One of the most popular websites to offer free streams was Rojadirecta, but that website is no longer available. However, there are plenty of alternatives out there for those who still want to watch their favorite sports without paying for an arm and a leg.


What is Rojadirecta?

Rojadirecta was one of the internet’s top sports streaming websites, hosting free links and streams to major sports events from around the world.

The website first began operating in 2005 as a directory of links that could be used to watch all sorts of sports, from football and baseball to cycling and tennis.

Rojadirecta Not Working? Explained

Despite its popularity with millions of viewers, Rojadirecta was eventually taken down due to anti-piracy laws that were put in place by major sports leagues.

This left viewers without access to the website’s vast selection of streams and links, forcing them to look elsewhere for their viewing needs.

22 Alternatives to Rojadirecta In 2024



NBAstreams, as its name implies, focuses on basketball game-related streams. This renowned website has a huge collection of live NBA games for fans to watch, including regular and postseason matches from around the world.

The clean design makes it quick and easy to find streams in high definition on any device.



Nbabite is similar to Nbastreams, albeit with a focus more heavily turned on basketball leagues associated with the National Basketball Association.

The ability to filter out less significant leagues is immensely helpful and makes it easy to focus on the matchups that truly matter.



Crackstreams, one of the more popular alternatives to Rojadirecta, offers a wide selection of free streams for all kinds of sports ranging from football and baseball to tennis and basketball.

It also has channels for entertainment, and users can chat with each other while watching the streams.



Footybite, similar to Nbabite, is focused on fans of soccer games around the world.

It primarily offers basic match coverage without a lot of bells or whistles, but its straightforward listing makes it easy to identify upcoming matches that are most likely to produce quality viewing experiences.



MLB66, an alternative for fans of Major League Baseball, is a great source for quality streams featuring performances from each team in the league.

The website offers basic up-to-date scores and stats with quick links to finding upcoming events that could be watched live over the internet.



Sportsurge, like many of the Rojadirecta alternatives, offers access to streams for a variety of sports and events around the world.

Its user-friendly design makes it great for experienced streamers and newcomers alike with its massive selection.



MyP2P, another popular alternative to Rojadirecta, is a great place for finding quality streams from all around the world. Considerably more versatile than some of its competitors with access to sports, music and other streams.



FirstRowSports, better known as just Firstrow online, offers one of the widest selections on this list regarding live sports producers streaming their content in high definition. It also features streams for a large selection of music, movies and TV series.


SportStream.TV, despite its name, offers access to numerous sports-related content and is not just limited to televised matches alone. Its interface is extremely user-friendly, with an intuitive system for sorting through many available streams for any given event.



SportRAR, is similar to Sportstream.TV, offers access to many different sports events from around the world with streams of exceptional quality. Unlike other websites on this list, it also features a great selection of podcasts and interviews related to sports.



VIPRow, short for Virtual Interactive Private Row, is a great place to find live-streaming content from around the world. The website focuses primarily on football and basketball, but it also offers streams for other sports and events.



Stream2Watch, great for those that like to watch sports and other shows live, offers a variety of content ranging from classic films to major sporting events.

The user interface is very easy to navigate, with quick links leading directly to the games when they are online.



StreamEast, since it requires no registration before streaming any media, is actually one of the greater websites on this list when it comes to live sports streaming.

The website hosts streams for major sporting events from around the world, as well as classic films and television series.



NHL66, better known simply as NHL online, is a great source of free hockey streams from across the globe. It has links and very tools streamers will need no matter where they are located. The website also boasts an extensive archive of classic games.



Volokit, in comparison to the other Rojadirecta alternatives, is slightly more diverse and offers streams for a variety of sports from around the world.

It has links for every major game, with options available on multiple devices ranging from mobile phones to Xbox consoles.


YourSportsStream, despite its simple name and design, is an amazing source for quality streams for many sports, including football and basketball, that is televised in high definition across the world.



FITE, similar to Your Sports Stream, provides plenty of high-quality links to sports from around the world. It supports all major devices and allows viewers to select, watch and manage their streams without any restrictions.



720PStream, as its name implies, offers a variety of quality streams in both 720P and HD depending on who is broadcasting it.

One feature that makes this site stand out is its live chat option which allows viewers to talk with each other while watching the match.


USTVGO, incredibly simple to use, provides access to many USA-based networks created for viewers from all over the world. It offers live streams as well as on-demand content and plenty of HD options.



VIPBox TV, a lot like USTVGo, offers plenty of radio and television channels from all over the globe in high definition quality. It also provides updates on recently completed sporting events.

Rojadirecta FAQs

Why isn’t Rojadirecta available anymore?

Rojadirecta has been taken down due to anti-piracy laws enacted by major sports leagues that hold exclusive rights to certain sporting events.

Are there any alternative websites like Rojadirecta?

Fortunately, yes! There are plenty of other websites offering quality streams for all kinds of sports from around the world. This article lists some great alternatives that you can use when Rojdirect is not available.

Do I need a paid subscription to watch streams on Rojadirecta alternatives?

No, you don’t. There are plenty of streaming websites that offer free content without requiring a paid subscription.

Are the streams found on Rojadirecta alternatives legal?

Streaming quality-protected media can be considered illegal in some cases, but most of the time, these sites just link to existing content and do not host it themselves, which makes them legal to use.

What is the best alternative for Rojadirecta?

The answer depends entirely on what types of sports you are looking for and in which countries. Some of the websites listed in this article offer streams from many different sports throughout multiple regions, so that could be your go-to website if you have varied interests.

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