Overwatch can be classified as yet another MOBA – however, it comes with a twist. Instead of the top-down third-person view, the game features a first-person view and a shooter game style of play. This is why it is usually referred to as a first-person MOBA shooter by some players.

However, it still has the features that make MOBAs what they are – namely, a wide variety of champions/ heroes and a map with diverse objectives, depending on the match’s type.

Of course, it wasn’t long until this game from Blizzard got onto the eSports stage as well – naturally, it features Competitive Play, bringing out the best and sometimes even the worst out of its players.

Let’s see which are the tournaments and events available for Overwatch – if you want to become a pro, make sure to check them out; but, if you want to place a bet now, get informed and check our platform.

Open Division

The Open Division is a mode that allows every single player of Overwatch prove his/ her skills – if you play on one of the available regions, namely, Pacific, Korea, Australia, China, Europe, South, and North America, then head to the competitive-queue and enjoy the thrilling competitive play style.

If you rank high enough, you and your team have a chance on the Contender Trials – of course, it is not an easy path, but if you want to be the best, you will take it and endure it.

Contenders Trials

Each Contenders season has an end, obviously – as soon as it ends, the four highest-ranked teams of the Open Division will be invited to compete in the Contenders Trial specific for the region they are playing in.

What do the winners get? Well, they are promoted and given a chance to compete in the Overwatch Contenders Tournament. You might have expected cash but, for some, a chance in the Overwatch Contenders means much more.


Twelve teams of each of the seven regions gather up and join the Overwatch Contenders – they will compete across multiple seasons every year. The Contenders represents a huge chance for those that want to be a part of the Overwatch League.

Here, scouts of the big league, so to say, stay hidden in the shadows, waiting for that player or team that they think has a chance of winning the Overwatch League. Again, this requires a lot of work – but, of course, the rewards are worth it.

The Overwatch League

In the end, we’ll talk about the Overwatch League – it is a major global eSports league that’s based on city-based teams. The players that are in these teams are usually hand-picked but, as previously mentioned, you might get lucky enough and be noticed by a scout while competing in the Contenders tournament.

What are the benefits of the Overwatch League – besides fame and worldwide recognition among the Overwatch players?

First of all, every player will have a salary and countless benefits – thus, you have a chance to develop a career as a professional Overwatch player.

The Overwatch League Championship is the last part of the road you have started with the Overwatch Open Division – the winner takes it all!

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