A printed label is your chance to grab the attention of a prospective customer. With attractive, printed labels, you reach consumers in a direct way that provides them with relevant information about your product. The label is often the first and only impression you will get to make before the consumer decides to purchase–or not–your product. Putting your best foot forward regarding label printing will encourage not only purchases by new customers, but also loyalty and repeat buying from your established customer base. 

The Importance Of Printed Labels

Printed labels communicate important product information to your customers. First and foremost, labeling is about marketing and promotion of your product. You want your customers to know more about your product and why it is better than that of your competitors. But you also want them to know what is in your product, how to use it, and if it is dangerous in any way. The printed label is your opportunity to provide all this information at a glance.

When To Use Printed Labels

You should consider using printed labels for any products that you market and sell to customers. You should place printed labels anywhere they are likely to catch the eye of the consumer–on product packaging and any product marketing materials. 

The Benefits Of Printed Labels

Using a printed label enables you to communicate to your customers information about the product that they may not already know. This may include–

  • Information about contents or ingredients
  • Instructions for use
  • Warnings and legal information
  • Expiration / Manufacturing date
  • Pricing

This is a general guideline for what could be included on a product label. Consult regulatory bodies in your industry for more guidance on product labeling.

Also, the information on the label should be concise and clearly written in an attractive format.

How To Start Using Printed Labels?

Once you have decided to use printed labels in your product distribution strategy, you must first design the label. This is when you decide what information to include on the label and how that information should be formatted and laid out. Next, you will choose what type of label to use; you could use a prime label, a fold out label, a barcode label, a resealable label, etc. Then, you will need to decide where to source your label printing. Who is going to print your labels?

A Few Other Questions That You Will Need To Answer Are

  • How will your labels be printed?
  • What kind of adhesive to use?
  • How many labels to print in each order?
  • How often to place an order?
  • Ultimately, is label printing good for your business? What is the expected return on investment?

Once you have answered these questions, you will be well on your way to deciding whether to incorporate label printing into how you market and promote your products.

Printed labels have been proven to engage customers in ways that encourage brand loyalty and product satisfaction. They are also an information channel that will help to grow your customer base. Invest in printed labels today.

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