Sending packages might seem like a simple thing, especially if you are shipping goods locally. However, due to extended procedures, international package shipping is more complex and requires some knowledge. But if you have a reliable shipping company by your side, you don’t need to worry about a thing. 

But how to pick the right carrier for your international shipments? There are plenty of carriers offering international package shipping, and choosing from many can become pretty difficult. In this article, you will find the basics of international shipping and will get an understanding of how to choose a shipping company easier. 

Avoid Overpaying

Although it seems that international package shipping might cost a lot, it’s not necessarily the truth. If you know the basics of how to save money on international deliveries, you can avoid overpaying for such services. The key trick here is to find a reliable shipping carrier with reasonable pricing. 

One of the simplest ways to save on shipping is to compare the prices from different carriers. You can easily do it via price comparison sites online. However, although it will provide you with an understanding of what costs to expect, price comparison tools will not give you the list of prices from all carriers. Usually, they only show the pricing from the major shipping companies. 

To do the full pricing overview, you will need to do it manually. Find the shipping companies that seem reliable and meets your expectations. Then, use their individual shipping price calculator or request a custom quote for your shipment. Usually, less popular companies can offer you very competitive shipping prices. Make sure to benefit from that when trying to cut international package shipping costs. 

Location Matters

When you ship overseas, it’s important to find the carrier which ships to your destination country. However, international package shipping companies that ship to each country in the world might lack quality in processes. The smart thing to do here is to find the one that sends packages to specific countries.

For example, if you are shipping to Poland from the USA, choose the carrier that specializes in this exact route. This way you can expect lower shipping costs and better service quality. 

Evaluate perks

Usually, shipping companies provide their customers with a few benefits for free. This way they try to keep them satisfied and have them as long-term clients. Free package insurance, personal customer support, and live package tracking option for free are only a few of them. 

Make sure to analyze what additional benefits a shipping company has to offer and pick the one who offers the best package. This way you will definitely cut shipping costs and get the best out of the package shipping company. 

Analyze Feedback 

Nothing gives a better view of a company and services than experiences shared by previous customers. The reputation of a shipping company must be one of the key factors when choosing your next carrier. Usually, it describes and evaluates everything you need from such a service provider. 

Make sure to research the reviews of the carrier you’re considering to send packages through. One of the simplest ways of doing it is by reading and analyzing the reviews you can find online. The most common places where people go to find the reviews of a company they are interested in are Facebook, Google my Business or Yelp. Just visit those websites, type the brand name of the company in question, and dive into the ocean of reviews. It is a very common situation when the first impression changes dramatically after reading the opinions and experiences of others. 

Another way of getting feedback is live communication. Talk with other people, ask what shipping companies they use and what kind of experiences they had with them. Your co-worker or your neighbor can be a great adviser. Take advantage of their real experiences to make the best decision when shipping packages overseas. 

Consider Delivery Times

Every international package shipping company offers different shipping timing. And when it comes to international deliveries, delivery times can differ even more. When choosing a shipping company, consider whether their delivery speeds meet your needs and expectations. 

Usually, there a two main shipping options – express and economy. The first option delivers you packages in a few days and costs more. Another one can get your packages to the destination point in weeks, yet costs less. Once decided which shipping method is right for you, make sure the carrier can manage the required delivery speed. 

Customer Support

When shipping internationally via courier service, be sure that the shipping carrier you chose to work with has strong customer support. And by saying strong we mean that the customer support should be real trained employees. They must have the ability to advise and help you in various situations. Chatbots with programmed automatic responses rarely help you out when a complex issue arises.

Although live customer support might seem like an overrated thing, you would be surprised how much of a help is caring support when something unexpected happens. For example, when the package gets stuck in customs or gets lost. International package shipping is a complex procedure, and unfortunate situations might happen event with the best shipping company.  Each situation is different and needs expertise and know-how to be solved. In such situations, a professional customer support specialist is the one who can provide you with help. 

The bottom line

Complex and extended procedures are what lead each international shipment. Therefore, making an effort when choosing a shipping carrier is a smart thing to do. The package will not reach its destination point successfully if the carrier cannot offer you premium services. To avoid those who fail in delivering packages, deliver packages damaged, or constantly delay shipments, try to find the one who offers premium international package shipping services.  Be smart and follow the tips listed above to make the best decision when picking a courier. Hopefully, these tips will help you to make the decision easier. 

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