Movietube is a free movie streaming service allowing users to watch their favorite movies online without paying extra cash. It usually contains the latest Hollywood flicks, classics from eras gone by, sitcoms, cartoons — you name it.

Unfortunately, however, the service has been somewhat unreliable due to copyright issues and can have its share of patches from time to time.

To tackle this issue, we thought it best to find some worthy alternatives for you — from free streaming services like Crackle and Tubi to premium subscription ones like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

Best Alternatives for Movietube- Explore Your Options


Crackle is one of the most reliable and popular streaming services, apart from Movietube. It allows its users to watch movies and shows online without paying for them.

Crackle regularly updates its database with new flicks, ranging from classics like Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) to modern-day comedies such as The Break-Up (2006). You can also create “Watchlists” so you don’t forget the show or movie that has caught your eye.

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Peacock:peacock tv

Peacock is yet another excellent streaming service that Movietube users can look to switch and shift to. Popular amongst people of all ages, this platform offers free and premium content packages which you can choose from according to the kind of show or movie you’d like to watch.

It also streams content from NBCUniversal channels so you don’t have to miss out on those classics.

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The Roku Channel:Roku Channel

The Roku Channel is worth considering if you’re looking for the latest flicks and TV series. It offers some of the newest titles, such as Knives Out (2019) and plenty more — all without having to pay funding upfront.

What could be better? On top of that, it also has access to free kids shows, making this streaming service ideal for those with youngsters in their homes.

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Tubi is a streaming service that’s becoming increasingly popular over time due to its impressive content library. Not only does it offer movies, but it also has some great TV shows that you can watch in HD quality.

It regularly adds new titles, so there’s always something fresh on the platform for viewers to enjoy. Furthermore, Tubi allows its users to cast directly onto their television screens using apps like Chromecast and more.

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SBS On Demand:SBS On Demand

If you’re looking for free shows, SBS On Demand is a great alternative and source of entertainment.

This streaming service has everything from classic comedies like Friends (1994) to iconic drama series such as House Of Cards (2013). It also offers many acclaimed international films, so if you’d prefer something that isn’t in English, don’t worry because there’s plenty to choose from.

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YouTube is one of the most popular platforms out there when it comes to watching movies and shows online — making it perfect for Movietube users.

It offers a wide range of free content that you can enjoy in HD quality and also features some great TV series like The Office (2005) which continues to be a cult classic to this day.

Furthermore, if ever you may get bored by its endless supply of content, then the platform also stores a plethora of user-generated videos which you can watch too.

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Pluto TV:PlutoTV

Pluto TV is an aggregator streaming service that brings together all free movies and shows around the globe. It features hundreds upon hundreds of channels and plays some genuinely iconic films like Shawshank Redemption (1994).

Since this one’s available for free, it makes our list an excellent alternative for Movietube users!

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Freevee (Formerly IMDb TV):Freevee

Formerly known as IMDb TV, this streaming service is owned by Amazon and offers some of the newest and most popular movies — free of cost.

Apart from flicks like The Shawshank Redemption, it also stores endless supplies of documentaries featuring renowned personalities such as Steve Jobs. If you’re looking to learn a thing or two while watching great content online, then this service is worth a shot.

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Last but not least, offers its users some of the freshest content out there along with an ad-free streaming experience.

From Showbiz titans like Titanic (1997) to significant blockbusters grossing millions at the box office — you’ll find it all on this site.

It also allows its viewers to watch movies in 4K quality and stream it directly using apps like Chromecast.

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Finally, Crunchyroll is an excellent place for those looking to watch anime online without having to pay extra fees. It contains hundreds upon hundreds of shows ranging from classic animes such as Naruto (2002) to modern-day ones like Demon Slayer (2019).

What’s more? The platform also allows its viewers the download content on their mobile devices so they can watch it later on without hassle.

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Plex TV:Plex TV

Plex TV is an excellent streaming service for those looking to enjoy their favorite movies and shows hassle-free. It offers an ad-free experience and the ability to stream content in 4K quality — all without paying extra money.

It also allows its viewers to cast movies directly onto their big screens using supported apps such as Chromecast so you can relish your favorites from anywhere at any time.

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AZMovies is one of the most reliable alternatives for Movietube users in terms of quality and diversity. It features many great titles, such as Star Wars (1977), and regularly updates its library with newer flicks.

On top of that, it’s incredibly user-friendly, too, so viewers, both experienced and beginners, can access it without any fuss.

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SolarMovie is another excellent service offering free content for those looking to get the most out of their streaming experience.

Not only does it feature blockbuster hits such as The Godfather (1972), but it also stocks plenty of more obscure titles you could watch with friends or family — fun times assured.

Furthermore, since registration isn’t mandatory, viewers can access all this great content without having to worry about making an account.

