Installing a top-grade security system in your home or office is a wise way to go in order to protect your assets. However, you aren’t always there to be protected by that technology. If you want to ensure your personal security, you’ll need to carry some tech on your person when leaving home. These gadgets vary in function, but all of them can help you out of some nasty situations. They will be most valuable to those who have to walk the streets after dark and travelers who need extra protection in a foreign country.

    5 Best Personal Security Gadgets for Any Situation

    1. goTenna

    With goTenna, you will never be stuck without an ability to communicate. This small device will enable you to send out messages and GPS coordinates even if there is no cell coverage or a Wi-Fi nearby. Multiple devices can be connected to create a small network for emergency situations, so you can get your neighbors interested in goTenna as well.

    The device connects with your smartphone and sends information to its counterpart (that’s why they are sold in twos), through which it can reach your destination. Meaning you’ll be able to send a cry for help with a GPS location if you get lost in a forest while hiking. You can also use this ‘messenger’ gadget to avoid paying huge international fees when traveling.

    2. Spy camera

    Feeling like a James Bond isn’t the only reason you should consider adding a spy camera to your outfit. This kind of accessory will be a huge help in case a tragedy does happen and you are attacked. It will also come in handy if you witness some incident as you’ll be able to provide recording as evidence.

    Nowadays, you can really feel like a hero of a spy novel when using these gadgets. The most important thing to consider when choosing one is in what situations do you need to use it? Today, you can see a multitude of tech gadgets for spying. They range from camera pens to spy buttons and watches. Consider how, when, and for how long you’ll need to use one. This will determine the size and type of the device. Bear in mind that their recording ability is limited, so choose carefully.

    3. Sting ring

    According to statistics, there is a sexual assault happening in America every 98 seconds. A sting ring is a self-defense gadget that aims to help you avoid being a part of that statistic. It packs a punch of about 18,000,000 volts to shock your assailant and give you a chance to escape.

    The device is small, fits easily in your hand, and looks similar to a ring, so it won’t draw much attention thus giving you the element of surprise as an additional benefit. Be sure to check the regulations in your state, but sting rings are legal in the majority of places.

    4. Personal alarm

    A personal alarm is a rather simple gadget that emits a loud noise when you are in danger. All you need to do is press a button and everyone within the hearing range will know that something is happening. That range is quite wide as these alarms reach 130 DB on average.

    The noise can also disorient your attacker providing you with an opportunity to use some self-defense weapon. However, as you’ll be hearing it as well, you need to be prepared, so use the alarm a few times at home.

    5. ALIVE SmartSafety

    ALIVE is a personal protection gadget aimed specifically to keep you alive in an extreme situation. Its main function is to send out a distress signal to ensure that help is on its way immediately.

    The device has a feature that enables it to make an automated call based on your heart rate, unusual movement, and some other factors.

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