Is your business in the process of moving to the cloud? There are a number of factors to consider when implementing cloud technologies. a stumbling block for many businesses is the existence of legacy systems that don’t integrate – 47% of business and IT leaders cite this as their main barrier (Oracle).

    Migration to the cloud is a key step on the road to digital transformation; in fact, for many businesses it’s the first step. Moving to the cloud offers a significant range of benefits, including an immediate ROI realised in the reduction of floor space required for on premise servers. Going forward, businesses see significant cost savings thanks to fewer overhead costs and the scalability of the cloud; it’s easy to add or remove storage, users or servers based on immediate business needs.

    A number of business leaders (34%) consider security a key concern of moving to the cloud when in fact, automatic bug fixes and world-class security on platforms such as Microsoft Azure mean the cloud can be significantly more secure.

    This infographic from IT support company TSG further illustrates the benefits of moving to the cloud and breaks down some of the jargon surrounding the cloud, including hybrid, public and private.

    Cloud infographic - from TSG

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