Is Zombie Chronicles Cross Platform or not?

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Is Zombie Chronicles Cross platform

Is Zombie Chronicles Cross Platform?

No, Zombie Chronicles is not cross-platform. This restricts players on different platforms, such as PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, from playing together.

Why is Zombie Chronicles not Cross-Playable/Platform?

The main reason Zombie Chronicles is not cross-platform stems from its development by different studios for each platform.

These variations in code for each platform present challenges in introducing cross-platform play. Additionally, each platform has distinct online services.

Hence, players on different platforms would need separate accounts to play together, leading to potential confusion and inconvenience.

Why is Zombie Chronicles not Cross-Playable

Zombie Chronicles Crossplay; What Are The Chances?

Considering the unique development and coding for each platform, the chances of Zombie Chronicles introducing crossplay are slim.

Unless there’s a significant demand from the gaming community and the developers see a feasible way to integrate the feature, crossplay might remain unavailable.

Zombie Chronicles Crossplay Rumors

While there might be rumors in the gaming community about a potential crossplay feature for Zombie Chronicles, as of now, there’s no concrete evidence or announcement from the developers to substantiate these rumors.

Zombie Chronicles Crossplay Rumors

Crossplay Zombie Chronicles Release Date

There is no set release date for crossplay in Zombie Chronicles as the feature hasn’t been officially announced.

Is Zombie Chronicles cross-progression?

Zombie Chronicles doesn’t support cross-progression. Therefore, players cannot continue their game progress if they switch platforms.

Is Zombie Chronicles cross-progression

Is Zombie Chronicles Cross-Generation?

As of this writing, Zombie Chronicles doesn’t support cross-generation play, meaning players on older generation consoles cannot play with those on newer generation consoles.

Is Split Screen Possible On Zombie Chronicles?

Currently, there’s no official information about Zombie Chronicles supporting split-screen. Players are advised to check the game’s official channels for any updates regarding this feature.

Is Split Screen Possible On Zombie Chronicles


Zombie Chronicles does not support cross-platform play, and there’s no official announcement regarding the introduction of this feature.

While it’s disappointing for many gamers, there are other alternatives, like using third-party services or LAN parties, to play with friends on different platforms.

Gamers are encouraged to stay updated with the game’s official channels for any changes in the future.


Q: Is Zombie Chronicles cross-platform?

No, Zombie Chronicles is not cross-platform.

Q: When can we expect a crossplay feature?

As of 2023, there’s no official announcement or date for crossplay introduction.

Q: What’s the primary reason behind the lack of cross-play in Zombie Chronicles?

Different development studios for each platform and distinct online services are the primary reasons.

Q: How can gamers play Zombie Chronicles with friends on various platforms?

Players might consider third-party services like Parsec or Steam Remote Play or even organize LAN parties.

Q: Is there any chance of Zombie Chronicles supporting cross-progression in the future?

As of the current status, Zombie Chronicles doesn’t support cross-progression, and there’s no official word on future implementations.

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