Lockdown has been a difficult period for most businesses, in fact the majority have struggled to keep afloat and come out the other side still in the black. A period of uncertainty that no one had ever experienced before and how best to handle within the business world but with help from the government with the furlough scheme and government grants to small business; they hoped to have helped as many as possible to keep their business running. 

Is Starting a Business Post-Lockdown a Good Idea?

However, with it now being post-lockdown, and the restrictions being eased has potentially created an opportunity for the entrepreneurs of the world that can now see a gap in the markets and want to take the leap into their own business adventure in what seems to be a very difficult time to start a business.  

Many of the biggest businesses in the world were also set up during times of uncertainty, such as both Uber and Airbnb which were both set up during the global financial crisis of 2007-2009. Uber has become that popular that in June 2018 they reported that their app had been used on 10 billion trips and Airbnb initially struggled in the vacation industry but eventually found their feet and in 2019 were estimated to be worth $31 billion – outstanding numbers for companies started in times of uncertainty proving it can be done.

Entrepreneurs have noticed that as bleak as the Coronavirus has been, it has presented opportunities for start-ups to be made in booming industries. For example, PPE has seen a boom during lockdown as well as online services such as casinos as the public have had to find other forms of entertainment during the lockdown period.

Casinos that have also seen a rise during lockdown, such as Sites Not Blocked by Gamstop, have also created a trend for other smaller casinos to set up on their own and attempt to tackle the gambling world. However, the attached casinos offer the unique scheme in which you are guaranteed to never have your entertainment limited by schemes such as Gamestop whilst challenging yourself on some of the best live casinos on the net.

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