Enjoy the thrill of the casino and the excitement of potentially taking home the big bucks by playing online gambling games from the comfort of your own home. 

Learning the ropes can be tricky if you’re a beginner, but we trust that you’ll soon find your feet. This article will highlight the best online gambling games for beginners, which are simple, fun, and could help you win some wonga.

Gambling for beginners

Gambling involves players predicting an outcome of a game that involves chance. People usually risk money or anything of value to win higher stakes, but if your prediction is wrong, you’ll lose what you gambled. 

In the UK, the minimum legal age for gambling is 18 years old. You’ll need to know the rules of the games you’re partaking in to understand the concept of gambling while having fun and staying safe. 

Online gambling vs. casino gambling

The subtle contrasts between online and casino gambling make a big difference in how you play each game and how much you can win. 

Online bingo offers the player complete flexibility as they can play anywhere and anytime. There are now so many ways you can play your favourite casino games online without even having to leave the house! It’s a much more practical option for the daily player. 

However, people enjoy the thrill of visiting a real-life casino, especially if it’s for a special occasion. Online casino games struggle to create the exciting and vibrant atmosphere that you receive when visiting a real casino. You get the chance to interact with the dealer face-to-face when playing traditional table games, and there’s nothing quite like celebrating a win with your friends. 

Games to try as a beginner

With so many online casino games to try, it’s never been easier to try your hand at luck. We’ve listed some of our most recommended games for beginners below:


Enjoy unique games, speak to like-minded players, and have the chance to win huge cash prizes when you play online bingo. Play traditional bingo games, like the classic 90-ball bingo, and play for one line, two lines, or a full house to win the jackpot. Or, play unique bingo games with a twist to keep things fun and exciting!


Challenge yourself with a classic game of poker. Compete against other players using cards and try to form the best possible hand. All you need to do is learn the basic rules and hand rankings before playing poker online. 


Roulette is ideal for beginners. Simply predict the outcome of a spinning wheel that features numbered pockets and a ball. Place your bets on whether the ball lands on red or black, odd or even, individual numbers, or number groups. 


Online slot games are incredibly straightforward. You spin reels with symbols and try to match them on the pay lines. Slots don’t require any skill or strategy – just luck! Choose a game, set your bet size, and select ‘Spin’. The rest is up to chance. 


This popular game allows players to make strategic decisions. The aim of this card game is to get as close to 21 as possible, without exceeding it, adding up your cards to the value. It’s worth researching the basic rules and goals of the game before playing online.  

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