interface and organized library.

The site is also constantly updated, ensuring users enjoy the freshest content all the time.



Putlocker has probably been around for longer than any other free online streaming service on this list, and it shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. It boasts one of the largest databases available, with a vast selection of movies from different genres from across the globe.

The site also offers its video content in HD and has good working links, making it a great SOLARMOVIE alternative.


ProjectFreeTV is another notorious name when it comes to free movie streaming services that offers an impressive library of movies, TV shows, and other videos from various sources that are constantly updated so you can have the latest releases available for your viewing pleasure.

The user interface of the website is also easy to use and navigate.



GOstream offers a convenient, reliable and high-quality streaming experience for all its users. While it isn’t as big as some other names on this list, it still provides an impressive library filled with movies from different genres across the globe that you can watch at no cost whatsoever.

Furthermore, GOstream has strong servers that provide uninterrupted strains even when streaming in HD at high speeds.



If you want to stream movies in HD, AFDAH is the streaming service for you, as it offers some of the highest quality content on par with SOLARMOVIE.

It also provides several options, such as subtitles and language support, allowing its users to customize their experience according to individual preferences.

The movie selection isn’t quite as large compared to other sites, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty to choose from.



YESMovies is a website that offers free streaming of movie content with no costs and no signup required. It has an impressive selection available where users can easily find whatever they are looking for or browse through the categories to discover new movies.

The quality of video streamed on YESmovies is also quite high, so it’s perfect if you’re looking for crisp HD resolution in your streaming experience.



Vudu is an online streaming service provided by Walmart, and it offers users a wide selection of movies from different genres with resolutions ranging from 480p to 1080p HD.

The site also provides high-quality soundtracks and subtitles for most of its videos, making it quite convenient for people who aren’t fluent in English but still want to watch their favorite shows or movies.

Furthermore, there are no signup or subscription fees required, making Vudu a great option for anyone looking to stream at no cost.



FMovies is a great source of free movie streaming and download that offers quite the same content as SOLARMOVIE does. It features an extensive library with access to hundreds of movies in HD quality, with English subtitles and audio provided for each one.

The website also has all its videos organized into different categories according to the genre, which makes finding and watching movies easier than ever.



Couchtuner is a great place to find online movie streams since it has access to quite the same content as SOLARMOVIE does. Most of its videos are in HD resolution with English subtitles, and all titles found on this website can be accessed for free; no signup or subscription fees are required.

Furthermore, the video quality always remains consistent throughout streaming sessions so users can enjoy their favorite movies without interruptions or buffering.



Einthusan is a great alternative to SOLARMOVIE if you need something that specializes in Bollywood and South Indian films. The site has an extensive selection of titles available, which makes it quite easy to find whatever movie you’re looking for with its simple search function.

Furthermore, all content on the website is free and comes in high quality, with subtitles provided for each movie.



Vumoo is the perfect streaming website for anyone looking to enjoy a free online experience with a vast selection of movies from different genres across the globe in HD quality and lightning-fast speed.

Furthermore, its user interface is very intuitive and easy to navigate, making it quite straightforward for users to find whatever titles they’re looking for on this website. Additionally, no signup or subscription fees are required, so you can start streaming immediately.



123Movies is a great streaming site that features an extensive selection of movies in HD form, and for free, no signup is required, which makes it perfect for anyone looking to watch some high-definition content without registering or spending any money.

Additionally, the user interface of the website makes searching through titles quite easy, so finding whatever you’re looking for should be a breeze.



BMovies is another great website for streaming movies online without the need to register or pay any subscription fees. It has a huge library with titles from different genres and provides access to some of the latest movie releases in HD quality and fast speeds.

Furthermore, its user interface allows quick searching by genre, title, or keyword, so you’re able to find whatever you’re looking for with ease.



Hurawatch is another great streaming service to consider if you want an alternative to SOLARMOVIE. The site provides access to content from different genres with high-quality video and audio, plus all titles on this website can be streamed for free without even needing to sign up or register an account.

Additionally, the user experience provided by its intuitive design makes it easy for users to find whatever movie they’re searching for quickly and efficiently.



Rainierland is a free streaming website that provides access to a large library of movies and shows with HD resolution. It also features all sorts of genres available, so you can quickly find whatever content it is you’re searching for without having to look too hard.

