CS2 brings a ton of changes to the decade-old game, including volumetric and jet smoke, improved visuals, and updated maps. It also features a new purchase menu and a new CS2 weapon loadout system.

This article written by k1nd3r is dedicated to the best CS2 weapon sets. You can also analyze EU and US CS2 pro player rankings and inventory on the Profiler website.

CS2 Weapon Loadout Basics

Compared to CS:GO, CS2 has a much cleaner and simpler user interface with fewer weapons and distractions. You are in charge of what you can bring into battle using CS2’s weapon loadout system. Don’t worry if you can’t decide which weapon to take with you. Here are the best CS2 weapon sets you can use.

The main purpose of CS2 weapon loadout is to help players find the weapons they use most often. This is achieved by limiting the number of weapons available to you in the game.

There are three main weapon categories you can choose from.

  • Pistols 
  • Mid-level weapon
  • Rifles

Best Weapon Sets for Counter Terrorism in CS2

Here are some of the best CS2 weapon sets that can be used for CT purposes.

Close Range

The first set of weapons for special forces in CS2 is focused on combat at close and medium ranges. This is a great weapon for rifle enthusiasts and players who like to sneak up on daring plays. It provides everything you need to secure your site.

  • Pistols: USP-S, P250, Five-SeveN, CZ75-Auto, Desert Eagle
  • Med level: MP9, UMP-45, XM1014, MAG-7, P90
  • Rifles: M4A4, M4A1-S, FAMAS, SSG 08, AWP

The choice of pistol is pretty obvious. However, CS2’s new weapon loadout system allows you to finally bring both the CZ75 and Five-SeveN into battle.

As for mid-level weapons, it is better to give preference to SMGS and shotguns. The MP9, UMP-45, and P90 ensure you have a reliable SMG, no matter your playstyle. While the XM1014 and MAG-7 will allow you to deal insane amounts of spread damage.

Ranged Damage

If you prefer to shoot from a safe distance, then this gun kit is perfect for you. He gives priority to weapons that will help you hit your opponent no matter the distance.

  • Pistols: USP-S, P250, Five-SeveN, Dual Berettas, Desert Eagle
  • Mid-level: MP9, UMP-45, MP5-SD, XM1014, Negev
  • Rifles: M4A4, M4A1-S, AVG, SSG 08, ARM

The USP -S is simply the best default CT pistol, especially since it can deal solid damage at range. It is better to give preference to the Dual Beretta over the CZ-75 since the weapon has a larger magazine and can work at both short and medium distances. The Deagle is the best long range pistol you can ask for.

We recommend keeping the MP9, UMP-45, and XM1014 in case you need some flexible options to buy at half the price. However, we have included the MP5-SD as it is more suitable for short range applications.

The Negev is also a great choice, as it has enough power to work on the CT side, while still keeping the weapon at a safe distance.

The choice of the rifle doesn’t change much either. However, we recommend choosing the AUG as its scope can be a big help in those rounds where you can’t afford an AWP but need a long-range weapon. The rest are pretty standard Counter-Terrorists rifles.

The Best Terrorist Weapon Sets in CS2

Now let’s move on to the terrorist side. These CS2 weapon sets will help you enter sites, trade, and take control of areas.

Aggressive Fragger Entry

This T-side weapon loadout is a good choice for all aspiring fraggers. It provides you with everything you need to take on your opponents and should suit almost any playstyle you prefer. It also has both short-range and long-range weapons, allowing you to make a choice.

  • Pistols: Glock, P250, TEC-9, Dual Berretas, Desert Eagle
  • Mid level: MAC-10, UMP-45, XM1014, MP7, Nova
  • Rifles: Galil, AK-47, SG 553, SSG 08, ARM

When you play as a terrorist, you don’t have many pistols to choose from. It is recommended to take the TEC-9 due to its solid damage. The rest is pretty much anything you can equip on the T-side.

When it comes to mid-tier options, a combination of SMGs and shotguns is recommended. Submachine guns can deal you decent damage at close to medium ranges.

At the same time, shotguns are great for holding areas and clearing out bold corners. As an initial frag, players typically use the Galil AR in eco rounds and the AK-47 or SG 553 in full buy rounds.

Protective Backup

The latest set of CS2 weapons we have for you today is for those players who like to play trading and keep an eye on the flanks. It has a solid array of weapons that will help you in almost every scenario you might find yourself in.

  • Pistols: Glock, P250, TEC-9/CZ75-Auto, Dual Berretas, Desert Eagle
  • Mid-level: MAC-10, MP7, MP5-SD, XM1014, Nova
  • Rifles: Galil, AK-47, SG 553, ARM, SSG 08/ G3SG1

The MP5-SD offers good mid-range damage, making it ideal for trading teammates when you’re in the back. The Nova also offers a decent range for a shotgun, making it useful in most battles.

The rest is pretty standard for terrorists. The rifles should be basically the same across loadouts. The Galil AR and AK-47 are virtually untouchable on the terrorist side.

Final Thoughts

Each weapon in Counter-Strike 2 has its own set of mechanics that you need to understand in order to effectively use it on par with the best pro players like Oleksandr “⁠s1mple” Kostyliev from Navi. Knowing the range, damage, and rate of fire of each weapon is essential to getting the most out of it in combat.

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