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HiMovies is another excellent streaming platform that Movietube users should look into. It has an impressive library that you can sort according to genre, year of release or even language.

Not only that, but it also allows viewers to create playlists so they always have access to their favorite shows and flicks — all through one single interface.

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FilmRise is another reliable service for those looking for quality viewing experiences without paying extra money! The platform stores an excellent library containing titles from all eras — ranging from classics such as Jaws (1975) to Oscar-winning films like Birdman (2014).

It also has curated collections that you can explore if ever you feel bored searching for individual movies and shows.

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Filmzie offers viewers access to both free as well as premium content packages, so they’re always in for the best streaming experience possible.

Not only does it feature the latest titles from Hollywood — but you’ll also find some truly unique films on the site which you won’t see anywhere else.

Moreover, if ever someone might feel overwhelmed by all its content — Filmzie offers a “Discover” setting so viewers can explore based on their taste.

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Rakuten Viki:Rakuten Viki

Rakuten Viki is an ideal streaming service for those searching for international flicks such as Korean dramas or Anime. It stores thousands of shows and films across numerous languages, so all your entertainment needs are covered.

Furthermore, Rakuten Viki also broadcasts programs featured initially on other sites — ensuring you have the latest releases at your fingertips.

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Vudu is an excellent alternative for Movietube users looking to go from free-to-watch content to more premium services.

The platform features hundreds upon hundreds of great films and allows its viewers to access them in HD quality with no ads so you can have hassle-free viewing experiences.

It also allows users to rent out movies for a specific month — this is perfect if someone’s short on cash but has their eyes set on a particular title.

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Popcornflix is another streaming service offering reliable free content and an ad-supported platform.

It regularly adds newer titles to its database, including recent works like Green Book (2018), so there’s always something fresh for viewers to explore — perfect for Movietube fans.

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Yidio is an excellent streaming service that allows users both access free content or rent out films — the choice is ultimately theirs.

Not only does it store significant blockbusters such as The Avengers (2012), but also offers some more unique material such as Forbidden Planet (1956).

Furthermore, Yidio also allows its viewers to access films across different services, making finding the one you want extremely easy

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Classic Cinema Online:classic cinema online

Last but not least, Classic Cinema Online is a user-friendly streaming service that Movietube users can switch to.

It contains hundreds upon hundreds of classic films from eras, allowing everyone to relish these timeless works despite any budget constraints.

Not only does it feature Oscar-winners like The Godfather (1972), but also some great silent films such as An American Tragedy (1931) too!

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What is Movietube?

Movietube is a free movie streaming service that allows its users to watch their favorite films online without having to pay extra money.

It usually contains the latest Hollywood flicks, classics from eras gone by and even some sitcoms for those looking for lighter entertainment.

Unfortunately, the site can be unreliable due to copyright issues — hence making our list of alternatives necessary.

Movietube Not Working? Explained!

Due to copyright issues, Movietube can often run into some glitches or patches, causing its viewers confusion and frustration.

The best way of avoiding any unforeseen bumps in the streaming process would be by using one of our listed alternatives — each of which offers great content for either free or paid subscriptions.

Furthermore, you can also look towards downloading shows onto your devices if you’d prefer to watch them later.

Movietube FAQs

Does Movietube offer any HD content?

Yes, Movietube offers various movies and shows in HD quality for its viewers to enjoy! However, due to service flaws regarding copyright issues — it may not always be available or deliver substantial streaming pleasures.

What technology is needed to watch films on Movietube?

To watch films or TV shows from Movietube, you will need a device with an internet connection.

In some cases, it also requires the Adobe Flash Player, so be sure to install that too.

Luckily most modern tablets and computers come preloaded with it, so if yours does — then there’s nothing special needed for watching movies on this service.

Does Movietube have any mobile apps?

Unfortunately, Movietube does not have a dedicated app on either the Apple App Store or Google Play store for its users.

However, it may be easy to access the website on your mobile device or laptop, so this shouldn’t hinder your streaming experience.

Can I watch Movietube shows offline?

Unfortunately, no, you won’t be able to download and store films from Movietube onto any other devices due to copyright issues associated with the site.

However, some of our alternative services, like Pluto TV, offer this option, so be sure to give them a look.

Can I watch Movietube shows on my television?

You can watch movies from Movietube on your television sets using devices such as Chromecast or Smart TVs equipped with an internet connection and streaming capacity.

However, since service issues have been experienced in the past, it might be more reliable to opt for one of our alternatives for streaming films and shows.


In conclusion, while Movietube might be a relatively reliable source of entertainment at times — due to copyright issues or glitches that may arise, it can be unreliable now and then.

Therefore if you’re searching for worthy alternatives to Movietube websites — we hoped this article successfully outlined the best ones out there offering both free as well as paid services so you could pick whichever works best for your budget.

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