Gambling apps are one of those things that many people are interested in, but only a few know about how they work and the options they provide. A lot of gamblers automatically assume that an online casino with apps is better than an iGaming operator that does not have an application. This may be true in some instances, but there are a lot of exceptions.

Some companies spend a lot of money trying to improve their mobile offers so that people can use them. For example, the best casino apps rated by Silentbet show that certain companies hire developers and designers whose sole purpose is to ensure people have the best possible mobile betting experience. As much as we want to say that everyone is like that, the reality is very different because only a handful of companies are so engaged in what they offer.

There are many negative things about online casino apps, so let’s take a look at some of them.

Most apps are just fancier copies of the mobile website

Many gamblers who choose to use online casinos and have to place bets on the go prefer using the mobile website of a given brand. It may not look that exciting on paper, but the mobile site is often all a person will need because it is a copy of the desktop platform.

The apps, on the other hand, usually have at least a couple of additional features. Sadly, some casinos do not have the budget to develop such things, so they decide to create a copy of the mobile site but offer it in the form of an application.

People using this application will not have any advantage over those who decide to play games using the mobile website. On top of that, the application will require you to install it, and it needs regular updates. In other words, there is no point in using the app when the mobile site is the same and accessing it is way easier. 

In some instances, users may need to pay to get the app on their device

As strange as it sounds, there are online casinos in today’s world that require people to pay to use their apps. No, we are not talking about making a deposit to play games or use bonuses, some users are actually paying money to download the application on their iOS or Android device.

The operators requiring their clients to do such things usually have exclusive application options. There have been rumors that some companies may offer no deposit bonuses or additional tools, but no one has confirmed them yet.

One of the reasons why casino companies may require their users to pay money to get the apps is because of the amount they had to spend to develop them. Sadly, many brands have tight budgets to work with, so they are doing everything possible to get more revenue.

Of course, since people will simply use the mobile site and not pay for the app, the companies whose apps cost money usually do not have a mobile website. This is another issue that players need to be aware of before they start using the given brand.

There might be instances where you will have to keep using an older OS if you want to use the given gambling app

Modern gambling applications have specific system requirements that your device must meet in order to use them. Starting with the RAM, you also need to check your CPU because the CPU usage for some games can be intense. Of course, you also need to have a specific mobile OS version.

The minimum version of Android or iOS you need to have to run the app on your device is usually not that high. The idea here is that more people will be able to get the app and use the gambling operators. 

Sadly, some app developers are not quick to adapt to the latest changes that come along with a new mobile operating system update. As a result, people using given applications may be forced to keep using an older version of their current OS because they won’t be able to open the app if they upgrade.

The lack of optimization for some features

The best casino applications you will find online will always offer you all of the sections and features that the given website has in stock. Sadly, this is not true for some brands because they were not able to optimize some of the features, such as the demo mode. Consequently, people can’t always avail themselves of all desktop features, no matter what kind of divide they are using.

Since most app devs will not admit they failed to optimize everything, the only way you can learn about this before getting the app is by searching for more information. If that does not help, install the application on your device and check if it has what you need.

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