For all anime fans, missing out on their favorite shows can be an awful experience. However, you don’t have to anymore, as there are many great alternatives available where you can watch free anime online. These 9anime alternatives get you more variety, better libraries, and unbeatable streaming quality.


20 Amazing 9Anime Alternatives to Watch Free Anime Online

1. Soulanime


Soulanime is a free online anime streaming site where you can watch Japanese animation as well as other types of movies for free. It offers HD quality alongside a user-friendly experience that includes simple navigation with its intuitive design.

It also maintains an active comment section allowing users to discuss and share their thoughts about the anime that they watch. The media library of Soulanime is quite impressive, with a vast selection of anime series and movies, sure to appeal to any fan.

2. Cartooncrazy


Cartooncrazy allows its users not just cartoon shows but also realistically animated films like our beloved 9anime site, which are available in several languages, including English, French, German, and Spanish.

With thousands of interesting anime series to pick from, this streaming website has a vast selection that caters to every niche.

Its easy-to-navigate interface provides users with information regarding what is new on the site along with diverse user account management options that can be highly useful for those who are tech savvy.

3. Animelab


Animelab is yet another great option for those wishing to watch free anime online. One interesting feature of the site is that it also has a catalog for western animation content, which no other streaming provider has offered so far.

The video players provided by Animelab are made from scratch and provide users with top-notch quality playback regardless of their device type or browser they’re using, giving an edge over its competitors

4. Funimation


Funimation is considered one of the biggest players in the streaming marketplace owing to its expansive library of anime shows and movies. Funimation provides its users with the option to watch their favorite Japanese Anime without ads; however, this feature comes at a cost.

On the bright side, though, you do get HD-quality video as well as additional exclusive content made available only for members who sign-up on their website or app.

5. Narutoget


Narutoget is quite a popular name among anime fans; it is especially invaluable to Naruto Fanatics. It specializes in providing content related to the classic ninja saga and its spin-offs, where users can easily find whatever episode or movie they are looking for without going through a ton of selection menus.

The streaming page has an easy layout with big posters of all episodes lined up alongside links given below them, giving efficient access to anyone visiting the website

6. Aniwatcher


One of the best streaming services currently available to anime fans is Aniwatcher, with an expansive platform featuring a tremendous range of anime titles that can easily be sorted by genres, most popular and recently added.

The catch here, though, is no free watch option which may seem old-school, but it makes sure that content providers are compensated for their work which in its own right surely earns them some much-needed respect from fans around the world.

7. Kisscartoon


Kisscartoon, launched back in the early ‘00s, has grown steadily over time to become one of the most popular streaming sites for cartoons and anime. Its library abounds with dubbed shows from different genres that are carefully selected by its dynamic staff, giving users good viewing experiences all around.

Quality-wise, Kisscartoons offers HD programming quality which makes sure you never miss any detail while watching a movie or show.

8. Masterani


Masterani is yet another streaming site to watch free anime without any hassle. Moreover, it also provides users with features such as user account options and a download feature which makes it easy for them to enjoy the content on their device of choice later.

Besides that, one cool extra you get here is multiple third-party integrations making sure viewers have an evergreen source of entertainment

9. Masteranime


Similar to Masterani, Masteranime is also an excellent source to watch free anime online; with over 3500 titles available, no wonder viewers are either glued to watching some cool drama or exploring new releases every day.

Its intuitive design allows fans to search and traverse through different sections easily while keeping them engaged at all times.

10. Animefreak


Animefreak, despite its somewhat elementary layout, delivers high value in terms of content which alone serves as a huge crowd-puller for this streaming site.

It features pretty much all the popular shows along with a well-categorized selection of newly added content which can help new visitors quickly find whatever they want

11. Justdubs


Just dubs, unlike its name suggests, is not only limited to dub anime-watching experience; it also hosts a broad range of subbed titles as well that run in different qualities based on user preference, surely catering to everyone’s need for entertainment.

