When a call comes in, you probably feel confused about why the contact’s name is missing suddenly even if you have saved it before. Many iPhone users are reporting the same problem after upgrading to iOS 15/16 or just restoring the devices.

There are more hidden causes that lead to this error. So in the following, several little tips are provided to help you fix the iPhone contacts’ missing names issue. Read and try solving it if you also unfortunately meet this problem.

Why did contact names disappear on my iPhone?

Before going down to the solutions, you’d better know why the saved contact names will suddenly disappear on your iPhone. Here are some common reasons that may lead to the error:

  • Contact data was lost after trying to update the iOS system or restore your iPhone
  • iCloud fails to sync contact data fully for you
  • The email accounts related to the contacts were mistakenly deleted by you
  • The contacts app is not working properly

But don’t worry even if you find contact names lost because of the above reasons, because there are still easy ways to help restore iPhone contacts. Now, keep reading and checking the 5 quick fixes working to help.

Quick Fix #1 Reboot Your iPhone

The simplest way to solve some sudden bugs appearing on the iPhone can be rebooting the devices directly, especially when the contact name disappears because the Contacts app keeps glitching. Here it shows you how to restart the iPhone of different models.

On iPhone X/11/12/13 and later

  1. Press the volume down and side buttons to enable the power-off button.
  2. Slide it to turn off the devices.
  3. Long press the side button to restart the iPhone again.

On iPhone 6/7/8/SE (2nd, 3rd generations)

  1. Press and keep holding the side button to wait for the power-off button to show up.
  2. Drag the slider to turn the iPhone off.
  3. Also, press and hold the side button to reboot the device again.

On iPhone SE (1st generation)/5/earlier

  1. Long-pressing the top button till the power-off slider appears.
  2. Drag it to shut down the device.
  3. Press and hold the top button again to restart the iPhone.

Once your iPhone is restarted, you can check Contacts and the contact names may appear again.

Quick Fix #2 Refresh iCloud Contacts Sync

If you have used iCloud to back up iPhone data, including Contacts, then you can try turning it off and enable it again to sync data from iCloud and refresh the Contacts list to get back contact names again:

  1. Go to “Settings > iCloud” and find Contacts.
  2. Turn it off now. When a notification pops up asking you whether to delete synced contacts, confirm to remove them from your iPhone.
  3. Wait for a minute and turn it on again. Now the contact names may be brought back.

Quick Fix #3 Sign Out & In iCloud Account

Unfortunately, if you only find that re-enabling Contacts syncing in iCloud doesn’t work for you, consider whether your iCloud account just gets corrupted. You can go further to try signing it out and then sign in to process the syncing once again:

  1. Open “Settings” and tap your profile name.
  2. Scroll down to find “iCloud” and choose “Sign Out”. You will need to enter the password to confirm your identity.
  3. Now, enter both the account and password to sign into iCloud again and follow the above method to sync Contacts data to see if the names can be brought back.

Quick Fix #4 Retrieve Disappeared Contact Names via Mail Account

When you have connected with other services like a mail account such as Gmail or Yahoo and enabled Contacts data synced with them, you can get them back from these platforms. Try to process the syncing by following the steps below:

  1. Go to “Settings > Accounts and Passwords”.
  2. Tap the synced mail account and enable “Contacts”.
  3. Wait for the syncing to finish and check if the contact names now come back.

Quick Fix #5 Restore iPhone Contacts Missing Names without Backup

If the above methods all fail to bring back missing contact names for you, instead of wasting time to find other solutions but only finding they don’t work, you can try professional data recovery software to restore contact names on your iPhone with just one click within several minutes.

FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery supports the recovery of 30+ types of data, including contacts on iPhone devices just by several easy clicks. By providing 3 powerful recovery modes to select getting data back from iPhone, iTunes, or iCloud, the software ensures a high success rate in retrieving data for you. FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery also offers a partial recovery service to let you selectively get back the only data you need, greatly saving your time waiting for all data to recover.

The following tutorial will show you how to restore iPhone contacts to bring their names again using FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery step-by-step:

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your computer, and then open FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery to select “Recover from iOS Device”.

Step 2. When the software detects your device, tap “Start Scan” to let it quickly scan through the whole iPhone and retrieve data for you.

Step 3. Select “Contacts” from the left menu and choose the contacts you want to recover. Click “Recover” to get them back.

You can also choose to recover from iTunes backup files or iCloud using FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery. But these two options are more suitable for those who will regularly back up data using these two services. If you haven’t backed up Contacts before, try the above mode to recover iPhone contacts from the device’s memory directly.


Don’t get too worried when you find iPhone contacts missing names when somebody calls you up. The 5 fixes here are provided to help you solve the problem efficiently. If you don’t want to waste time trying them all, the most efficient method I would recommend should be using FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery, which will only take you several clicks to process. You can try free scanning using the software and see if it can find all contacts on your iPhone before starting the recovery.

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