Plus, the user interface of the website allows quick navigation between titles, which makes the experience quite enjoyable for anyone looking for an alternative to SOLARMOVIE.



M4UFree is another great streaming website where users can watch videos in HD resolution with no cost or sign-up required. It has a large library filled with movies and shows from different genres, featuring all sorts of titles to choose from, making it easier for everyone to find something they like.

In addition, the user interface is quite simple and intuitive, which makes searching through content simpler than ever.



LetMeWatchThis provides access to an extensive selection of movies and shows from different parts of the world. All videos found on this website are of high quality and can be streamed for free without even needing to register or pay any subscription fees.

Additionally, its user interface makes it quite easy for users to find whatever title they’re looking for by simply typing what it is into the search bar or browsing through categories provided on the homepage.



JustWatch is a great streaming service offering an extensive selection of movies and shows in HD resolution that can be streamed or downloaded for free. It also allows its users to search through titles without even needing to register, so all you need is a few seconds, and your favorite content will be right at your fingertips.

Furthermore, the website also provides easy navigation between categories as well as other features such as show castings and trailers.



Primewire boasts an impressive library of movies and shows with resolutions up to 1080p HD. All content can be streamed for free without even needing to register or pay any subscription fees, which makes it a great alternative to SOLARMOVIE.

In addition, the site also features easy navigation between categories so users can quickly find whatever title they’re looking for in no time at all.



IFVOD is yet another fantastic option when it comes to streaming movie and TV show content online. It has an extensive collection of titles in high resolution with English subtitles provided for most videos.

Moreover, the site also allows its users to search through content with an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to find movies and shows by typing in keywords or browsing through categories available on the homepage.



OnionPlay is a great alternative to SOLARMOVIE offering free streaming services featuring all sorts of international films and TV series, as well as some local content. All of its titles are of high quality and can be streamed for free without even needing to register or pay any subscription fees.

Furthermore, OnionPlay also provides an easy-to-navigate user interface with different categories organized into tabs on the homepage that make it quite simple for users to find what they’re looking for quickly.



LosMovies is the perfect place if you’re searching for an alternative to SOLARMOVIE, as it offers a large library of movies and shows from different parts of the world.

All titles can be watched free in HD quality with English subtitles provided for most videos; plus, the site also has its video content easily organized into categories that make searching for whatever you’re looking for simple and quick.


SOLARMOVIE is a popular online streaming platform where users can watch both movies and TV shows for free. The website maintains an extensive collection from different genres that are always updated and offers videos in 1080p HD resolution with audio and subtitles provided for most titles.

Furthermore, it has a user-friendly design that makes it easy to find whatever content you’re looking for quickly and efficiently.

SOLARMOVIE Not Working? Explained

The main reasons why SOLARMOVIE may not be working are problems related to the service provider or an unstable internet connection. If you’re experiencing buffering or lag during your streaming session, try resetting your modem to see if that helps the issue.

You should also make sure that you have a stable and reliable internet speed before using SOLARMOVIE for online streaming.


What types of movies are available on SOLARMOVIE?

SOLARMOVIE has an extensive library of movies from multiple genres and regions across the globe. It also features new releases as well as royalty-free videos, so there is plenty to choose from, regardless of preference.

Can I download movies on SOLARMOVIE?

Yes, you can download movies for offline viewing at no cost directly from the website without any need for registration or fee payment. All downloads are in 1080p HD resolution with audio available in English or other languages, depending on the content’s original language.


Yes, it is completely legal to watch and stream content on SOLARMOVIE as long as you are not downloading or selling any copyrighted material without permission from the copyright date by accessing unauthorized copies. Furthermore, all movies available on this website can be streamed with ease since they are hosted legally on other websites or services such as YouTube.

Does SOLARMOVIE have ads?

Yes, the website does contain ads, but none of them are intrusive or obtrusive. Most of them will only appear after a certain amount of time has passed since you started streaming your movie, and even then, they won’t last longer than 15 to 20 seconds. Furthermore, some videos also come with pre-roll advertisements that can be skipped in just a few seconds, so there’s no need to worry about long ad breaks ruining one’s viewing experience.

Can I watch movies on SOLARMOVIE in HD quality?

Yes, all videos available on this website are in high definition and can be streamed with ease since they come with a good level of resolution and audio quality. Additionally, there’s also an option to adjust the video quality provided per movie in case you want a higher or lower resolution depending on your connection speed or preference.

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