Anime8 is one of the most popular online websites which streams free anime episodes from several genres. It has gained immense popularity among its users due to its vast collection of anime and easy access.

    It has many unique features, such as – watching on multiple devices simultaneously, subtitle options in different languages, hints & tips about ongoing shows etc.


    Best 31 Alternatives for Anime8



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    Due to its ever-expanding content library, RyuAnime is fast becoming the top website to stream free anime episodes online.

    It is easy to use and navigate, with additional features such as creating your playlists for quick access, up to 4K streaming support on select titles & subtitle translations in 60+ languages.



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    AnimeTwist allows users to stream the most popular anime titles without needing an account or registering with their credentials. It has a variety of genres to choose from, favorites, and recommended sections on the homepage for ease of navigation.

    AnimeTwist also offers an app (only available in certain regions) for increased convenience.



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    This is another popular anime streaming website offering a substantial library with rare titles that are hard to find anywhere else, making it unique and appealing even amongst hardcore fans. Moreover, registration only takes a few seconds, and the user interface is intuitive.



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    Many anime experts recommend AnimeDaisuki for its impressive library of high-quality content with an easy-to-use search system, offering some recently released titles that other websites may not have acquired yet.

    It also has several filters such as genre & season & language – all of which are located on the homepage for improved convenience.



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    This website has been around for many years and is a reliable source to watch anime online without using external apps or signing up with their credentials anywhere else. Animeflix offers thousands of titles carefully divided into categories & subcategories, making it user-friendly.



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    This website has a peaceful ambiance embedded with it and provides excellent streaming services. Some anime fans have mentioned this as a secret hidden gem, as AniMixPlay is still an underrated website – although its viewership base is growing slowly but steadily.



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    This platform offers precisely what its name implies – anime dubbed in English or other languages, making it easier for all users to enjoy quality content. Subtitled versions are also available so everyone can easily stream a show.



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    Although KissAnimefree does not have the most extensive library of free anime episodes online, it offers some regularly updated favorites and recently released titles for the pleasure of its viewers. They can easily be accessed and watched on any device.



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    This website is relatively older compared to some other streaming sites. Still, it offers a unique feature – users can create their social media by linking with others who have similar interests in anime or developing clubs for discussion & content recommendations etc.



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    AnimeKarma has garnered much attention due to its vast library and availability in different versions, depending on the region. This makes it easier for users worldwide to enjoy their favorite anime.



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    A severe amount of effort is visible in AnimeFrenzy; it offers multiple choices for finding new shows & episodes, obvious or hidden. The website arranges its content chronologically while focusing on the latest popular titles.



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    This is another excellent website where users can create profiles and follow others to get informed about newly released episodes. It offers an array of tabs and categories like films, series & manga for easier access.



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    This website displays everything from the latest to oldness, sorted & organized in sections, making it easy to find a specific show without too much searching chaos, causing delays. Like many other websites, it has an extensive collection but lacks subtitles.



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    With a simple-to-use theme & UI, Animesimple has been a notable streaming platform. It is also compatible with all media – for online streaming on your laptop or phone or downloading the episode through its app.



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    This website offers a quick and comfortable viewing experience by owning an incredible collection of genres such as comedy, romance, action, adventure & fantasy etc. AnimeOut has its cast of characters and a database with an audio/soundtrack selection.



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    This website is dedicated to 2020’s releases. It offers incredibly well-organized content with eminent subtitles for viewers who don’t understand or prefer the dubbed version of a show; they can always switch back to English with just one click.



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    Kissanime is one of the best alternatives for Anime8, powered by an extensive library with many rare titles that are difficult to find elsewhere. It’s easy to navigate and search, and the website offers a mobile app that supports multiple devices simultaneously.



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    This website has become immensely popular over the years. It is now one of the top-rated anime streaming sites, offering new titles occasionally and keeping its library current. It can be easily accessed on all platforms, making navigation even faster.



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    GojoAnime has an impressive selection with subbed versions available for many shows – it also includes movies and other sections, allowing users to find a suitable variety of content quickly. Furthermore, its dashboard is quite user-friendly, with an in-traffic control system.



