While there are many things to check when choosing an online casino in the first place – including the presence of a license from the ONJN, game providers, and data security – many players look at the rewards system first. Getting a generous welcome package including extra money and free spins is quite tempting for many newcomers and even experienced gamblers.

However, the reward system of a good online casino is diverse and can include a loyalty scheme designed for those who choose to stay for a long time. We are here to cover the features of bonuses offered by online casinos, highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of welcome bonuses and loyalty programs respectively.

The Attractiveness of a Welcome Promotion

A welcome bonus is perceived by many gamblers as something of a red carpet spread out in front of them when they come to a new online casino. However, you must remember that no casino will give away money or free spins for nothing in return. While a welcome promo is something of a digital handshake aimed at speeding up your introduction to a gaming platform, you should be extra careful.

For instance, welcome bonuses are designed to have an instant effect. Once you see the opportunity to get money or free spins, you may feel a rush of adrenaline. Disposing of bonuses wisely, you can use them as a pass to a new world of gambling entertainment. However, any casino bonus comes with wagering requirements. Moreover, most bonuses have additional terms and conditions that many newbies turn a blind eye to. Therefore, before agreeing to a welcome promotion, read the terms and conditions carefully paying attention to the following things:

  • The term of the promotion. Make sure that you are given enough time to think about whether you should participate or not. Usually, dishonest operators create a perceived sense of urgency to get you to accept a bonus that comes with unfavorable terms of use.
  • Wagering conditions. To ensure that the bonus doesn’t become a trap for your winnings, check the wagering requirements. The higher the wager, the more difficult it is to fulfill the conditions to be able to withdraw your winnings.
  • Maximum withdrawal limit. There is nothing more frustrating than realizing that you can only withdraw a fraction of your winnings. So, make sure that the operator does not set a strict limit on the maximum amount available for withdrawal.

So, the strict requirements and additional conditions imposed on welcome package bonuses can be very dampening to your initial excitement. To get the most out of a welcome bonuse casino, always read the T&Cs carefully.

Loyalty Programs as A Long-Term Bonus Systems

So, welcome bonuses are something of an instant gratification aimed at newcomers. However, if you decide to stay with an iGaming platform for the long term, you can benefit from additional rewards and perks designed for loyal players. Most casino loyalty programs are based on loyalty points given for a certain amount spent on wagers in games. Any loyalty scheme is an ongoing commitment, indicating the casino’s desire to create long-lasting relationships with its users.

In addition, most bonuses provided under loyalty schemes have far fewer restrictions than regular bonuses. Tailored to preferences and playing style, loyalty bonuses offer a personalized approach that goes far beyond the generic nature of welcome promotions. However, if you’re looking to simply test the platform with minimal investment, you shouldn’t neglect the benefits offered by welcome packages.


So, if you just want to test out a new gambling platform, a welcome bonus is what you need. Moreover, you can take advantage of a no-deposit welcome promo offered by some casino operators to try out a gambling site without investment. However, if you are confident in the honesty and safety of the iGaming platform – and want to stay with it for a long time – then you should look into a loyalty program that can give you much more than a welcome bonus in the long run.

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