What is a digital workplace? It could be that you’ve heard that term a lot lately.

A digital workplace is one where the location is not a physical space. In other words, it’s a workplace network that technology connects. If you have several individuals working together from their homes or other remote locations, that would be a digital workplace.

In an age when Covid-19 is changing the way we work, the idea of a digital workplace is one that has quickly grown more attractive. But are there ways to improve existing ones?

There definitely are, and here are some ways that you can do so.

Start Using AI As Part Of Your Digital Workforce

No list of digital workplace tips would be complete without an artificial intelligence mention. AI has come to the forefront in many professions in recent years, and it can do lots of things that once required a human.

  • In the form of chatbots, it can converse with customers
  • It can acclimate customers to new services or products
  • It can do many forms of filing and busy work much faster than its human counterparts

If yours is an industry where AI can come in handy, consider employing it. AI can spark growth and innovation for your company because of how much time and money it saves.

Give Your Workforce An Attractive Digital Destination

There are several apps and customizable platforms that you can use if you have a primarily digital company. You can even set up your own proprietary system if you like. You should only allow your company’s employees to use the system, ensuring that your conversations remain private.

This digital destination can represent your company’s culture. As such, you’ll want it to be intuitive, with features that are easy to master. There should be a messaging service involved, live chat capabilities, and it should also have scheduling features for when you need to conduct a digital meeting.

Create A Unified Platform

This aspect of your platform relates to the previous section. You might have a company with multiple teams working on various projects at the same time. It can get confusing keeping track of what everyone is doing.

The answer is a platform where all files, data, and documents are in a centralized location. A cloud-based computing system is usually what makes the most sense.

When you put all the critical business content in the cloud, it makes it almost impossible for saboteurs to get to it. If you use blockchain technology, this also applies.

Because of the blockchain setup, hackers cannot penetrate your files. They won’t have access to sensitive employee information, like social security numbers, or client data, for that matter.

You Need Excellent Video Conferencing

There are several ways that your employees might choose to communicate with each other. They might use:

  • Email
  • Conference phone calls
  • Instant messaging platforms

However, miscommunication can happen with any of these. That is because visual cues matter a lot if you want to be sure of communicating effectively.

That is why your digital workplace would benefit from one of the video conferencing platforms that exist today. There are ones like Zoom and Skype, and you can also set up a proprietary system if you like.

If you have coworkers in many locations, as is true of many companies these days, you must have a reliable video conferencing platform. This will seamlessly connect your workers for daily meetings. That way, everyone will stay energized and on-task.

You should also do things like set up protocol for how everyone should conduct themselves during digital meetings. You should be clear that you will not tolerate tardiness or absences from the employees who you feel need to be there.

There is a notion that some people have when they work digitally that things are more casual. If that’s not the kind of company you’re trying to run, then you must disabuse them of that idea.

Finally, you should try to employ the right people. The hiring is always going to be important, and that is just as true if it is happening digitally as if it were taking place in-person. If you have the right team set up for the jobs you have available, then they should function well together.

Workers from different niches now know about the concept of the digital workplace. If you can implement the ideas and policies that we mentioned here, you’ll make the transition a smooth one for your company.

Richard is an experienced tech journalist and blogger who is passionate about new and emerging technologies. He provides insightful and engaging content for Connection Cafe and is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments.