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Is PUBG Cross Platform/Crossplay In 2023? [PC, PS, Xbox]

Is PUBG Cross Platform?

Currently, PUBG supports crossplay between specific platforms. This aims to heighten the gaming experience by fostering interactions across different platforms.

By doing so, PUBG hopes to cultivate larger player communities and reduce matchmaking waiting times.

PUBG Crossplay Release Date

The journey of crossplay in PUBG began in October 2019. The feature was made available for players on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 at its inception.

Since this significant milestone, PUBG Corporation has consistently tried to refine and expand this feature. Players must remain updated about the platforms compatible with this crossplay initiative.

PUBG Crossplay Release Date

Is Split Screen Possible On PUBG?

For those who enjoy couch co-op gaming, it’s important to note that PUBG does not offer a split-screen feature in 2023.

Every participant needs their gaming system and a copy of PUBG to experience the thrill of the battle royale matches.

PUBG Crossplay between PC, PS, and Xbox

While PUBG has made significant strides in enabling crossplay, it currently allows it between PlayStation and Xbox players only.

The PC gaming community remains separate due to concerns about maintaining a level playing field. The advantages of mouse and keyboard controls can skew gameplay balance, making it unfair for console players.

PUBG Crossplay between PC, PS, and Xbox

PUBG Crossplay between Xbox and PS

By facilitating gameplay between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users, PUBG ensures faster matchmaking and a richer mix of player skills.

Remember to enable your crossplay settings if you want to make the most of this feature.

PUBG Crossplay between Xbox One And Xbox Series X/S

Transitioning to newer consoles should not hinder gameplay. Thankfully, PUBG guarantees this by allowing Xbox One gamers to play effortlessly alongside Xbox Series X/S gamers.

This approach ensures that players remain connected, irrespective of the version of their Xbox console.

PUBG Crossplay between Xbox One And Xbox Series X/S

PUBG Crossplay between PS4 and PS5

Similarly, PUBG provides a seamless gaming experience for PS4 and PS5 users.

No matter which PlayStation version you own, you can confidently dive into matches with players from either console.

Is PUBG Cross-Generation?

Indeed, PUBG champions cross-generational play. This ensures that players owning previous console versions, like Xbox One and PS4, or the newer versions, like Xbox Series X/S and PS5, can play together.

Is PUBG Cross-Generation

Is PUBG Cross-Progression?

While the concept of crossplay is gaining traction, the realm of cross-progression remains uncharted for PUBG as of 2023.

This limitation implies that while gameplay across platforms is feasible, progression achievements, in-game skins, and other rewards are bound to the platform where they were initially earned.


Over the years, PUBG has welcomed the idea of crossplay, bringing together players from different platforms under a unified gaming umbrella.

Integrating Xbox and PlayStation consoles and their subsequent versions is truly praiseworthy.

Nonetheless, gamers should be aware that despite the availability of crossplay, cross-progression is lacking in PUBG, restricting achievements and progression to the platform of origin.


Can I play PUBG with my friends on different platforms?

Yes, if they’re on Xbox or PlayStation. Unfortunately, PC players cannot partake in this crossplay feature.

When was crossplay introduced in PUBG?

Crossplay made its debut in PUBG in October 2019.

Can I transfer my achievements and skins to other platforms?

No, as of 2023, PUBG lacks the cross-progression feature, limiting achievements and skins to the platform where they were obtained.

Does PUBG offer a split-screen gameplay feature?

No, PUBG does not provide a split-screen option for its players.

Why can’t PC players join crossplay with console users?

The primary reason lies in maintaining fair gameplay. The advantage of mouse and keyboard controls in PC might offer a competitive edge, making it unequal for console players.

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