Unless you have some really advanced stabilization equipment, the output from most video cameras would have some shake. And, of course, a shaky video clip isn’t a good video clip and you cannot include the same in an output video either. Then, the only possible solution is video stabilization software.

This software has been designed to alter the video content in such a way that shake is removed. Despite the increasing demand, it was quite difficult to find and use video stabilization software. That, however, is an old story now, since we have something called VideoProc. And the best part? It’s completely free.

In this article, we will tell you how you can use VideoProc to fix shaky video clips and make them look good. Shall we begin?

What Is VideoProc?

The definition of VideoProc actually depends on the context. For instance, in this context, VideoProc is the best solution to stabilize shaky video clips. It does not matter which device you used — be it GoPro or some other DSLR — VideoProc will make sure that you have the best output. However, that is not the only thing that VideoProc can do.

video proc stabilization

It’s a complete video processing toolkit for media enthusiasts and content creators. You can use VideoProc to crop, split, rotate, stabilize, enhance, adjust and edit videos. In case you didn’t find that yet, this tool will address all your needs when it comes to processing videos. Because it’s GPU-Accelerated, you can have top-notch performance without giving your CPU too much load.

So, at this point, VideoProc is the best way to stabilize a shaky video clip without frame loss or other crashes.

How To Stabilize Videos with VideoProc?

Now, we will have a step-by-step guide on how you can stabilize a shaky video using this video stabilization software. Shall we?

Step One

step one

Of course, you have to download and install VideoProc in your computer. VideoProc is available for Windows and macOS. Both offer the same level of performance and usability.

Once you have installed, open the program and choose Video from the main menu.

Step Two

step two

In this step, you have to import the video that you want to stabilize/de-shake.

You can do this by simply drag-and-dropping the video into the interface.

Step Three

step three

Now, go to the bottom portion of the screen and choose Toolbox from the options.

Click the De-shake button and a tick-mark would appear on the same.

Step Four

step four

You have to press the Run button and wait until VideoProc completes the de-shaking process.

Depending on the length of the video, it may take up to a few seconds or minutes. In either case, you have a clean experience of absolute video stabilization.

Here’s the video guide:-

That was cool, wasn’t that?

More Features in VideoProc to Love

Probably the best name you can give for VideoProc is GoPro studio for Mac. If you are someone who owns a GoPro and captures a lot of content, you would really appreciate the features inside VideoProc for Mac. In this simple tool, you will find a number of video processing and video editing capabilities.

  • In addition to cropping, trimming, splitting and de-shaking, you can use VideoProc for adding filters to the video as well. A number of filters and video effects are available in the pre-built collection. In every update, the developers keep adding new features.
  • Compatibility would never be a problem if you have access to VideoProc. In case you didn’t know, it can transcode video to almost every media format out there. It basically means more control when it comes to deciding where the video would play.

features in videoproc

  • Performance of VideoProc cannot be overlooked in any way. As we said earlier, it makes use of level-3 hardware acceleration, making use of GPU resources as well. Powered by AMD, Intel, and Nvidia, your PC and Mac will juice the best speeds out of VideoProc even if you’re dealing with 4K/8K videos.
  • There are also two additional features in VideoProc: Media downloader and screen recorder. Both are great because you have video processing software nearby. It’s one hell of an intuitive ride when you need the best results.

bottom line

The Bottom Line

This is basically how you can fix a shaky video clip using this free video stabilization software. As we said, the stabilization software can do more than de-shake the video. It can literally be the single tool you would ever need for video processing. And, adding a cherry on top, VideoProc is running a sweepstake now and you have a chance to win the premium version of VideoProc for free. Make sure you don’t miss this opportunity and visit the official website of VideoProc.

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