If you’re looking for Cartoon Crazy alternatives to watch cartoons online without restrictions, this article is right for you! It can be overwhelming with so many fantastic cartoon streaming services in 2023.

    To help make your search easier, we have carefully curated and listed our top 24 picks of the best alternative sites and applications free of charge.


    24 Best Cartoon Crazy Alternatives In 2023



    YouTube offers the most comprehensive selection regarding cartoons, videos, and animated content. There are hundreds of channels currently streaming classic hit shows such as Tom and Jerry, Dora The Explorer, etc.

    And you can easily use the app no matter what device you’re using- iOS or Android tablet/phone or computer. It has a neat catalog to search for any show, character, or genre.



    If you’re a fan of anime, you’ll love WCOForever. It’s a website dedicated to streaming a wide variety of animated shows. From thrilling action-packed adventures to heartwarming stories of friendship and love, WCOForever has something for everyone. You can explore different anime genres, discover unique art styles, and follow the captivating journeys of your favorite characters. So, grab your popcorn, sit back, and let WCOForever be your gateway to the exciting world of anime!

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    Cartoon Crazy


    Enter the enchanting realm of Anime with Cartoon Crazy! Indulge in a diverse collection of animated shows that will ignite your imagination and transport you to extraordinary worlds.

    From captivating storylines to beautifully crafted artwork, Anime offers a blend of excitement, emotion, and wonder. Explore epic battles, heartfelt friendships, and incredible powers as you follow the thrilling adventures of your favorite characters.

    Cartoon Crazy is your gateway to endless hours of Anime entertainment, where every episode is a gateway to a new realm of creativity and inspiration. Immerse yourself in the magic of Anime and let your imagination soar!

    Sites Like Cartoon Crazy



    Kimcartoon is another excellent platform for streaming cartoons and animated movies online freely.

    It has a user-friendly interface with numerous categories, such as action/adventure, drama, comedy etc., to choose from to find your desired content much easier. Furthermore, it also updates its library regularly.



    One of the best alternatives to Cartoon Crazy is Watchcartoononline.bz. It has an impressive library of cartoons, anime, and other animated series.

    The navigation system is quite neat, but the highlight feature of this site is its crisp video quality; whether you’re streaming on a mobile device or laptop/pc, you will get high-quality visual content.

    What more? You can even auto-stream via its direct link if your browser supports it.



    Super Cartoons is one of the oldest streaming sites where you can watch cartoons from multiple networks and platforms without fuss. All hosting links are placed correctly in each movie or series for a smooth watching experience every time!

    Not to forget that this site also lets you choose your desired video quality- therefore, since 2023; animation fans have more options!



    CartoonsOn is another excellent place to watch cartoons online without worrying about bed advertisements or buffering.

    One unique feature this site offers is its ‘highest rated’ list which displays the user’s highest-voted shows and movies for that year. Moreover, it also has separate lists of genres to make your search easier.

    GoGo Anime TV

    GoGo Anime TV

    For anime fans, GoGoAnimeTV is a fantastic alternative streaming app where you can watch unlimited HD content without any fees or subscriptions needed!

    It frequently updates with new episodes of all the ongoing shows and offers a recommended section displaying the highlights titles according to viewers’ opinions.

    Disney Now

    Disney Now

    This site is one of the oldest streaming sites around. Disney Now replaces subscriptions with a Hulu subscription giving you access to thousands of cartoons, animated series, and movies, including classics such as Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Aladdin, Beauty & The Beast, etc.

    Furthermore, it also has separate sections for music videos, educational videos, etc.



    ToonJet is a cartoon streaming site that houses content from classic books and TV shows such as Tom & Jerry, Popeye, The Pink Panther Show, etc.

    Easy navigation with distinct categories makes finding desired shows much more accessible, plus you can also rate the titles and give feedback directly on the page.

    Cartoon Network

    Cartoon Network

    Cartoon Network’s official app brings all the classic cartoons to your fingertips! Since it is directly associated with the significant network- you can expect a balanced mixture of old and new titles.

    But since their latest cartoon releases are available for streaming only in the USA, international viewers must use VPN or a third-party website to watch.

