The IT landscape is evolving at a fast rate.  More and more companies are ditching their legacy phone lines for a more sophisticated mainstream technology.

    Cloud-based technology is the new goldmine, and virtual phone systems are the game changers in the technology space. The dynamic development of virtual phone numbers is an effective remedy for instant, reliable and effective communication.

    A virtual phone number is also known as a DID number. The virtual phone number is a cloud-based IP telephony number. The number is configured to a specific device, and forwards calls to the subscriber’s actual phone number.

    Virtual phone numbers are not linked to a specific telephone line and solely rely on cloud computing technology. When you make calls using a virtual phone number, your calls are routed to a pre-set number or numbers for connection.

    In the U.S virtual phone numbers are referred to as find me/follow me numbers. In the U.K they are known as personal numbers. These numbers are not fixed to a specific area code. A key winning point with virtual numbers is that you can make and receive unlimited international calls at no extra charge.

    How does a virtual phone number work?

    When you dial a virtual phone number, your call is forwarded to an assigned user’s number. The calls can either be routed simultaneously or sequentially. If there is no connection, the call goes to voice mail.

    You can make and receive calls from different area codes as if they were local calls. Here’s how it works. Ask your VoIP provider to assign you a virtual phone number or purchase an entire virtual phone system package.

    The virtual phone number links to an area code of your choice. So when a person dials your number, the call registers as a local connection but seamlessly routes to your phone’s IP address.

    For find me/follow me services, when you dial the virtual phone number the call routes to a series of phone numbers in various locations.

    You can configure your virtual phone number to your device in two ways:

    1. Single Device-Multiple Channels

    Link several virtual phone numbers to one device like your mobile phone. Communication becomes more efficient and reliable. And use your device for both business and personal calls.

    2. One Channel- Multiple Devices

    A virtual phone number essentially routes an unlimited number of calls. This is an added advantage if you are running a business with multiple locations. Your clients can access you or your attendants through several phone numbers.

    With a virtual number, you can integrate your entire cache of numbers into a single phone number your callers can easily access. And when someone places a call, it is routed to all your phone numbers either sequentially or simultaneously.

    What features and services does a virtual phone number exhibit?

    Virtual phone numbers are a popular alternative for most small businesses. This mainstream technology possesses attributable features and services to enhance communication and productivity.

    • Call accept/reject

    virtual numbers exhibit call screening features. You can screen your calls and decide whether to accept or reject calls and forward to voicemail.

    • Call transcription to email/text notification

    when unavailable to receive calls, like when you are in a business meeting, voicemail to email or text feature gives you access to important messages, and you can review the call details later.

    • Local phone numbers

    with a virtual phone number, you can transact business in any part of the world. And maintain a local phone number with a specific time zone for all your business locations

    You get to communicate with your clients cost-effectively. And also the local numbers make you part of your client community.

    • 24/7/365 auto attendant feature

    Your virtual phone number acts as your virtual assistant. Auto attendant features receive your calls with professionalism. Your customers are served with a menu of personalized options to cater to their needs. The calls made are routed to your phone numbers.

    • Toll-free numbers

    Opt for a vanity phone number to build your image. Get an extra boost in convenience and flexibility. Your clients also get to make long-distance calls at zero additional charges.

    Find me/follow me services

    Wherever you may be- stay connected and communicate effortlessly with your clients using any device of your choice.

    How to get a virtual phone number

    You can purchase a virtual phone number in multiple ways.

    • Open an account with any voice over IP provider- select one who can assign you a virtual phone number.
    • Choose a phone number and area code to link your number.
    • You can have multiple virtual numbers depending on the number of countries you want to access.
    • Costs range between $5 and $10 per month. The price varies with the service provider.

    Google Voice assigns you a free virtual number. You need to be a Google account holder.

    Before you consider purchasing a customized virtual phone systems package, it is advisable that you check out reviews. A customized virtual phone number comes with one virtual number and a specific number of extensions and calls minutes. You can also buy a mobile line with T-Mobile DIGITS limited to calls and texts and use it on your mobile device for efficient business and personal communication.

    On the downside, virtual phone numbers are entirely dependent on cloud technology. You need to have a reliable internet connection to make or receive calls. Cybersecurity concerns are also sinking the reliability of this top-of-mind technology.

    But, over the years huge milestones have revamped cloud computing technology. These advancements are tightening the belts on cybercrime to enhance reliable and safe communication.


    Poor customer service accounts for up to $62 billion every year. This loss can be the death of small and mid-sized markets. Customers are the lifeblood of every business. And they won’t hesitate to choose a more reliable service provider with efficient communication channels.

    Businesses need a phone system that is reliable, efficient and cost-effective. This is one of the key reasons you need to adopt virtual phone systems into your business. The world is moving to the cloud. Take your business to the next level.

    Richard is an experienced tech journalist and blogger who is passionate about new and emerging technologies. He provides insightful and engaging content for Connection Cafe and is committed to staying up-to-date on the latest trends and developments.