If you are a fan of 2D online multiplayer games, you’ve probably heard of paper.io 2. It’s a game where players strive to conquer territories and eliminate their opponents.

However, due to certain restrictions, the game may be blocked at your school or workplace. This guide aims to provide various ways to play paper.io 2 unblocked.

Paper.io 2 Unblocked Free Online Games For PC In 2023

How You Can Play paper.io 2 unblocked At School/Work?

Various networks at educational institutions or workplaces might block access to paper.io 2. If you’re stuck in one of these situations, there are different methods you can use to bypass the restrictions.

These involve altering your IP address or routing your connection through different servers, among other tactics.

Top 3 Ways To Access paper.io 2 unblocked?


A proxy server acts as a gateway between you and the internet. By using a proxy, you can access websites that are otherwise blocked on your network. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  1. Search for a reliable web proxy service online.
  2. Enter the URL of paper.io 2 in the search bar of the proxy service.
  3. Click on ‘Go’ or ‘Search’, and the proxy will bypass your network’s restrictions to allow you access to the game.
  4. The game should load within the web proxy’s frame, and you can play it as you usually would.


Cloud Gaming Service

Cloud gaming services can also help you play blocked games. These platforms run the game on a remote server and then stream it to your device. Here’s how you can go about it:

  1. Sign up for a cloud gaming service that has paper.io 2 in its library.
  2. Install any necessary software or applications.
  3. Open the service and navigate to paper.io 2.
  4. Once you click to play, the game will be streamed to your device, thus bypassing any network restrictions.


You can also use Chrome extensions to unblock websites. Chrome Web Store offers various VPN and proxy extensions that can help you get around network blocks.

  1. Open the Chrome Web Store and search for VPN or proxy extensions.
  2. Install the one you find reliable.
  3. Once installed, activate the extension and choose an IP location that is not restricted.
  4. Navigate to the paper.io 2 website and start playing.


Paper.io 2 unblocked – Gaming Guide

Understanding the best strategies and features can give you an edge while playing paper.io 2. The game is all about drawing your own territory while avoiding being eliminated by opponents.

Mastering quick maneuvers and strategic planning can help you survive longer and conquer more territories.

Best Features Of paper.io 2 unblocked

Paper.io 2 offers a variety of features that make the game intriguing. Some of the best features include real-time multiplayer gameplay, smooth controls, and a wide array of custom skins.

Furthermore, the game has an intuitive interface and a leaderboard that adds a competitive edge.

Best Features Of paper.io 2 unblocked

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  3. Diep.io
  4. Wormax.io
  5. ZombsRoyale.io


Accessing paper.io 2 when it’s blocked at your school or workplace can be quite a hassle. However, with the methods outlined above, you can easily bypass these restrictions.

Whether you choose to use a proxy, a cloud gaming service, or a Chrome extension, you’re covered. Just remember to play responsibly and not let gaming interfere with your studies or work.


Is paper.io 2 unblocked Safe and legal?

Yes, playing paper.io 2 via unblocked methods is generally safe and legal as long as you’re not violating any network policies at your school or workplace.

What is the best VPN for paper.io 2 unblocked?

There are several reliable VPN services like NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and CyberGhost that can help you access paper.io 2 unblocked. However, it’s crucial to pick one that offers fast speeds and multiple server locations.

How to play paper.io 2 unblocked on a school Chromebook?

You can use a Chrome extension VPN or a web-based proxy service to access paper.io 2 on a school Chromebook. Make sure to install the VPN or find the proxy site, and then navigate to the game’s website.

Can I play paper.io 2 unblocked offline?

Paper.io 2 is primarily an online multiplayer game, so an offline mode is generally not available. You would need an internet connection to play the game.

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