Your user experience can be substantially enhanced by Google Chrome extensions, but only if you have an understanding of how to use them properly. You can personalize and customize Google Chrome so that it works for you in the ways that you prefer and are more productive by using these small add-on programs and features. 

Ordinary users can find numerous useful extensions for their everyday tasks and operations on the Internet. For instance, Mighty Text enables users to send SMS messages directly from their browser, which isn’t the same as RCS instant messaging, which is exclusive to the Messages by Google app.

You can use Mighty Text with any SMS app. Or, say, Categorizer; usually, you’re playing at several online casinos at once in the hopes of hitting a crazy jackpot, right? Tron casino sites and other favorite gambling websites you use are sorted by this app according to when you prefer to visit them. It’s especially handy if you wish to remember the weekly bonuses offered by a specific casino.

Now, let’s move on to those who earn a living online and how Google Chrome extensions can help them in doing so: web developers…

Useful extensions for Google’s Chrome web browser can greatly improve the productivity and efficiency of any developer. Regardless of whether you are a novice developer or an experienced developer, with a quality and suitable Google Chrome extension, your programming experience can be taken to a new level.

Extensions will give your Internet browser additional options and tools, or will further improve the functionality of the browser itself. Because most of these browser extensions are user-friendly and free, developers can also save both time and resources by utilizing them.

The best Google Chrome extensions for every developer are shown below!

LT Debug

To aid developers in testing and troubleshooting potential issues with their web applications, the LT Debug Chrome extension has been developed.

You might want to consider using LT Debug because of the following features:

  • A number of tools are available in this extension for viewing, evaluating, and pinpointing performance problems with network data.
  • For programmers looking to boost the dependability and efficiency of their web apps, LT Debug represents a useful tool.
  • Capturing and analyzing traffic on the network, ranging from requests and responses made via HTTP as well as WebSocket traffic is a crucial function of LT Debug.
  • The extension can track how long it takes for a page to load, identify resources that demand a while to load, and assess JavaScript execution to help pinpoint issues with code execution.
  • When experimenting with session-related features like authentication, the extension provides developers with the ability to manipulate cookies, local disk space, and all other types of storage related to the session.


A very useful Chrome extension for developers is definitely BrowserStack. It’s known for instant testing of web pages on a mobile browser, as well as on a desktop browser. It allows setting up 12 browsers and reduces the user’s time needed to switch browser tabs. However, in order to use this extension, you must have a BrowserStack user account.

Some of the special features of this extension:

  • It helps to view the changes instantly.
  • It helps with cross-browser testing.
  • It allows users to check the behavior of the site in real user conditions.
  • With BrowserStack you can report bugs directly.


For developers who wish to have more readable documents with JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) displayed in the browser, JSONView seems a very suitable Chrome extension. Use this extension to take advantage of the following features:

  • When exchanging data over the Internet between a server and a software program, JSON tends to be utilized a lot. For JSON documents, JSONView provides syntax highlighting, which facilitates the identification of pairs of keys and values and other JSON components of data.
  • The JSONLint execution, which scans the JSON document for syntax errors and prints useful error messages if one or more are discovered, can be used with the extension to verify the JSON data as well.
  • The extension knows when a page contains JSON data automatically. formats the data into an expandable and collapsible tree structure so that you can see the data.
  • It can be difficult to read and comprehend JSON data because it’s typically presented in a dense layout without line breaks or indentation.
  • You can view JSON documents more structuredly and logically by installing the JSONView extension, which makes it simpler to comprehend the data they contain.


ColorZilla is an extension that can quickly determine the color code of any dot or pixel on a web page, making it one of the best Chrome extensions for developers. Some of the best features of this extension are:

  • Web designers, graphic designers, and anyone else who deals with color on their pages while programming will benefit greatly from this and similar extensions.
  • ColorZilla’s gradient generator allows users to create linear and radial gradients with different color choices and endpoints.
  • ColorZilla is a useful extension for anyone who works with color on the web and requires a quick and easy method to obtain color codes and create gradients.
  • ColorZilla can select a dot or pixel on a web page and use the Eyedropper tool to obtain the color code for that dot in a variety of formats, including HEX, RGB, and HSL.
  • A color picker utility is also included in the app, which allows users to select colors from a palette and change their hue, saturation, and brightness.

