Best animekarma Alternatives in 2024

We have compiled a list of 28 alternatives to AnimeKarma that you can use for karma farming in 2024. The index consists of both free and paid services with specific details on the features and advantages, such as:

1. CartoonCrazy


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CartoonCrazy offers a wide selection of anime series with English subtitles and dubbing. Enjoy ad-free streaming and create personalized watchlists for free.

2. AnimeFlix


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AnimeFlix is another excellent alternative to AnimeK arma as it has a vast library of anime shows and movies. The site is free to use, but you may be required to register with the website to watch some content. It also supports HD streaming for a better viewing experience.

3. Crunchyroll


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Crunchyroll is an internet video service providing a vast array of anime series and films. It boasts the largest collection of Japanese animation globally, offering over 25,000 videos for streaming. Users can purchase or rent single episodes directly from Crunchyroll.

4. 9Anime


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9Anime is one of the best anime streaming websites, with a vast collection of both subbed and dubbed anime. It allows you to stream in HD quality videos for free and even offers an ad-free experience on its premium version. You don’t require any registration to watch movies or shows.

5. AnimeHeaven


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AnimeHeaven provides a great option for watching anime without needing to sign up, much like AnimeKarma. It features a wide range of movies and shows, though some users find its video streaming can be slow.

6. GoGoAnime


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GoGoAnime has been around since 2009 and is one of the most popular anime streaming websites. It offers both dubbed and subbed versions with HD-quality videos. The site also lets you get notifications when new episodes are released, making it easy to stay up-to-date with your favorite shows.

7. AniWatcher


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AniWatcher is an ad-free anime streaming website with subbed and dubbed show versions. It has a simple user interface that makes it easy to navigate through the website and watch your favorite shows without any hassle. The site also offers fast streaming speeds.

8. AnimeFrenzy


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AnimeFrenzy is an excellent anime streaming website with thousands of episodes from both new and old shows. The site has a user-friendly design and offers HD-quality videos for free. It also supports english subtitles for those who prefer subbed versions.

9. Chia-Anime


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Chia-Anime provides a great option for streaming anime in high-definition. It features the latest episodes, both dubbed and subbed, and lets you follow your favorite shows by subscribing to them.

10. AnimeTake


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AnimeTake is one of the best anime streaming sites, with an extensive library of popular and classic shows. It offers fast streaming speeds and HD-quality videos for free. You can also bookmark your favorite movies so you can watch them later.

11. AnimeDao


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AnimeDao is a great option for anime fans seeking high-quality shows, offering dubbed and subbed versions of the latest episodes for easy viewing.

12. MyAnimeList


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MyAnimeList is a highly user-friendly option compared to AnimeKarma. It features a vast collection of anime, manga, and light novels categorized by genre or season. The site offers recommended titles based on user preferences, along with forums for discussing current series and legal streaming options.

13. AnimeKisa


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AnimeKIsa is a website devoted to all anime needs, allowing viewers to easily watch and download both subbed and dubbed shows free of cost. It boasts an expansive library of titles available individually or in batches for a more convenient streaming experience and the latest trends and news about the J-pop scene.

14. AnimePlanet


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AnimePlanet lets users explore recommendations from its community-curated database of anime, manga and light novels. It also offers a comment section for fans of every title in its catalog, where discussion is encouraged, making it one of the most popular streaming services today.

15. AnimePahe


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AnimePahe goes beyond simply streaming content as it curates the shows from the best available sources, ensuring that all necessary episodes are present while reducing potential buffering issues to an absolute minimum. Even those with slow internet can enjoy the series without any problem.

16. AnimeTwist


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AnimeTwiest is an excellent alternative to AnimeKarma, with a user-friendly scrolling board-like design for browsing various anime titles.

It offers recent English dubbed episodes of some popular shows. It has native support taking care of most generic issues while providing a comfortable experience while bingeing your favorite show.

17. AnimeLab


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AnimeLab is the perfect choice for those looking to watch anime on their phones as the mobile app offers a fantastic Akira Bluray experience with HD monument higher resolution and removal of buff issues strangling other streaming apps while offering some premium content free of cost.

