Video content is essential for businesses today to engage their audience and promote their brand. However, creating high-quality videos can be time-consuming and expensive. This is where AI video generators like Vidnoz AI come in. Vidnoz is an AI-powered platform that converts text into human-like videos in minutes using artificial intelligence. 

    This review will provide an overview of Vidnoz, its key features like custom avatars, voice cloning, pre-made templates, ideal users, a step-by-step guide to use it, pricing plans, top alternatives, and frequently asked questions. 

    Whether you are a marketer, recruiter, or influencer, this review will help you understand if Vidnoz is the right AI video creator for your business needs.

    Vidnoz AI – Top Features:

    • Vidnoz offers over 300 high-quality AI talking avatars covering diverse age groups, ethnicities, and professions. You can choose an avatar that closely matches your persona or brand. 

    • It utilizes advanced speech synthesis to sync lip movements with 470+ natural-sounding voices in 23 languages. 

    • The platform provides 350+ pre-made templates for multiple use cases like social media videos, testimonial videos, explainer videos, etc. 
    • A diverse range of aspect ratio templates is at your disposal, encompassing both landscape (1920 x 1080) and portrait (1080 x 1920) formats to cater to the display specifications of various devices. 
    • You can tailor the templates as per your brand style and requirements with options to modify text, colors, animations, add logos, etc.
    • Another useful feature is the ability to create your own custom avatar from scratch and even clone your own voice using just a 60-second voice sample. 

    Who Should Use the Product?

    • Digital Marketers – Vidnoz is ideal for marketers to quickly create promotional and social media videos to engage customers. The AI avatars and voices provide a cost-effective alternative to hiring actors. Marketers can also optimize and A/B test marketing messages using different avatars and voices.
    • HR & Recruiters – Recruiters can use Vidnoz to generate automated video rejections or follow-ups at scale instead of cold emails. The video interview templates allow for screening candidates faster. The customized and personalized videos improve the candidate experience.
    • Influencers & Bloggers – Influencers can create videos on trending topics and repurpose their blog content more frequently by converting text to video using Vidnoz. The AI voices provide flexibility to try different personas.

    Step-by-Step Guide to Using Vidnoz AI Video Generator

    The primary goal of utilizing Vidnoz AI is to craft compelling videos for marketing, communication, and customer support objectives. To generate a video using Vidnoz AI, follow these steps:

    • Develop a script: Utilize the AI YouTube Script Generator to compose a script tailored to your video.
    • Choose an avatar: Vidnoz AI provides a selection of over 300 AI human-talking avatars. You can also customize your own lifelike HD avatar to build an exclusive identity symbol
    • Voice Selection: Choose a voice from the available options that match the avatar. You can also clone a voice using a sample.
    • Customize your video: Utilize Vidnoz AI’s specialized marketing video templates, professional avatars for marketing, built-in text-to-speech script features, animations, effects, and other tools to tailor your video.
    • Generate the video: Once you have customized your video, employ simple clicks to generate it for your marketing strategy.

    Vidnoz AI Pricing Plans

    Vidnoz AI offers a scalable pricing model suitable for any business size and use case.

    • Freemium – Gives you access to basic features, including AI avatars, video templates, and text-to-speech. Ideal for beginners to try out the platform.
    • Starter ($14.99/mo or $1/min) – For users generating up to 15 minutes of video per month. Gives access to all avatars, voices, templates, and features.
    • Business ($37.49/mo or $1.25/min) – For larger productions, requiring tailored features and services to meet their specific business needs. Get multi-user access and priority support.
    • Enterprise (Demo) – For big brands with very high monthly video requirements. Get a customized solution, dedicated account manager, data center, engineering support, and priority service. Pricing is not publicly listed. You need to book a demo to get a quote. 

    Top 5 Vidnoz AI Alternatives in 2024

    Here are 5 leading alternative AI video creator platforms:

    • Synthesia – Offers similarities like custom avatars and voices. But has limited templates and use cases. 
    • HeyGen – Allows creating spokespersons and narrators. But has a smaller avatar library compared to Vidnoz. 
    • DeepBrain AI – Focuses on customizing human-like AI avatars. But lacks other features like voice cloning. 
    • – Specializes in NFT avatar videos. But has limited branding customization capabilities. 
    • Hour One – Easy to use and budget-friendly. But provides less human-like avatars and voices. 

    In Conclusion

    Vidnoz makes creating lifelike, customized videos easy and affordable through its diverse AI avatar and voice options, pre-made templates, and voice cloning technology. This innovative platform can help businesses of any size engage their audience and promote their brand using artificial intelligence. 


    Q: Does Vidnoz allow uploading custom branded assets?

    A: Yes, Vidnoz allows uploading your logos, images, fonts, and other assets to customize the look and feel of your videos.

    Q: Can I use my own voice instead of the AI voices?

    A: Yes, Vidnoz allows you to clone your own voice or use a provided voiceover file to sync with the avatars. This results in videos with your personalized voice.

    Q: Is there a limit on video length?

    A: No, you can produce videos of any length on Vidnoz. Longer videos may have higher generation times and pricing.

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