The best thing about the site is no registration either, so users looking to watch their favorite anime can start right away

12. Anime Kisa


Anime Kisa is another impressive streaming service that offers all classical as well as subbed shows in high-def quality and an ever-growing list of newly added titles over almost every genre there is out there. Be it RomCom or Horror you are sure to find something of your taste here.

13. Watchcartoononline


Watch Cartoons Online (WCO) is the website every Western cartoon fan keeps coming back to; with a broad selection of American as well as anime shows available for streaming, it offers a seamless entertainment experience without fail.

The site may lack some sections that other websites provide, but all said and done, watching cartoons online remains one of the top providers in its field.

Sites Like Watchcartoononline

14. Animixplay


Animix Play, just like several other streaming services offers official release content directly from the production companies, which allows fans to watch their favorite shows in HD with negative ads and incessant buffering pauses along the way; on top of that, it also offers few titles not available anywhere else

15. Anime dao


Anime Dao is a well-built streaming portal that makes sure viewers get what they are looking for quickly and efficiently; with nearly 900 titles available in the library, it’s sure to cover various user preferences.

The site is well categorized, which makes it really easy to get information regarding recently added shows or top-rating series, helping you get your entertainment fix at all times

16. Gogoanime


Gogo Anime is yet another popular streaming agency that also has a few websites dedicated exclusively to anime reviews as well as providing walkthroughs of new anime series released. Its up-to-date library, combined with its detailed list of shows, makes it one of the few in its field to offer real value

17. Kissanime


Kiss Anime has been around for a long time and remains one of the top streaming providers because of its huge selection featuring almost every popular anime title alongside genres ranging from adventure, drama, horror as well sports which makes this site an unbeatable choice

18. Anime owl


Anime Owl, just like its predecessor, provides regional filtering and streaming schedules which allows users to know ahead of what new titles will be made available and when, along with the locale, which lets you watch shows according to their locations.

Yet another great feature of this website is its personal profile section, where visitors can add their favorite anime and have them right in front every time they log in again

19. Animenova


Anime Nova provides its users with unique features like genre-based recommendations and image sorting tools which make it easier to find whatever show a viewer is looking for without having to sift through endless menus.

Unlike other sites in the list, Anime Nova also includes titles from various production companies giving viewers a wider choice of shows to watch than any of its peers

20. Kuro ani


Kuro Anime offers stellar quality programming, with tons of features such as streaming chat and integrated forums which add to its user-friendly experience.

Besides that, viewers who want to avail of premium services can get hold of all current shows free for a minimum period of 3 days; after which users can subscribe or rent their favorite anime series

What is 9anime?

9anime, also known as the “Best Place to Watch Free Movies,” is a popular anime-viewing website that streams HD movies and TV shows for free.

It has one of the highest libraries with over 30 million titles from around the world which can be easily accessed by anyone at any time from any device. The site also has a mobile-friendly version of their website for easier streaming on the go.

What happened to 9anime?

9anime is due to the recent joint statement from the Motion Picture Association (MPA) & the Alliance For Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) was shut down by its Intellectual Property Rights holders. 9anime, however, is still internally functioning, but outside access has been limited due to legal implications.


How does 9anime work?

9anime works just like any other streaming website where viewers can simply go to the homepage and search for their favorite title that they wish to watch. Accessing certain titles requires users to register on the site or use any third-party application that is registered in order to obtain a good streaming experience.

Is 9anime legal?

No, streaming content through an unlicensed website like 9anime is illegal due to copyright and intellectual property rights issues.

How do I download from 9Anime?

You can use any third-party application or direct downloading service to download content from 9Anime. Most of them are free, but some may require users to have a premium membership.

What are the alternatives to 9anime?

Some of the great alternatives for watching free anime online include Soulanime, Cartooncrazy, Animelab, Funimation, and Narutoget, among others.

How to Safely Stream 9anime?

9anime is mostly secure and safe, but there are certain precautions that you need to take before viewing any content from it. Some movies/shows may contain malicious ads that can harm your device, so it’s always best to use updated antivirus software before accessing them.

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