Is Dragon Ball FighterZ Cross Platform or not?

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Dragon Ball FighterZ

Is Dragon Ball FighterZ Cross Platform?

As of 2023, Dragon Ball FighterZ does not support cross-platform play. This limitation means that if you own the game on PlayStation 4, you cannot compete against players using other platforms like Xbox One or PC. Each forum exists as its ecosystem, with no capability for interaction with the others regarding multiplayer gameplay.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Crossplay Release Date

Until now, there has been no official announcement from the game’s developers regarding the introduction of crossplay features for Dragon Ball FighterZ. The lack of communication on this subject has led to speculation, but nothing concrete has been confirmed. It’s essential to stay tuned to official channels for any updates on this topic.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Crossplay Release Date

Why is Dragon Ball FighterZ, not Cross-Playable/Platform?

While the absence of cross-platform play in Dragon Ball FighterZ may disappoint some players, various factors contribute to this decision. These could range from technical challenges to strategic reasons from the developers’ standpoint.

  • The first possible reason could be maintaining a balanced competitive environment. Developers might feel that allowing cross-platform play could introduce imbalances, given differences in performance and graphics across various platforms.
  • Another significant concern is the potential for cheating or exploitation. If cross-platform play is enabled, it may become more complicated to manage and patch platform-specific glitches or loopholes that players could abuse to gain an unfair advantage.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Crossplay: What Are The Chances?

The demand for cross-platform play is undeniably strong, and it’s a feature that has been successfully implemented in various modern games. Given that Dragon Ball FighterZ has a large and dedicated player base, the addition of cross-platform play could undoubtedly boost its popularity even further.

While nothing has been confirmed as yet, there’s always a chance that the developers could consider implementing this feature due to player demand and the general trend toward cross-platform gaming.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Crossplay

Dragon Ball FighterZ Crossplay Rumors

The gaming community is often rife with rumors, and Dragon Ball FighterZ is no exception. Discussions and speculations about potential cross-platform capabilities have been circulating, but it’s crucial to note that official announcements have substantiated none of these rumors.

Therefore, while these rumors can make for interesting discussions, they should not be considered factual information.

Is Dragon Ball FighterZ Cross-Progression?

Unfortunately, Dragon Ball FighterZ also lacks cross-progression capabilities. If you switch from PlayStation 4 to PC, you won’t be able to carry over your progress, unlocked characters, or achievements. Each platform is separate, requiring players to start from scratch if they switch.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Cross-Progression

Is Dragon Ball FighterZ Cross-Generation?

Although Dragon Ball FighterZ does not support cross-platform play, it is cross-generational. This means you can play the game on different generations of the same console family, such as PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 or Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

However, there’s no cross-platform multiplayer support between generations, even within the same console family.

Is Split Screen Possible On Dragon Ball FighterZ?

Yes, Dragon Ball FighterZ does offer a local multiplayer option. The game supports split-screen gameplay, which allows two players to battle it out while sharing a single device. It’s a fantastic feature for those who enjoy the old-school feel of couch gaming with friends or family.

Split Screen Possible On Dragon Ball FighterZ


In summary, Dragon Ball FighterZ is a captivating and competitive fighting game that has been embraced by fans worldwide. However, it currently falls short of offering cross-platform or cross-progression capabilities.

While cross-generation play is possible and local split-screen is supported, the lack of broader multiplayer options is something that many players hope will be addressed in future updates. For now, we can only await any announcements from the developers.


Q: Can PS4 and Xbox One players play Dragon Ball FighterZ together?

The game does not currently support cross-platform play between platforms.

Q: Will Dragon Ball FighterZ get a crossplay update?

As of 2023, no official announcement regarding crossplay features for Dragon Ball FighterZ has been made.

Q: Can you play Dragon Ball FighterZ with friends on different platforms?

While native support for cross-platform play is unavailable, players can use third-party services like Parsec or LAN connections to play together.

Q: Is Dragon Ball FighterZ cross-generational?

The game can be played across different generations within the same console family but does not include cross-platform capabilities.

Q: Can I carry over my progress if I switch platforms?

No, Dragon Ball FighterZ does not support cross-progression. If you switch platforms, you’ll have to start from scratch.

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