Aniwatch is a free streaming platform focused on providing fans of Japanese animation (anime) with access to multiple content titles.

It offers thousands of anime videos, including ongoing series and movies.

However, there are several aniwatch alternatives that can provide you with an even better viewing experience, depending on your preferences.


15 Aniwatch Alternatives For Free Anime Streaming In 2023



Viz offers a wide selection of anime videos, including originals and simulcasts with English subtitles.

If you’re looking for an array of content to choose from, Viz is perfect, as its library consists of some classic titles such as Cowboy Bebop and more recent additions like Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. Viz also offers the fan-favorite titles Naruto and Bleach in a very convenient manner, so it is definitely worth checking out!



VRV is another great aniwatch alternative for anime fans, as it provides them with access to subs, dubs and original works from Crunchyroll, Rooster Teeth, VRV Select and HBO Max.

The company has gone through various partnerships over the years and now provides viewers with an even larger catalog to choose from. It also offers offline streaming for a smoother viewing experience.



When it comes to on-demand streaming services, Hulu is one of the top contenders because of its large selection of films and series, including a variety of anime videos.

The platform contains popular titles such as Attack On Titan and other classics such as Naruto Shippuden that can make your anime viewing experience more enjoyable!



Amazon is another excellent watch alternative, as it offers access to some of the world’s best anime movies and shows.

It works closely with Crunchyroll, so viewers can watch all-time favorites such as Fullmetal Alchemist or the award-winning Your Name movie! Amazon also has other great features, such as rental options, which make renting a video even easier than ever before.



Hidive also excels when it comes to anime streaming services and is one of the best alternatives to aniwatch; as it provides a website experience that doesn’t require any installation or downloads.

Hidive offers access to both dubbed and subbed versions of popular anime titles such as High School of the Dead and My Hero Academia!

It also performs regular updates, which guarantees viewers always have something new to watch.



Netflix is also an excellent source for anime fans, as it boasts a growing library of content titles.

The platform’s selection is so good that viewers can find practically anything related to their favorite genre and even discover new series that they may be interested in!

Some of the most popular titles available on Netflix are Neon Genesis Evangelion and Code Geass, which are sure to give viewers hours upon hours of entertainment.



Animel ab stands out as an excellent alternative to Aniwatch, as it allows viewers to access premium video-on-demand subscription services.

This means that anime fans are able to watch some of their favorite movies and genres in the highest quality possible! The website also offers a great selection of simulcasts, so that upcoming anticipation awaits users every single week!



Another immensely popular streaming site is Funimation, which specializes in providing its own unique selection of anime titles, both subbed and dubbed. The website also serves as an excellent source for exclusive content like Kiznaiver, which is sure to get any viewer hooked on watching anime instantly!



Besides having a wide range of available shows, Crunchyroll offers digital manga readers as well, allowing users to delve even deeper into their favorite animation narratives.

It also hosts simulcasts just like Funimation does so that viewers can always watch their favorite series as they air in Japan! Additionally, the website allows subscribers to access new episodes almost instantly after the broadcast.



When it comes to anime streaming alternatives, Kodi isn’t exactly one of them on its own but provides viewers with an early gateway into numerous forks that include exceptional add-ons like Venom and Covenant, which are both highly capable of making anyone forget about Aniwatch entirely!



CONtv is an interesting alternative to Aniwatch, as it provides anime fans with access to a huge selection of classic genres but also includes plenty of additional content, such as Japanese live-action dramas and movies.

The website functions similarly to other streaming websites like Netflix and Hulu, except that its library has been handpicked by comic book experts, which allows viewers the opportunity to find something unique on CONtv every time they visit!



Not to be confused with the electronic superhero of the same name, Waifu offers viewers an excellent selection of anime titles, much like Aniwatch. It is especially good for those who are looking specifically for Asian-related content, as it also provides a great selection of movies and TV shows from other parts of Asia.



TubiTV serves not just as an alternative to Aniwatch but also other major streaming services, as it offers viewers an excellent selection of anime shows and movies. Not only that, but the website also includes great options for users to find their favorite cartoons and even cult classics such as Strike Witches: Mission Out of Control!



Recently launched in 2020, HBO Max provides another excellent option when it comes to watching anime titles, as its library contains some gems like Your Lie In April and I Want To Eat Your Pancreas!

The platform also allows viewers to watch one of their favorite titles up to three times before they need an account upgrade.



Stremio is no stranger when it comes to streaming websites, as it has been providing options for content enthusiasts almost since the dawn of time. With Stremio, however, users can access not just anime videos but movies and TV series from other parts, such as Latin America and Europe, which makes it great for anime fans who enjoy delving into foreign gems!

What Is Aniwatch?

Aniwatch is a free streaming platform that offers over 10,000 episodes and movies to watch from.

It includes an extensive library of amazing anime titles from series spanning all genres, such as horror, action and romance. With Aniwatch, one could have endless hours of entertainment for free with no interruptions or ads to disrupt the experience.

Aniwatch Not Working ? Explained

Aniwatch was a popular streaming source for many; however, due to its illegal nature, it has been shut down by certain countries. Some users may still be able to access aniwatch in some other regions, but it’s not generally recommended because of the security risks that come with using third-party sites.

Aniwatch FAQs.

What happened to Aniwatch?

Aniwatch was shut down due to legal issues, and it is no longer a reliable source of anime streaming.

Can I use Aniwatch in my Country?

It depends on your country and its laws regarding illegal streaming platforms. However, it is not generally recommended as there can be security risks associated with using third-party sites.

Are there any Aniwatch alternatives?

Yes! There are several aniwatch alternatives that offer great viewing experiences, such as Viz, VRV and Hulu.

Is aniwatch Streaming safe?

No, due to legal issues, it is no longer a reliable source of streaming anime content, and it can be risky in some countries.

Does Aniwatch have Dubbed anime?

Aniwatch formerly offered dubbed versions of popular titles. However, the website has been shut down.

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