Revolver News is an independent media source serving news to its followers since 2019.

It covers various topics, including politics, current events, culture & entertainment, science & tech and opinion pieces from analysts.

The website has earned the trust of its followers by making sure to cover stories that may be overshadowed by news organizations with a bigger audience.

Revolver News

Best Revolver News Alternatives For 2024

Many news outlets offer similar content as revolver news, so it’s important to know what you’re getting into before committing to any one outlet. Here are some alternatives for those looking for independent media sources in 2024:

Citizen Free PressCitizen Free Press

This alternative to Revolver News offers a more conservative approach. It was founded by Charlie Kirk, a well-known political commentator, and promotes ideas rooted in free markets and limited government principles.

The site is regularly updated with news stories worldwide and opinion pieces and analyses for those who want more in-depth content.

Before It’s NewsBefore It’s News

Looking for an alternative that covers all types of extreme events? Before it was, News was just that. It curates news from around the world but also has sections for breaking stories or reports on things like UFO sightings.

It’s worth checking out if you want to keep up with fringe topics.

The Gateway PunditThe Gateway Pundit

If you care about conservative political opinions, The Gateway Pundit should be your go-to source of alternative media content.

One of Trump’s top supporters founded this website, attracting people who believe the Republican party still stands for traditional values.

The Epoch TimesThe Epoch Times

This alternative to Revolver News is a source of Chinese news that brands itself as “the independent voice” in media. The editorial team has used its platform to unveil issues like human rights abuses and corruption within the CCP.

As a bonus, most stories can be found with bilingual English-Chinese translations on their website.

National PulseNational Pulse

The National Pulse is another conservative media outlet with a slightly different approach toward news. Their mission statement reads, “To return the US to America’s Founding Principles and ensure citizens are proud of their nation again.”

As such, they cover stories related to patriotism, traditional values, politics, and current events.

The Liberty DailyThe Liberty Daily

This alternative to Revolver News covers many of the same topics but takes more of a libertarian angle when covering them.

It focuses on the power of individuals and their impact on government policy decisions and stories about individual justice, personal responsibility, and free enterprise.

The Conservative TreehouseThe Conservative Treehouse

This alternative to Revolver News is suitable at home with its conservative views on news coverage.

Founded in 2009, The Conservative Treehouse covers topics from international news to US politics but always promotes more traditional values such as limited government interference and great national pride.

The Western JournalThe Western Journal

This alternative to Revolver News covers many of the same topics but with a different spin. Founded as a conservative website in 2017, The Western Journal primarily looks at US politics from a Libertarian perspective.

Also, it publishes analysis and opinion pieces that challenge mainstream media perspectives on US events and news coverage.

The American ConservativeThe American Conservative

Founded by former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan, The American Conservative is an independent media outlet committed to its conservative views on politics and culture.

They cover international news as well but always from a US-centric perspective of the world, making them ideal for those looking for an alternative narrative to the mainstream one.

The FederalistThe Federalist

Featuring in-depth analysis pieces by authors inside and out of government, The Federalist provides readers with intellectual insight into today’s political conversations.

They aim to represent the conservative movement accurately and honestly, publishing articles that challenge conventional wisdom and traditional talking points from both parties.

Breitbart News NetworkBreitbart News Network

The Breitbart News Network is a prominent right-wing media outlet founded by Andrew Breitbart in 2007. It covers topics related to politics, culture and national security with opinion pieces and analysis from conservative news sources.

Many unique voices can be found writing for the website, making it an excellent source of diverse views on controversial topics.


Newsmax is another popular conservative outlet founded in 2020 by Christopher Ruddy and backed up by a team of experienced journalists. It focuses on reporting news from the right-wing point of view, emphasizing topics such as immigration, trade deals or military policies.

Newsmax offers breaking news coverage and publishes opinion pieces to provide more context for their readers.

One America News Network (OANN)One America News Network (OANN)

The One America News Network is a newer media source launched in 2013. It has been praised for its coverage of politics from a conservative point of view and is known to feature guests such as Donald Trump Jr. or Steven Bannon on their televised programs.

OANN is also beloved by many viewers who prefer cable television over online news outlets because they provide exclusive footage and interviews that other media sources don’t have access to.