Clear Session

Clear Session is a popular Chrome developer extension that lets you clear your browsing session data with one click. In addition, Clear Session is suitable for the following features:

  • This extension can delete all browsing history, cache, cookies, and other information that your browser may contain and retain.
  • For privacy or to start from scratch without any previously saved data, Clear Session will allow you to easily and quickly erase your browser’s session data.
  • This extension will allow you to create data cleansing exceptions for the pages you want to create an exception for. In addition, if you wish, with the help of this extension you’ll be able to delete specific types of data related to the website.


Another Chrome extension that lets developers alter HTTP(S) inquiries and responses is called Requestly. You should utilize Requestly for these particular features as well:

  • This add-on can be used for a variety of tasks, including testing, debugging, and web page development.
  • With Requestly, you can design rules that alter requests and answers in response to specific situations. You can add or remove query variables, reroute a URL to a different website, alter headers, or even add custom CSS or JavaScript code.
  • With Requestly, you can test how well your web application performs in different situations by simulating different network conditions, such as bandwidth limitations or latency.

Broken Link Checker

The Broken Link Checker extension helps developers find broken links that exist or may exist on a website. That being said, you’ll want to try Broken Link Checker because:

  • Broken links point to non-existent pages and display a “404 error” message, and this extension will alert you to the existence of such links.
  • The extension helps the developer to find and fix broken links. To make matters better, the extension can highlight them on the screen.
  • To improve their website’s user experience and SEO ranking, website owners can use this extension to quickly check for broken links.


VisBug is a feature-rich and user-friendly plugin that attempts to assist users in developing more visually appealing and functional websites, as well as enhancing their web design abilities. This Chrome extension was created by Google engineer Adam Argyle to help developers make the design of websites more approachable and entertaining for all users. Additionally, VisBug is notable for the following:

  • VisBug is a tool for graphic editing and modification of web pages.
  • The tool has several functions, such as the ability to alter font colors and sizes, add borders and shadows, resize and move elements, and ultimately modify a website’s HTML structure.
  • VisBug also comes with a powerful inspection tool that lets users explore and analyze a website’s structure, ranging from CSS styles and accessibility attributes to its DOM hierarchy.
  • With VisBug, users can easily alter any website’s layout, formatting, colors, and images without having any prior knowledge of HTML or CSS code.

Window Resizer

For developers and designers of web pages who wish to assess their websites and applications on various screen sizes and resolutions without having to switch between devices or use complex testing tools, Window Resizer is a helpful Chrome browser tool. Having said that, Window Resizer shines in the areas listed below:

  • With the help of this very useful tool, web designers and developers can evaluate how their pages and web applications look on different screen sizes and resolutions.
  • You have the possibility to effortlessly change the size of your Internet browser window to custom sizes or standard screen widths, ranging from the biggest (1280×800) and medium (1024×768) to the smallest (800×600), using Window Resizer.
  • You can use the extension to see how your website or web application will look on different computers and mobile devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

CSS Peeper

One of the greatest extensions for Chrome for programmers is CSS Peeper, which allows you to inspect the CSS styles used on any webpage. Furthermore, CSS Peeper distinguishes itself with the following attributes:

  • The extension’s goal is to simplify the process by which developers and designers can gather important information about a web page’s design, including the scheme of colors, font fashions, and positioning.
  • With CSS Peeper, you can also download a comprehensive style guide that includes each and every CSS style employed on a website.
  • For developers whose work requires modifications to a web page’s CSS or for builders who want to learn more about web page design, this can be a helpful tool.
  • Anyone working in web development or design can benefit greatly from CSS Peeper.
  • Having rapid access to important CSS data will help you optimize your workflow and save time.
  • With CSS Peeper, learning CSS is made simpler and more thorough by allowing you to hover over any element on a webpage.

uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin will be useful for users of Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome, and other web browsers. One of the greatest ad-block extensions for Chrome developers comes as open-source software.

  • The extension makes browsing the Internet better by blocking pop-ups, malware, trackers, and ads.
  • It can be configured to either block ads on particular websites or allow non-intrusive ads.
  • With the help of uBlock Origin’s sophisticated features, you can also prohibit specific scripts, allow or block Internet sites, and shield yourself from tracking that compromises your privacy.
  • The extension is well known for being extremely “light” on resources and highly effective on its own.


These Chrome extensions on our list can expedite your work and make coding simpler. These add-ons can enhance website speed and make code debugging easier. 

Utilizing these extensions’ features will increase your productivity and allow you to produce websites of a higher caliber.

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