    Disney Junior

    Disney Junior

    Disney Junior app has numerous child-friendly shows, such as Sofia The First, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, etc., from which kids can get hours of entertainment!

    You can also find custom-made stickers and coloring books to keep them busy, while parents can rest easy with the app’s password protection feature.



    Nickelodeon is no longer only available on TV; their official streaming app offers a great collection of classic cartoon shows such as Rugrats, SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora The Explorer, etc.

    Everything here is organized clearly, so navigating and finding your favorite programs would be much easier.



    Formerly known as ‘DramaFever,’ Crunchyroll is one of the most trusted streaming sites for anime fans!

    With a large number of paid memberships gaining popularity since 2023, this site offers HD quality visuals and subtitled content from many countries, including Japan, the USA & Latin America plus, its extensive collection contains almost every popular series, including Dragon Ball and Naruto, etc. too.



    Funimation streaming site is an all-inclusive platform for cartoons, animations, and dramas worldwide! Its library includes titles in multiple languages, such as English, Spanish & Portuguese, and streams advertisements directly on the page.

    It constantly updates episodes of ongoing shows too!



    As its name implies, Anime Heaven offers thousands of anime series to watch from the comfort of your home! Furthermore, it also has a ‘Latest’ section which displays the titles newly added for streaming so viewers won’t miss out on any recently released show.



    Animefreak is another excellent platform for watching various cartoons online for free; since its 2023 launch, it has gained immense popularity amongst animation enthusiasts due to its crystal-clear visuals and distinct categories.

    All series from various genres, such as romance, horror, etc., can be found in one spot.



    Anime Dao features subbed and dubbed content from the latest series to classic ones; this site is relatively popular amongst fans with a wide selection of titles available! It also has special filters for users to search shows based on their genre or any other factor.

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    In terms of visuals, 9anime is an absolute winner!

    This streaming site offers crisp visuals with zero lags, and users are allowed to pick their desired video quality from low to medium to high, depending upon their internet speed. It also lets viewers cast shows on TV if they own a Chromecast device.

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    Aniwatcher allows viewers access to both subbed and raw anime for free without any registration necessary!

    With easy navigation tools, finding the right program would be much more leisurely plus, its anime database is updated daily, so you always stay updated with the latest releases.



    Anime Planet offers various anime shows and movies, including multiple classics and new series! It also has custom recommendations based on your watching habits, dubbed content in many languages & HD-quality visuals that won’t disappoint!

    Also, if you’re feeling adventurous, this site lets you create custom playlists of your favorite shows.



    Chia anime offers excellent quality content in dubbed and subtitled formats with all genres covered! Classic to modern, there’s something here for everyone! And no worries; all its links are appropriately placed at the bottom of each movie/series page, so you won’t waste time searching elsewhere.


    In conclusion, no matter which cartoon streaming site you prefer, there is something out there that would suit everyone’s needs!

    With the help of this article, it will be much easier for viewers in 2023 to find alternatives and reunite with their desired shows anytime. So what are you waiting for? Choose one, get your popcorn ready, and enjoy!

    What is Cartoon Crazy?

    Cartoon Crazy was an online streaming platform where viewers could watch cartoon shows, movies, and anime series free of charge on their web browser or By using an Android/iOS app.

    Is Cartoon Crazy Not Working?

    Sadly, due to some issues, this site is no longer operational in 2023. However, with the 22 alternatives mentioned above, you can still get your fill of animation or other genre series and movies without worrying about frequent advertisement breaks!


    Which are the best streaming sites for cartoons today?

    Here are some of our top picks for cartoon streaming sites- YouTube, Kimcartoon, WatchCartoonsOnline.bz and Supercartoons

    Do these streaming sites require any registration/fees?

    No, all the sites listed above are free to use without subscription fees!

    Which of the apps is best for watching HD-quality cartoons?

    For animations in high-definition visuals, it’s recommended that you try out Anime Dao.

    Are the streaming sites secure?

    Yes, all the mentioned sites have stringent security features that protect your anonymity, making it safe to stream with them!

    Which app is best suitable for kids’ content?

    Disney Junior and Cartoon Network offer many kid-friendly cartoons and anime shows.

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