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Evil Dead The Game

Is Evil Dead: The Game Cross Platform?

The good news is that “Evil Dead: The Game” supports cross-platform play. This feature allows players from various platforms like PC, PlayStation, and Xbox to engage in gameplay together. The cross-platform capability broadens the player base and enhances the social gaming experience.

Friends can team up for game missions irrespective of the hardware they use, and you’ll be able to match up against opponents worldwide.

Evil Dead: The Game Crossplay Release Date

The cross-platform functionality was not an afterthought; it was available from the game’s initial release. This early integration highlights the developers’ vision for a unified, inclusive gaming community, letting players know that their friends’ choice of platform won’t be a barrier to collaborative gameplay.

Evil Dead The Game Crossplay Release Date

Is Split Screen Possible On Evil Dead: The Game?

While the game has been lauded for its cross-platform features, the availability of split-screen is still up in the air. As of the latest update, the developers haven’t released official information about local co-op via split-screen.

Players who prefer couch co-op may have to wait for future updates or official announcements to determine if this feature will be integrated.

Evil Dead: The Game Crossplay between PC, PS, and Xbox

If you’re wondering how to enable crossplay, it’s a straightforward process. Players from PC, PlayStation, and Xbox can engage in gameplay seamlessly by following these steps:

  • Launch the game and navigate to the main menu.
  • Select the “Options” tab.
  • Choose the “Gameplay” submenu.
  • Scroll down until you see the “Cross-play” option, and toggle it on.

This setting ensures you can engage in crossplay with your friends, regardless of the platforms you are using.

Evil Dead The Game Crossplay between PC, PS, and Xbox

Evil Dead: The Game Crossplay between Xbox and PS

In addition to enabling gameplay between PCs and consoles, Evil Dead: The Game supports crossplay specifically between Xbox and PlayStation platforms. This cross-console compatibility ensures a diversified player base and eliminates platform-based barriers.

Evil Dead: The Game Crossplay between Xbox One And Xbox Series X/S

The game doesn’t just stop at enabling crossplay between different platforms; it also ensures compatibility within the Xbox family.

Whether you own an older Xbox One or the latest Xbox Series X/S, crossplay within the Xbox ecosystem is smoothly implemented, allowing players from these consoles to team up or compete against each other.

Evil Dead The Game Crossplay between Xbox One And Xbox Series XS

Evil Dead: The Game Crossplay between PS4 and PS5

Similar to the Xbox ecosystem, PlayStation users are not left behind. If you upgrade from a PS4 to a PS5, you don’t have to worry about leaving your gaming community behind. The game allows crossplay between PS4 and PS5, making it easier to continue your gaming adventures without any hitches.

Is Evil Dead: The Game Cross-Generation?

Yes, “Evil Dead: The Game” supports cross-generation gameplay. This means that players using older consoles like the PS4 or Xbox One are not isolated and can enjoy the game with those with the latest PS5 or Xbox Series X/S. This is especially useful for players who haven’t upgraded their consoles, ensuring they’re not left out of the fun.

Evil Dead The Game Cross-Generation

Is Evil Dead The Game Cross-Progression?

While the game excels in many aspects, it lacks official cross-progression support. That means if you start playing on Xbox and later decide to switch to a PlayStation, your game progress won’t carry over. Players must know this limitation and ensure they save their progress on their primary gaming platform.


Overall, “Evil Dead: The Game” goes above and beyond in offering a comprehensive cross-platform experience.

While it does not yet support features like split-screen play or cross-progression, its existing capabilities in crossplay are robust and user-friendly. Players can anticipate more exciting updates and possibly new features as the game evolves.


Is Evil Dead: The Game cross-platform?

The game supports cross-platform gameplay across PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms.

How can I enable cross-play in Evil Dead: The Game?

Go to the main menu, select “Options,” then “Gameplay,” and then toggle the “Cross-play” option to enable it.

Is split-screen available in Evil Dead: The Game?

As of the latest update, there has been no official announcement concerning split-screen availability.

Is the game cross-generation?

The game allows for cross-generation gameplay, meaning older consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One can play with newer ones like the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Is there cross-progression in Evil Dead: The Game?

No, there is currently no official support for cross-progression.

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