Watching videos via streaming services is one of the most popular ways we use media today.

    While there are many great video hosting websites, such as YouTube, Vimeo has grown over the years because it gives viewers access to higher-quality content than they can find elsewhere.

    However, if you want a more permanent record of these videos then you need efficient video downloading software.

    Vimeo Downloader Alternatives

    There are many Vimeo alternatives that can be used to easily download, stream and convert any type of media from the internet.

    ClipConverter is a free online media converter website which helps in converting audio & video URLs from Vimeo, Facebook and many other hosting services into formats like avi/mpeg4 or 3gp for both mobile phones and desktops.

    It supports different formats & qualities up to 4K and also comes with advanced features like selecting output frame rate & bitrate, downloading only audio from videos etc. It is a great alternative for Vimeo downloaders because it allows users to gain access to their favorite videos without any hassle.

    Another popular Vimeo Downloader alternative is which helps in copying content quickly and easily into downloadable files on your device or computer. It supports video formats such as FLV, AVI, MP4 and more across quality settings up to 4K that are present on the platform.

    You can even convert videos into audio while maintaining their original high-quality audio output levels quickly with this tool.



    YT1s is another amazing Vimeo Downloader alternative for downloading videos from multiple hosting platforms like YouTube and other sources in just a few clicks. It preserves all the video’s original quality and also supports HD, 4K and 8K UHD downloads depending on their availability.

    This web-based tool is easy to use & can help in saving time while downloading multiple videos at once with its batch download option.


    If you are looking for a reliable Vimeo Downloader alternative then PasteDownload might just be the perfect choice as it comes with many useful features like automatic embedding of videos on custom pages, Multi-thread download for faster speeds and supports both video & audio formats.

    It also comes with a built-in screenshot capture tool that can be used to take high-definition screenshots from the source video files

    Converto is a free online conversion & downloading platform which helps in converting any type of file into other formats like mp3, Wav, AAC etc as well as encrypting them for added security.

    It is a great Vimeo Downloader alternative as it offers advanced download settings like automatic conversion of the original file into other formats & also supports batch downloading which allows multiple videos to be downloaded in one go.


    KeepVid is another efficient software that can be used as a good Vimeo Downloader alternative, allowing users to create their own collection of media files from various platforms and sites including Vimeo, YouTube and many more with ease.

    It supports different media formats like mp4, 3gp and avi as well as allows users to download videos from multiple hosting sites in one click.


    HitPaw is an awesome Vimeo Downloader alternative that offers a variety of features such as downloading high-resolution quality 4K HD & even 8K UHD (Ultra High Definition) videos for computers and mobiles along with full audio support for MP 3, AAC etc.

    It also supports multiple video & audio formats like AVI, MKV and WMV along with direct streaming of content at fast speeds regardless of the type or size.



    iTubeGo is an incredibly reliable Vimeo Downloader alternative which not only allows videos to be downloaded directly from the hosting sites but can also convert them into other compatible formats such as mp4, MOV and many others for better compatibility across different devices.

    It supports up to 4K resolution and also offers one-click audio downloads in formats like MP3, WAV etc along with an excellent batch download function

    By Click Downloader


    By Click Downloader is a great Vimeo Downloader alternative as it comes with lots of advanced features such as automatic downloading videos from popular sites like YouTube & Vimeo in bulk or single clicks, converting multiple files into different supported formats for better compatibility across all platforms and devices, creating video files into audio outputs like MP3 etc.



    SnapDownloader is a super-fast internet file-downloading software solution with support for 8K UHD videos which offers several amazing features such as higher speed downloads & long-term download history along with the ability to transfer media from one device or folder to another in just a few seconds.

    It also supports media conversion into different formats like audio or images directly from the source file.

    Video Pro

    VideoProc is another great Vimeo Downloader alternative that comes with powerful yet simple functions such as downloading videos quickly and easily or editing them in order to improve their quality before exporting them into multiple formats like mp4, AVI etc for better compatibility across different devices & platforms.

    It also offers GPU acceleration which ensures faster video encoding and decoding while maintaining high levels of audio & video quality output.

    4K Video Downloader

    4k Video Downloader is yet another excellent Vimeo Downloader alternative which allows users to download videos directly from YouTube, Facebook and other platforms in up to 8K UHD quality while preserving their original video & audio output levels.

    It also supports batch downloads and an intuitive interface that enables users to preview the content before downloading it into their desired format.

    HitPaw Video Downloader & Converter

    HitPaw Video Downloader & Converter is an amazing Vimeo Downloader alternative as it allows users to download videos directly from multiple platforms like YouTube, Vevo and Livestream while maintaining the highest levels of audio & video quality.

    It also supports batch downloads and fast conversion rates across all media formats such as mp3, WMV etc with hardware acceleration technology enabling faster processing speeds.

    WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe

    WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is a great Vimeo Downloader alternative that allows users to convert recorded videos into more compatible formats like AVI, MPEG etc while preserving their original video & audio output levels.

    It also comes with a hardware acceleration feature which ensures faster conversions and preservation of the highest quality settings even when dealing with massive media files.

    WinX YouTube Downloader

    WinX YouTube Downloader is another magnificent Vimeo Downloader alternative which helps in downloading videos from YouTube, Vimeo and other services with the highest degree of audio & video output quality.

    It supports multiple formats like mp3 and WMV as well as offering batch download options for saving time while downloading several clips at once.


    VidPaw is a highly useful Vimeo Downloader alternative as it allows users to convert online videos into any format they want quickly and efficiently.

    It supports up to 4K videos built-in video player which ensures smooth playback allowing users to preview the content before downloading it into their preferred format with support for batch downloads as well.


    DistillVideo is an impressive Vimeo Downloader alternative that enables users to conveniently download audios and videos from multiple online streaming services like Facebook, YouTube etc while preserving its highest quality output levels.

    It also has a comprehensive user interface that allows a user to customize video settings according to his/ her preference while ensuring smooth playback.


    With these alternatives in hand, you will have a comprehensive and easy way to download videos from Vimeo with greater efficiency. Each one of these 17 tools offer features that can come handy for any Vimeo user looking to achieve best streaming experience in 2024.

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