Sports streaming is a great way to get people involved in the game and help make it more exciting.

Some websites, like LSHUNTER, have become good options for online sports enthusiasts as they offer numerous benefits including quality content, an updated selection of channels, and easy accessibility.

For those who are looking for an alternative to LSHUNTER, many other websites can be considered.

Some of these alternatives vary in features and services offered but offer the same quality content and overall user experience as found on LSHUNTER. This article presents a comprehensive list of 20 outstanding LSHUNTER alternatives.

Best Alternatives Worth Checking Out:



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One of the better alternatives to LSHUNTER, Cricfree is a user-friendly website that offers free streaming of all kinds of sports events. It has an interactive UI which makes it easy for users to search and select any game to stream it.

Additionally, besides streaming sports such as football/soccer, cricket etc., this platform also streams live TV channels from different countries around the world.



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SportP2P is another reliable streaming site that users can try instead of LSHUNTER. It offers some great features such as multi-bandwidth support, click-on-demand and multiple language options to its avid viewers from around the world.

Additionally, it has over 3000 live streams for different sports events which keep real-time updates about upcoming matches and also allow users to bookmark their favorite teams or players so they never miss out on a game.



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Another great choice for streaming sports is BatManStream which offers live feeds of various events such as European football, tennis, basketball and other sporting activities from all around the world. The website also has an in-built chat box so that users can interact with each other while watching any sport.



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HesGoal is a great alternative for people who are looking for high-quality sports streaming content at no cost whatsoever. It provides various channels from both popular and obscure leagues, making sure that users don’t miss out on any big event or game from their favorite team/player or country.



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VIPBox Sports, a free-to-use platform for streaming different sports events live, allows its users to stay up to date with all the latest happenings from the world of sports. It has HD-quality videos and some great features such as a live chat option that increases user interaction, multiple language options and a custom match time display.



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Stream2Watch is another good choice if you are looking for a platform to catch live sports action from different parts of the world. It provides streaming links from thousands of games across many well-known as well as local tournaments and hence, fulfils everyone’s preference when it comes to finding something new to watch or an old game that you may want to rewatch.


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LiveTV is a great option if you are looking for an alternative to LSHUNTER. It has a wide selection of streaming channels including everything from football and tennis to motor racing, rugby and other sports. Plus, it also offers live streams from various TV shows and movies giving users the best of both worlds.



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BuffStreams has both free and subscription-based streaming services that provide a great selection of sports events from across the globe. The platform also supports multiple language choices which makes it appealing to many people who want to experience something new.

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This platform is a great choice for those who love to watch sports tournaments from all over the world. It has an extensive library of content, which includes some rare events as well as live streaming options in multiple languages. Moreover, it offers users new ways to customize their viewing experience as per their choices or preferences.



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Rojadirecta lets its users watch a huge range of matches and sports events live online without paying anything. It is one of the most popular streaming sites that hosts up to 10,000 monthly subscribers with thousands more visiting on a regular basis to enjoy some quality content at no cost whatsoever.


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If you are looking for an amazing sporting experience, then Sport365 should be the go-to. This premium platform is where users can watch any sort of sports action from all around the world in HD quality videos and in seven different languages.



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RedStreamSport gives its viewers a comprehensive list of popular as well as minor sports events which they can enjoy without paying anything or even registering on this platform. It has an impressive selection of sports, from the ones with the most current appeal to the more niche events that only a few may know about.



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VIPLeague offers one of the largest selections of live sports streaming online for free without any kind of registration requirement or subscriptions. Plus, it works on almost all devices such as tablets, computers and mobile phones making it accessible to everyone no matter where they are.


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SonyLIV is another great choice for those who want to watch live streaming of sports action or some interesting movies and shows in fewer steps as compared to other sites, without compromising on the quality of videos being aired.



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StreamHunter has one of the best streaming sources for sports, as it allows viewers to watch nearly any game with no lags. It also offers a great channel selection from multiple regions of Europe and the US which makes it an ideal option for people living outside these countries



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If you are looking for quality options that offer live streams in full HD from anywhere around the world then MamaHD is something worth considering. It is a free-to-use platform which makes it one of the better options for people who want to enjoy sports from around the world in HD quality.


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SportStream365 has some great features such as its easy navigation tab that offer quick access to all of the current events and upcoming matches giving viewers more time to spend on streaming than searching. Moreover, it also offers users exclusive highlights from nearly every sports tournament.



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Firstrow Sports is a streaming site that provides its viewers with all the latest news, reviews and events about their favorite teams or players as well as offering some great quality video streams of various matches and sports. This platform also has an impressive library of TV channels that offer different shows in case one wants to take a break from watching live sports action.



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Feed 2 all offers one of the largest collections of streams from around the world, allowing users to watch any match or event that interests them without paying anything to whatever device they are using to access this website.



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Last but not least, SportR AR.TV is another great option for those who are looking for a reliable platform to enjoy sports streaming from anywhere in the world without any kind of buffering issues or slow internet connections affecting the clarity and quality of their experience.


LSHUNTER is an online platform which enables viewers to watch live sports events, movies, and TV shows free of charge with its easy-to-navigate interface and updated selection of streaming options.

LSHUNTER Not Working? Explained

LSHUNTER is a popular sports streaming service but there may be times when it fails to connect due to slow internet speed, server unavailability or too much traffic on the website. If this happens, users can try one of the 20 alternatives discussed in this article which should offer them similar features without any interruption whatsoever.


What are some alternatives to LSHUNTER?

There are many great LSHUNTER alternatives that one can use for their sports streaming needs such as Cricfree, SportP2P, BatManStream, HesGoal and others mentioned in this article.

Are there any free options for streaming sports?

Yes, most of the platforms listed here offer both free and paid versions so that users can choose according to their budget or preferences.

Where can I watch live sports events?

There are numerous websites and platforms such as Cricfree, BatManStream, Rojadirecta, VIPLeague etc., which allow viewers to watch different kinds of sports streaming content from anywhere in the world free of charge.

Are these alternatives safe?

Yes, all of the mentioned platforms are secure as they use encrypted connections and do not require any personal information from the user to access their content.

Where can I find sports streaming in different languages?

Most of these websites offer multi-langue options so users can enjoy sports in their native language or whatever language best suits them.

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