Published: September 14, 2020

The internet has made researching family histories a much more popular past time. Curiosity about who are ancestors was is a natural part of human life. Top 5 Free Genealogical Resources

Genealogy is a hobby that requires elbow grease, loads of creativity, and little else means more and more people are getting to know the generations that came before them.

Many of the most helpful resources are free to use. This article discusses the top five resources.        

Trust an Expert: Elizabeth Shown Mills

Top 5 Free Genealogical ResourcesElizabeth Shown Mills is an award-winning, professional genealogist who has garnered acclaim from other social science experts. Mills’ work primarily features enslaved people, Native Americans, and Creole communities. Her website is entitled ‘Historic Pathways’  and she was president of the American Society of Genealogists.

Mills’ work is frequently used as learning tools to help others troubleshoot family histories. Her website has many helpful case studies for free reference.        

Family Search       

Top 5 Free Genealogical ResourcesMormons have kept genealogical records for almost two centuries. A tenant of the Mormon faith is to baptize dead ancestors to help ancestors enter the kingdom of heaven. 

Another vital component of the Mormon faith is to being of service to the community. The Mormon Churchshares one of the largest, free, genealogy resources available today. 

The Family Search website is a non-profit organization. Family Search stores more than 2 million rolls of microfilm. There are tons of resources available for free at the Family Search website. You will need to register for an account to access all the materials.

Interview Older Relatives

Top 5 Free Genealogical ResourcesAs any professional genealogist will tell you the best family research resource is family members from earliergenerations. If you want to accurately complete your family tree does not hesitate to reach out to estranged family members or relatives, you do not know. There is no room for shyness in genealogical research!

Another important detail to remember is that facts can be gathered in many ways, do not push someone if they seem reluctant to talk about something. There is always a different way to find the information you need.  

DNA Weekly

Top 5 Free Genealogical ResourcesDNA tests can provide an intricate piece of the family history puzzle by providing a detailed picture of how your ancestors moved across the world to where your family is today. 

DNA tests can also provide insights into your health and which conditions you might be more susceptible to. These tests help potential parents make informed decisions concerning family planning and help people adjust their lifestyles to lower the risks of developing certain health conditions or genetic issues later in life. 

Choosing the right DNA test can be a little tricky. That is why DNA Weekly provides an objective comparison between a variety of DNA tests to help you get the most accurate data to include in your family history profile.

The U.S. National Archives

Top 5 Free Genealogical ResourcesThe United States National Archives keeps extensive records from institutions like the military and keeps data from immigration forms and ship passenger lists. In the Archives, you will find land registries and real estate documents.

Information is divided by research subject and by record category. The archive has many free resources including the National Archives Catalog, the Archives Library Information Center, or the microfilm database. The U.S. National Archives is in Washington, D.C. The Archives are set up to serve seasoned researchers like historians, archivists, and professional genealogists. The Archive should be viewed as an advanced tool to help family historians who have experience utilizing resources like the Archives.

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