E-commerce has spread very widely on the web. Everybody’s selling and buying online, and it seems that e-stores are only going to grow and expand. Online shopping isn’t going away any time soon – that’s for sure.

    If you are one of those entrepreneurs who has just started with their online business and almost launched a website, you probably began small and decided to add an order form instead of a shopping cart on your site. And that’s great because a good order form is all you need at the moment when your business is still new.

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    The best thing about online order forms is that you don’t need to have programming skills or hire someone to create it. You can do it yourself. You can easily create an online order form on 123formbuilder – you’ll see how simple it is. To help you do that, we’ll share some tips on how to create a good one.

    Attention To Details

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    If you get the details right, your form will be more than easy to use and leave your future customers very happy. It will also have an extremely high chance to increase your profits. How much – it depends on you and your knowledge about online form creation. Also, when you create the design of your online form and choose the colors – pick them wisely. To make sure that the customer remembers where he or she bought a specific product, use color psychology by adding the colors of your brand into the form. If you choose to use the 123formbuilder, it will give you many advantages that you can use for the details of your form: predicting the action of your customer and customizing error messages. Make sure you customize it well because there are quite a few ways that marketers can benefit from using advanced online forms.

    Simplify Your Form

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    Don’t clutter. In the world of forms, shorter, smaller or simpler means better. The thing you always need to think about the most is user experience. Did shopping on your website leave your customer satisfied? Was it fun to buy? Will he or she come back? If you give a difficult and complex order form to your potential clients, you can ruin the entire experience of shopping for him and even lose a sale. Always remember not to use extravagant fonts and unusual colors – it will make the form harder to read, understand, and navigate. Too many colors is a bad decision also.

    Use Field Rules

    To make it even simpler for your potential buyers and customers, always use field rules. It’s true that you can easily predict what will your website’s users next step will be – so make it easier for them. Auto-fill everything that’s possible and don’t delete anything the person has written in case he makes a mistake. Can you imagine how annoying it would be first of all – filling a long form, and after one mistake – refilling it again? The person should have a high level of patience for that. Which is highly doubtful when generation Z is becoming one of the main buyers.

    Use Call To Action

    To encourage your potential customers to buy your products or services without just filling the form and leaving it, you have to take action. You should focus on the button that ends the entire order form. Instead of using the word “Finish” use something that calls to take action. For example, you could use “Buy now”, “Order Now”, “Place your order”, “Register now”, and so many other phrases. This will guarantee a higher answer rate and most likely increase your sales. These phrases are used very widely in advertising, especially in digital marketing.

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