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    Ani Watcher makes it more accessible for anime fans to access their desired shows by owning subtitles in multiple languages and all the latest & classic titles listed on its homepage while categorizing genres and adding more comfort while searching.



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    This website is quite similar to other streaming sites as it serves quality has its own. However, Anime Heaven can be differentiated through its interactive forum & an incredible content organization system that keeps Ken organized chronologically.



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    This streaming website has been around for many years and deserves mention due to its extensive library of anime episodes & videos packaged at a reasonable price. It’s supported on multiple devices at once & even provides subtitles in over 150 languages.



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    Many experts recommend AnimeFreak as it offers the most recent releases that other platforms may not have acquired yet –it is also equipped with quick access options based on intelligent filters. It is undoubtedly one of the best websites providing anime streaming services.



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    This website stands out from many other platforms as it offers new titles & recommendations alongside older classics that have been lost in time for a comprehensive experience. Users can further rate the system for shows based on their preferences and increase its reliability even more.



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    This website provides different video resolutions that can be adjusted depending on the internet speed and device – this feature makes it stand out from many competitors, along with an incredible library of titles categorized based on genres.



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    Anime Take offers multiple choices for entertainment in all popular genres, such as comedy, romance and action/adventure. It’s relatively new but already well-established for its incredible range of episodes & fast-loading speed.



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    This website has been developed specifically to cater to the needs of anime fans who prefer watching dubbed versions or cannot understand subtitles – Anime Kissa owns many titles with multilingual audio, which is perfect for beginners, too.



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    This streaming website follows every development when it comes to releasing new episodes of shorts, films and OVAs as soon as they air – due to which its users are informed about all the latest content. In addition, television shows can be binged with no delays, making this a great option.



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    AnimePahe has been dubbed as one of the most underrated streaming websites. However, its viewership base is steadily increasing due to its incredible library that contains classic titles from the past, like 90s anime shows.



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    This website owns an extensive range of both recent & old releases with subtitles available for all major & minor languages; Masterani also provides a dedicated app & browser extensions to add an extra layer of convenience.

    What is Anime8?

    Anime 8 is a popular platform allowing users to stream anime videos online for free. It has an extensive and also includes old & new titles from many genres, making it the go-to spot for all kinds of fans who love watching anime.

    The website user interface is quite intuitive & convenient to navigate and supports multiple devices simultaneously.

    Anime8 Not Working? Explained

    Anime 8 is reliable, and its services are satisfactory. It may experience an occasional glitch like any other website requiring the user to reload or refresh the page – this usually fixes up to 30% of such problems.

    With thicker connections, Anime8 works faster by buffering less time & cementing a better streaming quality without hindrance.


    How to create an account on Anime 8?

    Creating an account is very simple – all you need to do is scroll down the homepage of Anime8 and click on ‘sign up’, after which you can enter your credentials and certain other information about yourself (if required). However, it isn’t necessary to create an account to watch shows.

    Are there any regional restrictions on Anime8?

    Even though many shows listed on Anime8 are available worldwide, some titles can only be seen in certain regions due to licensing issues. This makes it difficult for viewers located outside those areas to access them.

    Is Anime8 available on any mobile devices?

    Yes, some users prefer to watch their favorite anime shows on their phones rather than PCs or laptops – for such people, the former has an app version, which can be downloaded easily from the website. This gives uninterrupted streaming service and a better viewing quality.

    Which are the best alternatives to Anime8 regarding UI/UX design?

    Regarding user interfaces, several streaming websites offer the same classy design but stand out from each other due to incredible content organization- AniMixPlay, AnimeLand & RyuAnime are a few.

    Can I stream anime on Anime8? 

    Yes, browsers can access its mobile version for effortless watching. The interface is optimized for phone use and is considered a great option since there’s an app version, too, which offers extra features.

    Are there any regional restrictions on (m.Anime 8)?

    Some titles can only be watched in certain regions due to licensing issues.

    Is Anime8 available on any mobile devices?

    Yes, an app version is available, which can be downloaded easily and offers extra features. Furthermore, its mobile version (m.Anime 8) can also be accessed via browsers for effortless watching.

    Which are the best alternatives to Anime8 regarding UI/UX design?

    AniMixPlay, AnimeLand & RyuAnime offer an impressive user-friendly interface.

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