Whether you are new or an experienced UX/UI designer you are aware there are several free prototyping tools you can use. Not any tool you find in the market can offer you the kind of experience you want as you create your design. So, you have to pay due diligence to ensure you work with the best free prototyping tools. Wondershare Mockitt stands out from all other design prototyping tools with its simplicity and friendly users interface. With the tool, you can create any prototype or wireframes for highly interactive apps.  The platform allows you to validate and implement the concept in the best way possible. Wondershare is an open source prototyping tool that is easy to use even for beginners since no coding is required.  Continue reading the article to understand Wondershare Mockitt features and how to use it to create prototypes.

Major Features And What You Can Do With The Tool 

Easy Prototyping 

As the best prototyping tools 2020, Wondershare Mockitt helps you turn interactive designs into highly animated prototypes designs with no codes. The prototype UI designs you create can be tested for both PC and mobile devices. One of the top things about this best prototyping tool is that the learning curve is almost zero. It has a wide range of component libraries, connect components, more than twenty industry specific templates and easy to drag functions. 

Interactive Linking 

The platform allows you to visualize your final design with interactive transitions and gestures.  Use interactive linking to drag and drop the links to show how the different pages relate. 

Dynamic Components 

Another great feature the tool offers is the dynamic components that make it possible for you to make animated elements. You can do this from the interactive page where you can change position, hide, resize, change colour and save to the asset library to use in future designing. These components help you pay more attention on the design other than wasting time doing repetitive work. 

Allow Collaboration

Wondershare Mockitt allows for easy collaboration saving you to work to manually transfer files to others. You can just send links to other stakeholders to view, edit and give comments regarding the prototype design in real time. You get a single click sharing option you can share your design with others too. This is a top feature that offer a great solution if you are working remotely with other team members. It also make team managing team more effective because you can manage members, assign task, give permission to delete items and move them to personal apps. 

Handoff Feature

Another aspect that makes Wondershare Mockitt stand out from other rapid prototyping tools is handoff feature. It allows you bring your team on the same page as you create the prototype design. 

Steps to Create Prototype With Wondershare Mockitt

Step 1: Create a New Design Project 

  • Go to the main home page of the platform and click the new project button. You can either use the available templates or the blank screen. 
  • Name your design project and select the device you are making the prototype or design for. 
  • Once you have created the new project, now enter the design stage. 

Step 2: Design UX/UI 

  • Add the necessary elements to your prototype design page and all the other pages that follow for your web or app. The tool has a lot of assets you can use as they are or customise them to your specific needs. 
  • After laying out and customising your elements on the first page of your design, you can now give master status to certain elements. You can assign the master status to the new pages and add as a group instead of adding them one by one. 
  • At the same time you can also add new pages and drag and drop new elements into the screens. Add new page states that you will link later to each other to showcase certain interactions. 
  • Create dynamic widgets which are design elements that showcase several states on one single page. 

Step 3: Prototype The UX

  • Start prototyping- create and edit links between specific interactive elements on every page and the target page that is triggered by the action.  For instance, a button found on the home page might direct your users to the inner page with the additional menu elements. In this case, you can drop and drag the link located next to the bottom on the left side to the targeted page located in the navigation panels on the left. 
  • Edit the link to add gesture and transition effects. Like most of the other top prototyping tools, Wondershare Mockitt has animation effects, gestures and transitions that make your prototype design visually engaging and interactive. This also makes others to see your website or application more clearly when they interact with it. 

Step 4: Previewing And Sharing Your Prototype Design 

  • After you have designed the prototype design, you should have it previewed before you can launch it. This process is necessary because it helps others give comments that can help you make critical changes that make it satisfactory to the end users. You can do the review on any kind of screen to find out how the web or app will work and look on several devices. 
  • Share the prototype design- Copy the QR code or create a URL so that other stakeholders can preview it online. In case you would want others to view the prototype design offline, just download the HTML package. 

How To Get The Wondershare Mockitt

As a beginner you can get the free package, but you have several limitations such as access to only 20 screens and you can do three projects. To avoid such limitations, you can get personal package that costs$ 69 yearly or enterprise package that costs $ 99 yearly.

Final Thoughts 

Creating prototypes with Wondershare Mockitt helps you save time and the additional work involved in the process. You can rely on this best prototyping tool to create applications or websites with fully functional graphic and modules components. The best part of it is ease of use. With the tool, there is no need to install software. You can directly log in through any browser you use in your mobile device or PC. 


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