18. KuroAni


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KuroAni has a sleek, minimalistic design allows users to browse selections from its database by seasons or genres quickly, making it perfect for those looking to discover anime, from centuries-old titles to just-released ones.

19. AnimePark


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For lovers of Japanese Culture, Anime Park offers a wealth of content, including film, manga, light novels and more, without fear of buffering or missing episodes due to its extensive database.

Furthermore, the website lends itself perfectly to beginners as the code is straightforward, making navigating through different aspects quite simple.

20. DubbedAnime


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Dubbed anime offers the latest anime new releases along with classic titles for free and legal streaming in Full HD Quality, giving users an outstanding experience while watching their favorite shows without having intrusive ads like other websites that sometimes make using them unbearable.

21. AnimeLand


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For those into epic stories, AnimeLand’s selection is nothing less than perfect. It offers a wide range of movies, TV shows and ova carefully separated by genres to provide the best experience possible without compromising convenience.

22. AnimeShow


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AnimeShow displays information about every show in its database along with pictures for easy identification, making the task of finding your favorite show from an incredibly vast library filled with both old classics and modern titles

23. RyuAnime


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RyuAnime’s main feature is its smooth user experience due to the minimalistic website design, making it an ideal candidate for those looking to binge their favorite show past midnight without fear of ads or slow loading speeds.

24. AnimeUltima


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AnimeUltra provides a host of popular anime titles in both subbed and dubbed versions with fast streaming and no buffering issues for a premium streaming experience regardless of your internet connection speeds.

25. AnimeTV


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AnimeTV offers a great selection combined with excellent from Star Wars to Naruto, giving you just about anything. In addition, the tropical landscape surrounding the website provides an enchanting feel and a soothing background while watching these fantastic shows.

26. AnimeVibe


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Animer Vibe is an excellent alternative for those on a tight budget. It offers free access to premium content from the latest releases to classics due to its vast library and no need for registration. The only downside is some missing or outdated titles.

27. WatchCartoonOnline


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Watch Cartoon Online is an ideal platform for cartoon lovers, with thousands from Scooby Doo to SpongeBob adorning the website’s extensive catalog filled with exciting movies, series and episodes for viewers to indulge in.

What’s more, free access doesn’t compromise speed or picture clarity, making it faster than other websites of a similar kind.

What is animekarma?

AnimeKarma is a subreddit dedicated to karma farming to increase Reddit karma scores. Members post screenshots of their high karma scores or seek advice on improving it.

Animekarma Not Working?Explained

Animekarma is currently experiencing technical issues, such as server problems or slow loading times, preventing access. Ensure a stable internet connection or consider using alternative options provided above.


Q. Is AnimeKarma legit?

Yes, AnimeKarma is a legitimate subreddit if you do not use it for any malicious purpose. Per Reddit’s guidelines, using the subreddit to farm karma or spam other subreddits is strictly prohibited.

Q. Is AnimeKarma free?

Yes, AnimeKarma is entirely free to use.

Q. Is animekarma safe?

Yes, AnimeKarma generates a safe website if you adhere to Reddit’s rules and avoid malicious activities while using the subreddit.

Q. Is it safe to use these platforms?

While most of these platforms are safe, always use a reputable source to download any application. Reading user reviews and ratings can provide additional insight into the platform’s reliability.

Q. Do these platforms offer mobile apps?

Many platforms like Crunchyroll and Funimation offer mobile apps, making watching anime on the go convenient. However, not all platforms have this feature.

Q. Are there any regional restrictions?

Some platforms have region-specific content due to licensing agreements. A VPN could be a workaround, but be cautious, as using a VPN can sometimes violate the platform’s terms of service.

Q. Do I need a premium membership for high-quality streaming?

This varies from platform to platform. Some offer high-definition streaming even for free users, while others restrict this to their premium members.

Q. Can I interact with other users on these platforms?

Community engagement varies among the platforms. While some, like Crunchyroll, have active forums, others may not offer such features.

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