ZeroHedge offers financial analysis, commentary and market opinions with an anarcho-capitalist spin.

With its “unbiased, trusted financial news” tagline and unique views on economic topics, ZeroHedge is the perfect alternative to Revolver News for those looking for refreshing insights from a different angle from mainstream reporting.


Infowars was founded by Alex Jones in 1999 as a conspiracy theory outlet covering topics such as government cover-ups or extraterrestrial life forms.

Although some of the issues may be outlandish, Infowars’ alternative views on controversial news stories can be eye-opening for those who rely heavily on mainstream media outlets to get their news.

WND (WorldNetDaily)WND (WorldNetDaily)

The World Net Daily was founded in 1997 and is an online conservative news outlet dedicated to reporting national and international news from a Biblical perspective. It covers current events such as politics, science & tech, health & wellness, and entertainment.


Founded in 2004, Redstate is an online conservative opinion blog focused on current events occurring within the US. It emphasizes political discussion from a more liberal Republican point of view with daily articles written by veteran bloggers such as Erick Erickson or Leon Wolf.

American ThinkerAmerican Thinker

The American Thinker was founded in 2003 as an online news commentary outlet that covers topics such as politics, culture and issues affecting the US.

It adopts a conservative stance on these matters. It focuses mainly on content from right-wing authors who are experts in their field, giving its readers informative opinions to consider when forming one’s views.

PJ MediaPJ Media

PJ Media is another popular alternative to Revolver News, offering independent perspectives on current events, albeit from a more progressive angle.

It was launched in 2005 initially as a conservative platform but soon added other views, such as anti-nationalism or libertarian ideals, to include a spectrum of opinions from all walks of life.

The Daily CallerThe Daily Caller

The Daily Caller is an American online political media outlet founded by Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel. It covers politics, current events, business, entertainment and sports through opinion pieces written by renowned experts on their respective areas and everyday citizens.

It adopts a conservative stance on political topics but also includes sections for nonpartisan opinion pieces that welcome readers of all kinds.

What is Revolver News?

Revolver News is an independent media source founded by journalist and entrepreneur Mike Cernovich in 2019. It covers various topics, including politics, current events and culture & entertainment at a national and international level.

Its website regularly adds content related to political scandals or career advice from professionals in the industry, making it an ideal destination for readers who like to stay connected with what’s happening in their field.

Revolver News Not Working? Explained

There may be technical issues on Revolver News’ website or apps, such as slow-loading pages or unresponsive menus, which can prevent users from using the platform correctly. This could be due to server overload caused by many people accessing the site simultaneously or a technical error from Revolver itself.

If any of these anomalies arise, contact the customer service team immediately, either through email, and they’ll be able to resolve the issue quickly.

Revolver News FAQs

1. What is revolver news?

Revolver News is an independent media source founded by Mike Cernovich in 2019, which covers politics, current events and culture & entertainment news at a national and international level.

2. Does revolver news have an app?

Yes, Revolver News does offer an app that is available for both iOS and Android systems.

3. How often does the website update with new content?

Their website regularly adds new content as it becomes available so readers can stay updated on the latest happenings worldwide.

4. Is revolver news available for international readers?

Yes, Revolver News is available to readers worldwide as long as they have access to a reliable internet connection.

5. Can I support revolver news?

Absolutely! You can support Revolver News by subscribing to their paid subscription services and contributing financially through donations on their website. You can also share their content or spread the word about them in your network of friends and family.

6. Is there a way to report unethical news sources?

Yes, Revolver News has procedures for users to submit reports regarding any misinformation they may encounter on the platform. They strongly encourage users to take advantage of this feature and help ensure accuracy across the forum by providing that only reliable sources are featured.

7. Are comment/discussion forums available?

Yes, Revolver News offers discussion forums for users to engage with one another and participate in meaningful debates and conversations about current events. This feature is enabled by linking each user’s account to a verified social media profile, allowing them to interact on the platform without any anonymity issues.

These 20 media alternatives provide unique points of view from both sides of the political spectrum with strong opinions and often exclusive coverage that viewers may not find anywhere else. Whether readers are looking for progressive or conservative viewpoints, fringe topics or hard-hitting stories, these news outlets offer something special for every kind of news enthusiast.

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